Gorky Park skating rink in 2020-2021 year

Season 2018-2020 in Gorky Park was held under the slogan “the Factory of happy people”: a large skating rink, which attracts all lovers of ice, was decorated in industrial style. Season 2020-2021 still keep innovations secret, but residents and visitors know that in November their favorite ice rink will appear in a new look. This ice rink every year is popular with adults and children, here come the families, there are young couples and spend their leisure time all who love the ice.

Skating rink in Gorky Park

There is never a mass congestion and crowding is big enough, because the rink area of 18 thousand sq. m. the Coating is artificial, its status is not dependent on weather conditions and “overboard”. And yet to visit the rink in Gorky Park in the season 2020-2021 it will be possible not earlier than the end of November: the opening ceremony is always transferred to the time that is set by winter low temperatures. Despite the fact that artificial ice rink, maximum temperature on the outside is +10 degrees. Ice thickness is 15 cm, as closed areas for hockey or figure skating. Sandwich ice rink: the ice pillow is made of mats, are below the cooling pipes, under which there is a layer of sand, sealer and asphalt.

Convenience rink that it can be accessed from 6 different parts of the Park. The scale of the site allows you to simultaneously ride 6 thousand people. The largest ice rink in Gorky Park is a city where everyone will find entertainment for everyone:

  • The Central alley for adults. In the evening illuminated by illumination. For the design of this zone in the season 2018-2020 used optical illusions.
  • A Playground where you guys ride at the age of 3-14 years. Ice led shimmers with the colors of the rainbow. The facade of this zone of the mirror that creates the illusion of a fairy-tale atmosphere in the spirit of “Alice in Wonderland”.
  • Platform for mastering the skills of figure skating.

Gorky Park skating rink in 2020-2021 year

  • Area speed skating.
  • Ice box hockey game.
  • “Stereomatic” – the largest entertainment venue on the ice in Europe.
  • Light tunnels.
  • Snow Congress for downhill skiing and tubing.
  • Scenic lookout over the field for skating.

At the rink in Gorky Park hosts festivals and shows for adults and children performed new year’s event, area master classes. Only for the season 2018-2020 such events was about 3 thousand.


Skating rink in Gorky Park in 2021 will be even more comfortable. Not even knowing how to ride can have fun on the ice. The infrastructure is thought over to trifles:

  • 15 banks, access to which is from each entrance and on site. For the convenience of visitors introduced electronic tickets.
  • 5 rental and maintenance of equipment. They will be placed near the inputs on the thematic areas. 2018 rental available 1.5 thousand pairs of women’s skates with lights and neon laces. Skates in addition to the time it will be possible to take the tubing.
  • For kids there are 30 penguins-holders who will become a reliable support for the child and will not let him fall.

Gorky Park skating rink in 2020-2021 year

  • Adults and children can benefit from the services of a professional coach who will quickly learn to stand on skates and perform basic movements.
  • Heated changing rooms with lockers.
  • Separate baby changing rooms in the area ice rink for toddlers.
  • The food court on the street.
  • Closed heated cafes, where there is a separate children’s menu.
  • Stores with winter Souvenirs.
  • Parking area for those who come by car.


The ski season lasts from late November to mid-March. In the fall of 2020 organizers will announce the exact opening date, which, according to tradition, marked by a massive party and fireworks.

Gorky Park skating rink in 2020-2021 year

Tickets are sold at the morning or evening session. The technological break provided for service could prepare the ice for further skiing. At this time, the site is not allowed, visitors can walk on the observation bridge, café or shops.

Prices depend on ski session and the age of the visitor.

Gorky Park skating rink in 2020-2021 year

Children under 6 years visit the ice rink for free. They will be passed unless accompanied by an adult, who is obliged to buy the entrance ticket price. Provided and benefits:

  • free admission for children-orphans, children with disabilities, individuals with disabilities I-III group, veterans on any working day;
  • children from large families are at the rink without charge on Tuesdays and Thursdays, except holidays;
  • on Tuesdays from 10 to 15 hours of free retirees;
  • 30% discount on the ticket have retired in any weekday, except Tuesday, participants of combat operations, full-time students and students on Tuesdays and Thursdays, excluding holidays, large families, parents or guardians of disabled children or orphans.

Benefits are valid only for skiing.

Additional services include:

  • sharpening skates – 300 roubles;
  • equipment rental – 250 rubles;
  • rental protection kit – 150 rubles;
  • lesson with an instructor – 1500 rubles/1 hour;
  • training figure skating – 200 roubles;
  • rental of the ice rink – 10000 – 15000 rubles/90 minutes.

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