GMC Yukon 2021 / new, price, features, photos

Company General Motors introduced a new generation of premium SUV GMC Yukon 2021 and we offer to evaluate the cars on the first photo, to detail the features that will get Yukon new generation, as well as the specifications, trim levels and price trends.

The history of the model

The first generation GMC Yukon was released in 1992. The model replaced the previously produced Jimmy and Blazer SUVs.

Over the past three decades, 4 generations of Yukon cars have entered the market:

GMC Yukon 2021 / new, price, features, photos GMC Yukon 2021 / new, price, features, photos
GMC Yukon 2021 / new, price, features, photos GMC Yukon 2021 / new, price, features, photos

And in January 2020, in Chicago, the company introduced the 5th generation of the model, which will receive the code name GMTT1XX and an impressive list of improvements designed to make the GMC luxury SUV even more powerful, more comfortable and safer.

General Motors presented two versions of the new product at once:

  • luxury Denali;
  • an off-road AT4.

GMC Yukon 2021 / new, price, features, photos

They promise that after these two options, an elongated model with the XL prefix will also appear on the market.

Among the main competitors of the model::

  • Chevrolet Tahoe;
  • Chevrolet Suburban;
  • Cadillac Escalade.

Exterior design

The Yukon follows in the footsteps of the legendary Chevrolet Tahoe model, but is initially positioned by the manufacturer as a more expensive and high-status car.

GMC Yukon 2021 / new, price, features, photos

The exterior of the model is formed by:

  • spectacular design of the front part in the style of the new Sierra;
  • large galvano chrome radiator grille (for Denali);
  • C-shaped led optics with integrated DRL;
  • stylish vyshtmpovki, favorably distinguishing models from the smaller brothers Tahoe and Suburban;
  • an unusual stylistic solution of the inclined rear rack;
  • compact roof rails for quick installation of an additional trunk;
  • vertical taillights in the style of GMC Arcadia, entering the trunk lid;
  • sleek rear bumper with twin exhaust manifolds;
  • large wheels (maximum R-22), which will be equipped with high-quality Goodyear tires from the factory.

GMC Yukon 2021 / new, price, features, photos

The luxury version of Denali will receive a lot of chrome elements in 2021, while the GMC Yukon AT4 will be distinguished by matte body elements, but at the same time it will receive increased exit and entry angles, which will increase off-road performance.

GMC Yukon 2021 / new, price, features, photos

Interior design

The difference between the 2021 Tahoe and GMC Yukon will be not only the price, but also expensive materials and interior design. So, the elite Yukon will get:

  • comfortable 4-point steering wheel design and a large set of control buttons;
  • spacious box between the 1st row seats, which can be shifted by 254 mm if necessary, adjusting to itself;
  • With 12.6-inch monitor entertainment system for passengers;
  • panoramic roof;
  • 15-inch projection display;
  • stylish leather seats with many automatic settings.

At the same time, the design of the Denali and AT4 models will be significantly different. For the luxury version, a monitor and digital dashboard integrated into the panel are expected, while the off-road version will be equipped with a 10-inch touch screen and analog devices.

Thanks to the increased wheelbase, the new GMC Yukon 2021 model year will delight with a more spacious interior and an incredibly roomy Luggage compartment. Legroom for passengers in the 2nd row will increase by 41%, and the volume of the Luggage compartment will be:

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