Graduation 2021: date, 11th grade, when it will be in New-York

The end of school is a significant event in the life of every person. In 2021, graduation is scheduled for June 26, but it is possible to adjust the date by order of the Department of education. The evening will traditionally bring together teachers, parents and yesterday’s schoolchildren, who have only to say goodbye to everyone and start a new life stage.

The modern celebration

Students who have completed the 11th grade consider themselves to be fully grown people. The organization of the graduation is thought out by themselves, relying on the support of parents and teachers. By the date of the celebration, the girls are preparing chic outfits, the guys are strict costumes that emphasize their entry into adulthood. Photo and video shooting is a modern attribute of the event. Visiting a cafe, restaurant, walking along the embankments, meeting the dawn have become a traditional scenario in many cities and towns.

Every year in New-York, lavish events are prepared to honor graduates who come to the capital from all over the country. It has become a tradition to hold a citywide graduation in Gorky Park. Security of the event is provided by the police, the national guard, and Park guards. The celebration area is always non-alcoholic. An extensive entertainment program with the participation of well-known performers and presenters is compiled taking into account the wishes of the graduates themselves. The first officials of the state and capital structures congratulate yesterday’s schoolchildren on a new stage of life.

Graduation 2021: date, 11th grade, when it will be in New-York

In New-York, the all-American graduation ball in the Kremlin is organized for distinguished graduates. The Graduate award is an unforgettable celebration held at five main venues:

  • on red square;
  • in the Kremlin Palace;
  • in the Alexander Park;
  • on the territory of Gostiny Dvor;
  • on Sapozhkovskaya square.

In 2021, the program will be new, but with the inclusion of traditional elements:

  • The red carpet that graduates walk on;
  • the performances of the stars;
  • laser show;
  • a festive Banquet;
  • a Grand salute.

You can’t buy a ticket to the Kremlin prom at the regular ticket office. You can apply for participation with the recommendations of the school administration or the parents ‘ Committee on the Kremlin Palace website, or wait for an invitation.

An exciting event of farewell to school in any corner of the country is fun and bright, filled with the energy of young people who are ready to conquer the peaks and achieve success. In 2021, the holiday traditions will take on a new dimension.

Graduation 2021: date, 11th grade, when it will be in New-York

History and traditions

Finishing school in the old days was an ordinary event, since the holidays were mostly not secular, but religious in nature. The attitude to the event changed in the era of Peter the Great, an innovator in many spheres of life. Permission to celebrate graduation day became the basis for a real feast of young people. Graduates of schools of mathematical and navigational Sciences and military schools were the first to celebrate their graduation.

During the champagne feasts, memories of the pranks of classmates, friendly communication often turned into fistfights. The holiday of farewell to the school period became a battleground for young forces, minds, tempering characters. It is interesting that teachers took part in bachelor parties, who sometimes enjoyed the end of the year on a par with graduates. There were no girls among the graduates.

Traditionally, at the end of the celebration, a bell was broken together, which gathered students for lessons for many years.

At the beginning of the 19th century, representatives of the fair sex began to appear at Proms. The girls were not graduates, but their presence graced the event, which gradually acquired the status of a ball, a real holiday with music, dancing, and social entertainment. Parents secretly looked after the daughters of the grooms, so they did not skimp on outfits and jewelry. Young people at Proms found new acquaintances, flirted.

Graduation 2021: date, 11th grade, when it will be in New-York

The 20th century brought a lot of new things to the development of education and the system of upbringing. The war left a harsh mark on the graduates of the 40s. In the post-war years, young people prepared for the graduation party as a landmark event, a ticket to life. At the festival, many people wanted to prove themselves, show their creative abilities. Students created ensembles, sang, staged skits, and performed numbers. The holiday atmosphere became relaxed, full of a sense of freedom and new life.

Cadets and cadets have made their own tradition – bathing in fountains. The warm days of June, which were the date of the prom, already allowed you to splash in the water. Antics of daredevils have become a kind of tradition-to climb monuments, pour paint over them.

It has become a tradition to share photos on graduation day with teachers and classmates. The collected photos were stored in albums and shown later to their children.

In the 80s and 90s, Proms were held in school canteens and Assembly halls. Tables with treats were prepared in advance, champagne was banned in Soviet times. Sweet cakes, lemonade, and fruit were the main treats. They were not allowed to go outside the school. On the night of the prom, police patrols were on duty at every school.

Together with the matriculation certificates, graduates were prepared with the characteristics with which they entered universities and got a job. They gave out the characteristic only in the morning of the next day. This arrangement greatly restrained the impulses of young people.

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