Graduation at the Kremlin in 2021

For all students grade 11 ahead of not only a tough test in the form of Exams, but also unforgettable, bright and the most coveted holiday – Prom. For those who want this auspicious day to walk the red carpet and take part in the competition “Graduate 2021,” we tell you how to get to the Prom in the Kremlin, how much, and how correctly to issue the application form for participation.

The main Prom will be held at 23 June 2021!

Graduation at the Kremlin in 2021

The program

The program prom in the Kremlin every time and kept secret until the start of the ball. The celebration – orchestrated by the minute action, so participants must attend the rehearsals. At rehearsals they will learn about the activities included in the holiday this time.

In the program there are a few traditional items:

  • Passing graduates on the “red carpet”.
  • Award winners in several categories.
  • The performance of pop stars.
  • A festive Banquet.
  • Dancing.
  • Fireworks or a laser show.

Photo and video shooting is conducted during the entire celebration, that its participants have some pictures and videos on the memory.

Another bonus for students is the opportunity to choose the singers who will perform at the Kremlin tonight. Every graduate will fill out a questionnaire, which has a paragraph on your favorite artists.

Entertainment varied to suit all tastes. Not without fun quizzes and contests with gifts, and the disco is usually the best DJs of USA.

How many times have graduates from different regions of the country celebrate the end of school in the Kremlin, as many times the organizers of the festival to surprise visitors with its unique program.

Graduation at the Kremlin in 2021


The main feature of the celebration is scale. The graduates come from , the Moscow region and other regions of the country, so a holiday without exaggeration, it turns out Russian.

The main prom night lasts 14 hours and takes place in five locations:

  • Kremlin Palace;
  • Red square;
  • Alexander garden;
  • Gostinyy Dvor;
  • Sapozhkovskaya square.

Parents and teachers don’t need to worry about the safety of Teens because the security level of the event was and remains high. Law and order watched several hundred law enforcement officers.

Another important point – alcohol. On the territory of the Kremlin Palace, and other sites where there is extensive prom night, drinking alcohol is prohibited.

Boys, girls and accompanying parents or teachers must be ready for inspection of personal substances. This is a necessary precaution to prevent a terrorist threat from entering the territory of the large-scale celebration of the explosive, sharp and cutting objects.

Students may leave the event prior to its expiry only with an accompanying adult.

Graduation at the Kremlin in 2021

The procedure of applying

Wishing to celebrate their graduation-2021 in the Kremlin must apply in advance, given the limited capacity of the CTAG. The Palace can accommodate 10 thousand people, and candidates – in 3-5 times more.

  1. Applications must be completed in a free form on the letterhead of the educational institution, signed by its Director or authorized representatives of the parent Committee. Letterhead is a must.
  2. The document must indicate the number of students, parents, their names, contact phone and email address school responsible employee.
  3. Prepared the application sent by Fax or e-mail at the State Kremlin Palace. Before it will take some time, after which specified in the contact email will receive a confirmation.
  4. As soon as the confirmation is received, you can purchase tickets at the box office of the Palace. They are located on the street Vozdvizhenka, 1 . Landmark: metro station “Lenin Library”.

The price of the prom ticket, in the Kremlin 2021 has not yet been formed. The organizers will inform the participants together with a letter confirming that the application is approved. The projected cost of one ticket – 10 thousand rubles. Invitations are purchased for participants and accompanying.

At the ceremony to pay for anything not necessary – the design, conduct, Banquet, light and music included in the ticket price.

All-in-one application may be repurchased by the representative of the education institution. For this purpose it is necessary to provide the cashier the original (or certified copy) of the bid, a power of attorney to receive the invitation with the signature of the school Director.

How to get

To qualify for participation in prom in the Kremlin, any graduate, not just the best students, winners of Olympiads, medals. Of candidates nominated, the PTA graduating class, and the final decision from the teachers Council or the management of educational institutions.

Participation largely depends on the efficiency of decision-making. The organizing Committee of the CTAG begins to review applications in the beginning of the school year, and the sooner will be determined parents and teachers, the more chances you will have of graduates to visit the main school ball in the country.

Video how celebrated graduation at the Kremlin in the past year:

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