Grading Exams and math Exams in 2021

Graduates of 9 and 11 classes ahead of a difficult test – final exams and we offer to talk about how will be the grading of the examination papers to the Exams and Exams in mathematics in 2021.

Mathematics – one of the most important subjects of the school curriculum, because the study of algebra and geometry not only acquired are necessary for every person the skills to perform a variety of calculations, but also develops logical thinking, memory, spatial perception of objects. The availability of knowledge at the level of core Exams in mathematics is a prerequisite for many popular areas, including various engineering disciplines, Economics, as well as today’s popular computer science.

Exams 2021

All graduates of the 9th grade in the 2020-2021 school year will have to pass the compulsory exam in mathematics. In this case, the result of the Exams will have a direct impact on the score of the certificate and will be considered when forming lists in specialized classes or applying for the colleges of the corresponding profile.

Grading Exams and math Exams in 2021


On the FIPI website is already available promising model Exams 2021 in mathematics and can with high probability tell which innovations will affect the exam this year and how will carry out the assessment.

Of the major changes worth noting:

  • the lack of a clear division into blocks “algebra” and “geometry”, although in Kymi and previously submitted tasks from different areas;
  • reduction test (instead of 20 jobs now part 1 Kim will contain only 17 tests);
  • adding in part 2 of the task on “probability theory” and “theory of numbers”.

All changes were made based on the program of the GEF, and preserving the continuity between Kimami Exams and Exams.

Remain unchanged following principles:

  1. the work is given a 235 minutes;
  2. Exams are taken in the native school;
  3. allowed the use of reference materials provided along with the Kim and also rulers, triangles and templates for image geometric shapes.


The structure of the new Exams in math will be the following:

The tasks of the 2nd part depends on the difficulty:

  • from 18 to 20 – 2 b.;
  • from 21 to 23 – 3 b..

Every exam Exams in mathematics in 2021 will be checked by two independent experts, but if their evaluation will have significantly a divergence of expert judgment do not converge to 2 or more tasks, the work will be sent to the third expert. The final decision in this case, it takes a third expert who double-checks all tasks of the 2nd part.

Grading Exams and math Exams in 2021

The result of the math midterm will be transferred to the score of the corresponding scale, which in 2021 would have the following gradation:

Thus, to obtain the document on education a graduate of the 9th class enough to score a minimum of 8 test points.

For admission to the school or the relevant class, of course, will have to try and pass the exam much better. Recommended minimum scores depending on the selected profile in 2021 will be:

  • Economics – 18;
  • science – 18;
  • physics, mathematics, computer science – 19.


If the results of the test, the student scored on the math midterm is less than 8 test points, the result is considered unsatisfactory.

In 2021, the guys, the first attempt which for some reason was unsuccessful, you will receive a second (and even third) chance. If the reason is not the absence of knowledge on the subject, then to retake the math will be almost immediately in a designated reserve days. If the student needs more time to prepare or he will not be able to re-sit in early summer, another chance to rectify the situation will be given in September.

Important! The right to resit is only available to graduates who have shown an unsatisfactory result in 1 or 2 subjects. If failure is more, to retake the Exams will be possible only next year, more thoroughly prepare for the exams (in school or with Tutors).

Grading Exams and math Exams in 2021

Exams 2021

If the majority of ninth graders perceive the Exams as a rehearsal for the most important events in their lives, in the 11th grade Exams in mathematics – an important step that can dramatically change the vector of further training.

The unified State Examination in mathematics in 2021 graduates can pass the optional in one of two formats:

  • basic level – fit only as required to obtain a certificate of education;
  • profile level – for admission in different Universities of USA, indicating among the required certificates math.

Grading Exams and math Exams in 2021

Basic level

Exam in math the basic level will include 20 test tasks, covering the main points studied in the school curriculum:

  • algebra;
  • geometry;
  • equations and inequalities;
  • function;
  • the beginning of mathematical analysis;
  • combinatorics;
  • statistics;
  • the theory of probability.

The work is given 180 minutes, and all jobs in Kim belong to the basic level of difficulty.

Grading Exams and math Exams in 2021

The principle that in 2021 there will be assessment Exams are basic Exams for mathematics is very simple – for each completed task you earn 1 test score. Accordingly, after completing all 20 tasks, the graduate can obtain 20 test points, which corresponds to a 100-point Exams result.

Profile level

With mathematics profile level is much more complicated, because this test is usually given to guys who plan to link their lives with physics, Economics, engineering, or computer technologies, where without a good thorough knowledge of the subject is indispensable.

KIM profile level consists of two parts:

Thus, for the implementation of the 1st (test) part of a student can score 25% points, and the remaining 75% are 2-second (practical) part, which are tasks of high (9-17) and high level (18, 19).

As does KIM, evaluation of Exams in mathematics in 2021 is composed of two parts:

  • automated test 1st test part;
  • check the 2nd part of the independent experts.

Because the tests will be digitized and checked using a special automated system, it is extremely important to correctly complete the form. Claims to the quality of the automatic tests will not be considered. It is believed that if the system will not count the answer, is to blame by default, the examinee himself, incorrectly filled the form.

Grading Exams and math Exams in 2021

The second part of the work of two independent experts to check, based on clear criteria, developed by FIPI. For each job, the experts provided a list of items for which points are awarded. Also clearly spelled out the list of errors in identifying which points are not awarded or are awarded in part. From the expert adds nothing, so in the vast majority of cases the assessment of two different reviewers agree. If the calculation reveals a significant divergence of opinions of experts, checked a third time.

When checking work graduate award “test points” (maximum of 32), and after the result is transferred to the total score of the certificate (on a scale of 0 to 100).

Although officially there is no concept of “transfer of result of Exams in mathematics in grade” is the approximate scale identifying:

Score certificate Exams

Thus, to obtain a certificate 11-klassnik enough to score 27 points. But graduates, dreaming of a budget place in one of the listed universities in the country, you should focus on a mark of 95+.


As in the case of Exams , participants of Exams in 2021 will be given the opportunity to retake the exam. This can be done twice: in day of its session in September 2021.

There are a number of reasons why a graduate might be in the retake:

  • unsatisfactory result;
  • the absence of good reason for the main exam;
  • cancellation of results of everyone who was in the audience (not the fault of the graduate);
  • unfinished work (for health reasons or another valid reason).

Important! Retake in 2021 will not be able those who “fill up” 2 or more of the examination is caught cheating or has been removed from the classroom for bad behavior.

Grading Exams and math Exams in 2021

If it turns out that the job profile of the level are for graduate too complex, then on the retake, he may choose Examinations in mathematics basic level regardless of which level is passed the first time. Of course, in this case, he will lose the opportunity to join the University in the desired specialty, but you can only receive the document on education.

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