Godzilla vs king Kong movie 2021

In the spring of 2021, the planned premiere of the film “Godzilla vs. king Kong”. This is another confrontation between the two most famous monsters, which was first described in 1962. And now, after more than fifty years the biggest battle will happen again.


King Kong – monster gorillapods, invented in America and first appeared on screen in 1933. In addition to the amazing power Kong is also able to jump high and far, as pertains to primates.

Godzilla is the result of the imagination of the Japanese kinosistema. It was invented after 1950-ies, and the first movie about a lizard mutant like dinosaur, came out in 1954. From the mouth he emits laser beams and is a great swimmer.

For Godzilla for king Kong, this is not the first film. About each shot about a dozen pictures. But if Kong is usually the main hero of American films, Godzilla is the main character of Japanese cinema. The new film “Godzilla vs. king Kong” is the second collaboration of the US and Japan (the first was in 1962).

Godzilla vs king Kong movie 2021

The first film was called almost the same: “king Kong vs Godzilla”. In the new simple name only swapped the names of the characters. It is noteworthy that in 1962, after the final epic dive fighting monsters in the ocean, swam only king Kong. Does this mean that the new film will win the turtle once his name is in the first place? Find out only in 2021.

Not to say that a single movie about king Kong and Godzilla were not successful. But the story of their confrontation much more interesting and attractive. Two huge monster of different ecosystems just can’t exist together in the same area, so they see each other as competitors. Suffer from this are people who are forced to become witnesses and victims of this fantastic struggle.

It is of interest that king Kong in the most movies acted against humanity. Rather, people first provoked the giant gorilla with the purpose to study its origin. So Kong, many viewers think it is not a ruthless monster, but a tragic antihero, capable of mental anguish. Especially brightly it is shown in the movie “king Kong” (1976) and “king Kong lives” (1986).

Godzilla often fought with other creatures: sea monsters, with a mechanical double, the three-headed dragon. Therefore, the scope for new film script was huge. The creators of “Godzilla vs. king Kong” could combine several ideas and make a blockbuster about how the two giants will first fight and then make friends. But that’s just speculation of the audience with numerous forums.

Godzilla vs king Kong movie 2021


The production of “Godzilla vs. king Kong” began only in November 2018, but the creators claim that by the spring of 2021 everything will be ready. There’s even the exact release date: may 21. The creation of the film producers of the project was inspired by the success of “Godzilla”, released in 2014. For the story came from the film company Legendary along with Warner Brothers.

The film’s budget $ 200 million, so that the picture will be the least effective. The audience in anticipation: he is waiting for the enchanting episodes obtained with the help of modern computer capabilities: graphics and special effects.

The crew

The script of “Godzilla vs. king Kong” 2021 written by Terry Rossio, with boundless imagination and proved that his many works: all of the “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “the Mask of Zorro” (1998), “the Road to El Dorado” (2000). He also was part of writers ‘ groups in working on “Godzilla” (1998), and therefore knows at least this character.

The Director’s chair was occupied by Adam Wingard, the portfolio of which the following projects: “a Horrible way to die” (2010), “death note” (2017). Yes, specializiruetsya Wingard on horror movies, so chilling scenes in “Godzilla vs. king Kong” 2021 will be many of them.

Godzilla vs king Kong movie 2021

At the head of the production brigade is experienced Alex Garcia, who is known for his work on “Godzilla” (2014) and the film “Kong: skull Island” (2017). Well, I met a real team of professionals, which confirms the accuracy of the numbers waiting pattern – 94%

The cast

Of the newly famous actors in “Godzilla vs. king Kong”, you will see the leased Gurira – dark-skinned beauty from “Black Panther” (2018). Another witness to the battle of the two mighty giants will become a young actor Julian Dennison, who played a troubled teen in “Tadpole 2” (2018).

  • Godzilla vs king Kong movie 2021

Godzilla vs king Kong movie 2021

Godzilla vs king Kong movie 2021

Godzilla vs king Kong movie 2021

As the creators of the film this time will subject the confrontation between the two greatest sci-Fi monsters, is still unknown. Although, if even the filmmakers gave the secret, and told about the plot of the new film, wanting to see the picture would not be less. After all, it promises to be one of the most spectacular cinematic battles lately.

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