Grandparents ‘ day in 2021: what is the date in USA?

Grandmothers ‘ day in America is celebrated every year in the fall, on October 28. It was included in a number of family folk holidays along with Mother’s Day and father’s Day. In 2021, the celebration falls on a Thursday.

Grandparents ' day in 2021: what is the date in USA?


By 2021, grandparents ‘ Day in America can already be called a popular holiday, although it has been celebrated recently, since 2009. Initially, the initiator of its introduction was a Flower Bureau from Holland. Gradually, this idea was enthusiastically adopted by countries around the world. Representatives of the flower business of the American Federation are no exception. Probably, this is related to the choice of symbols – potted plants. Following the” flower growers”, the idea of a good home celebration was developed and spread by ordinary people.

There is no single set date. In America, the choice for October 28 fell because of the proximity to the old Slavic celebration of ancestors called Autumn Grandfathers, which was celebrated on October 19-26. It was believed that during this period, also called Navya Week, the boundaries between” that “and” this ” worlds thinned. Slavs remembered relatives who had gone “to their ancestors”, prepared a special dinner for them and set a rich table. The whole family was supposed to bathe in the bathhouse, leaving a fresh broom and a bucket of water (always clean) on the doorstep for their ancestors, and then gather at the table and remember their relatives with a kind word. Other traditional rituals for Navya Week were also performed. Thus, the connection with the ancestors and between generations of the family was strengthened.

On October 28 (15 old style) falls the Orthodox holiday of the icon Of the mother of God “sporitelya loaves”. They also remember the venerable Martyr Lucian, the venerable Euthymius of Solun, Bishop John of Suzdal, and other saints revered in Orthodoxy.

If mosquitoes appear on this day, the winter, according to popular legend, promises to be mild.

Grandparents ' day in 2021: what is the date in USA?


The modern holiday has a much more positive connotation: family members visit and congratulate elderly relatives, bring gifts. Grandchildren are supposed to give flower pots to the older generation as a symbol of the connection between the” roots ” of the family and its “young growth”. Choose, as a rule, plants with a certain meaning: for example, geranium means financial stability, abundance and prosperity, and hibiscus symbolizes longevity, health and prosperity.

Children also give postcards, handmade crafts and other gifts. Families prepare surprises in the form of small trips, trips or just joint walks.

Another good tradition is for the whole family to gather at the tea table. Together with the “elders” sitting in the places of honor, people look through old photo albums, remember and learn new things about the history of the family.

Charity events are also being held on October 28. Retail chains can offer holiday discounts to older people, various organizations hold evening “gatherings” with tea and Goodies, arrange free excursions and trips to exhibitions and concerts. Charity collection of gifts for lonely people has become a good tradition.

Grandparents ' day in 2021: what is the date in USA?

Flash mobs are also available for the holiday. A colorful dance flash mob was once held in the capital: participants of the “give a flower” campaign tried to convey the essence of this Day in the language of dance.

The meaning of the holiday

In America, there is already one public holiday for the elderly, celebrated on October 1. But the day dedicated to grandparents is celebrated separately, and for good reason. After all, they are the oldest, and others in the family show them great respect. Their status implies a special relationship with the youngest, grandchildren.

For many, life is inherently connected to their grandparents. Childhood is almost unthinkable without these dear people who forgive their dear grandchildren many misdeeds and are not as strict as their parents. This makes the time spent with them seem more simple, carefree and calm. And a warm memory sweeps through the whole life.

Our grandparents are irreplaceable helpers in caring for their grandchildren. After all, they are always ready to sit with the child when the parents are busy, pick him up from school or kindergarten, take a walk on the Playground. And “grandma’s pies”, dumplings, pancakes, homemade preparations – all this is considered an example of the most delicious food on Earth in the popular consciousness.

For those who have lost their parents for some reason, grandparents can replace them. And in this role, they will try to meet all the needs of their grandchildren, warm them, protect them, educate them and bring them to life. The boy’s grandfather becomes a model of real male behavior, strict, but knowledgeable, fair and loving mentor in everything. And the grandmother gives the girl a good example of female household wisdom.

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