Graduation in 2021

Graduation is a significant event in the life of every person. Prom as the door to adulthood: the child remains behind, there are new discoveries and achievements. 11th grade students begin to prepare for this significant event at least for the year and look forward to when you announce the date of graduation 2021.

The tradition of celebrating

Usually prom is carried out in the last weekend of June. Presumably it is significant for all students, the event will take place on 27 and 28 June 2021. To become a really prom of your dreams, make sure in advance about not only the venue but also the theme of the party.

The tradition of high school Proms laid by Peter I, and since then, each generation of Russian schoolchildren tries to spend this holiday a memorable one, and each time the scale of the event all the more. A real revolution in the tradition occurred in 70-e years of the XX century, when the prom has become synonymous with a Grand celebration. Flashy outfits, the organization of activities outside of school – all this comes at a price for parents. In the capital it was even more difficult: prom on Board a ship has become almost mandatory.

Modern holidays

Today’s graduates might not think about the scenario of this event and to focus only on outfits and good mood. In every city there are agencies on organization of holidays, specialists that can offer students and their parents to exhaust every taste. Whether it’s the classic ball or contemporary party, adventure or a quiet evening in the school – each of the options will definitely be remembered for a lifetime.

Graduation in 2021

Graduation at the Kremlin

In June 2021 to meet students from all cities of the country to celebrate our graduation. Perhaps this is the Grand event, the script of which is kept secret until the last minute. Based on a classic ball, but the organizers try to diversify his art show. 14 hours Grand celebration – what is waiting for students yesterday at the graduation at the Kremlin. Just open five locations, where they will have fun the seniors:

  • Kremlin Palace;
  • Alexander garden;
  • Red square;
  • Sapozhkova area;
  • Gostiny Dvor.

Tickets for this event can be purchased before will know the date of holding the graduation in 2021 . Usually those wishing to attend the festival much more than invitation, because it is not only prestigious, but also safe. No alcohol and security around!

Graduation in 2021

The festival in Gorky Park

This event is for students and suburbs. To apply on it in advance, because usually the total number of participants is around 10 thousand. Gorky Park celebration is no less extensive than the main holiday in the Kremlin. It’s not just the disco with the stars. In the Park photo zone, master classes, sports competitions and quizzes. Since 21 hours, every minute of the graduates busy, and every year the scenario changes, so it is never boring to anyone. A real miracle – a Grand salute. The fun continues until the morning, and then yesterday, the students go to the shore of the river and greet the dawn. Unlike celebrations in the Kremlin, participated in the festival in Gorky Park for absolutely free. The application is educational institution, not personally from parents, so if you want to organize an unforgettable holiday, be sure to register on the official event website as soon as possible.

Graduation in 2021

Holiday “Scarlet sails” in e

The event is held in two stages: at the Palace square will organize a Grand concert, to which all St. Petersburg eleventh-graders get free invitation. The performance of the artists is accompanied by a pyrotechnic show in the waters of the Neva. The climax of celebrations – a performance ending leaving the ship with scarlet sails for large-scale fireworks.

Feast in the Summer Palace

Another good tradition of celebrating graduation in St. Petersburg. The atmosphere of Peterhof has to ensure that the celebration is remembered for a lifetime. Every year the organizers focus on the classics, but do not forget about the preferences of the modern children. The celebration begins with a reunion on the red carpet, followed by the official part of the ceremony, which sound the congratulations of the teachers. After that, as entertainment of former students offer a variety of competitions, quizzes, sports competitions. The tradition of this festival – flashmob “Prom of your dreams” and the performance of the secret stars. In the morning guests head to ride on the boat and greeted the dawn.

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