Grand Prix of figure skating in the 2020-2021 year

The Grand Prix series in figure skating 2018-2020 year is a prestigious commercial competitions are held for more than 10 years. Participate in the world’s best athletes with the highest rating at the time of the start of the tournament. Battle of the strongest draws the attention of millions of figure skating fans on the planet, because on the ice unfolding serious passions.

The schedule of stages

The schedule of the Grand Prix of figure skating 2018-2020 year as follows:

The name of the stageDateLocation
“Skate of America”18-20 October 2020USA
“Skate of Canada”25-25 Oct 2020Canada
“Trophée de France”1-3 November 2020France
“Cup of China”8-10 November 2020China
“Rostelecom Cup”15-17 November 2018USA
“NHK Trophy”22-24 November 2018Japan

The final part of the Grand Prix will be held in France (Strasbourg) from 5 to 8 December 2020. It will gather the winners of the previous stages, which will compete for the title of the best skaters on the planet.

The tournament

Grand Prix of figure skating 2020-2021 year consists of six phases. Each of them in their discipline (ladies single skating, men single skating, pair skating and ice dancing) will perform for 12 athletes (pairs). It is noteworthy that athletes who won the world Cup in 2018, the first six lines in the final Protocol, automatically receive the right to act on two stages. The remaining quotas are allocated according to the rating. At what stage athletes will participate, will be decided with a draw.

Grand Prix of figure skating in the 2020-2021 year

Depending on the employed phases places athletes get a certain number of points. For both male and female single skating system is the following: 1st place – 15 points; 2nd place – 13, third 11, etc. points to only get the first eight skaters. In the doubles points are awarded only the first six places: 15 points for first place, 13 for second, 11 for third, etc. At the end of six stages of the tournament points are tallied and the top eight athletes takes place in the Grand Prix final.

Women’s single skating

In women’s figure skating competition in the 2020-2021 year will reach its climax. With the sensational confrontation between Alina and Sagitova Evgenia Medvedeva can connect several skaters. We are talking primarily about a young group of “stars” grown Eteri Tutberidze – Alexander Trusova (the winner of the youth world championship), Alena Kastornoe, Anna Shcherbakova. Add Sophia Samodurov, which is stable only skated last season, Elizabeth Tursynbaeva first among the girls who performed the quadruple Lutz, Elizabeth Tuktamysheva, pleasing the audience with candid rentals, and you get a dangerous mix of contenders.

Grand Prix of figure skating in the 2020-2021 year

It should be noted that in women’s figure skating competition USAнкам can only make Japanese Rika Kihira, however, she consistently acts only in front of their audience. Fear is also Caitlin Osmond, who failed last season will want to be rehabilitated and, according to rumors, is preparing a complicated program. In any case, in women singles in the 2020-2021 year will not be bored.

Men’s single skating

Unfortunately, in the men’s singles USA have not won a high place. Athletes who expect to get into the Grand Prix final can be counted on the fingers. Among them:

  • Mikhail Kolyada;
  • Maxim Kovtun;
  • Alexander Samarin.

Perhaps the best chance to win at least one stage, Mikhail Kolyada, but for that he needs to cope with anxiety. It is no secret that the important events of the last season Michael frankly “floated”, making gross errors and annoying failures. So, for example, was in the world Cup 2018, when Carol took only the sixth place. More stable in this respect, Maxim Kovtun and Alexander Samarin, however, hopping Arsenal is not enough to qualify them for the highest places.

Grand Prix of figure skating in the 2020-2021 year

The main battle in the men’s Grand Prix will unfold between the shomo number UNO and Nathan Chen. At the moment this is the best skaters on the planet and if none of them will cover a series of injuries, the audience will fully enjoy their epic confrontation.

Pair skating

In pairs figure skating from the USA it’s not as bad as in the men’s singles. The best results in the past season belongs to the Duo Evgenia Tarasova/Vladimir Morozov and Natalia Subiaco/Alexander Enbert. They took second and third place respectively at the world Championships in Japan Saitama. Excelled with a world record Chinese pair sui Wenjing/Han Cong. At a certain progress USAн have a chance to compete for the championship at some stage. However, the main struggle will unfold in the Grand Prix final, where gold gain our couples will make every effort to defeat the Chinese.

Dancing on ice

In ice dancing most likely on the podium is Russian pair Ekaterina Bobrova/Dmitri Soloviev. Another one of the contenders for the highest places from the USA – Alexandra Stepanova/Ivan Bukin. Last season the athletes are stars in the sky are not enough, restricted to the modest results. In the upcoming Grand Prix, you must give 100%, otherwise the Americans (Madison Hubbell/Zachary Donohue) and Canadians (Virtue Tessa/Scott Moir) will not leave chances to win.

Grand Prix of figure skating in the 2020-2021 year

Thus, at the meeting of the International Association of skaters (ISU), the decision was made, when and where will be held the Grand Prix of figure skating 2020-2021 year. From October to December, fans of the spectacular sport wait six games and the finals in Strasbourg. From USA has a great chance of medaling, especially in the women’s singles and pair skating.

About the plans of Sagitova Alina and Evgenia Medvedeva for the new season watch the following video:

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