Gifts to colleagues at the New 2021

In anticipation of the New year should not escape the attention of his colleagues and at least a small symbolic gift must be purchased. Variants there are many, the main thing – a gift should be useful and not too expensive (for employees of Gazprom last item is not mandatory).

In large Western companies there is an unspoken rule that the Christmas gift should not emphasize the sex of the addressee. In the USA this rule is followed by only some companies. However, it is worth noting that women are more often happy than the present, and the fact that they honored the attention. It is appropriate to present them with handmade soap, set of care cosmetics, decorative chalkboard for kitchen or something like that. Men also appreciate the gift for its usefulness. To present the man-the colleague, you may the flash drive, mouse pad, ashtray etc.


If not, we would especially like to wrestle and frantically run around the shops and online sites in search of a Christmas present to a colleague, then come to the aid of time-tested options. These include:

  • candy, fruit, various sweets and Goodies, including honey in a gift box;
  • champagne or other alcoholic beverages of high quality;
  • coffee/tea set (depends on the preferences of those who designed the offering);
  • beer mug (or a plastic handle for bottles);
  • book (if the recipient does not like the classics, the collection of aphorisms or success stories of celebrities he’ll be glad);
  • a set of pens or other office supplies;
  • diary, but not trivial, and, for example, with black pages, for letters which you must use a pen with white pasta;
  • business card holders;
  • organizer for Desk;
  • portable battery (by the way, the market today it is easy to find and quite original model);
  • calendar (you can show imagination and to develop individual design);
  • flashlight for laptop;
  • a Cup of tea with a cool inscription.

Gifts to colleagues at the New 2021

This category applies to gifts and Souvenirs – all kinds of statues, piggy banks and more. Minus one – the people who don’t like to clutter up the interior of the house/workplace, he may not like it.

Not the best gift will be the perfume, shower kit, lingerie, and more. All of this to some extent is quite intimate and to give something of the above is appropriate only for close people.


With strictly limited budget to please colleagues can be one of the above gift, or handing:

  • chocolate;
  • Christmas toy;
  • keychain in the shape of a symbol of the year;
  • lighter;
  • accessories for the car, for example, flavoring, holder for telephone, nancowry, organizer, fastened on the back of the driver’s seat.

The perfect gift token for a colleague for the New year can become a fortune cookie individually wrapped.

Gifts to colleagues at the New 2021


All the proposed ideas are considered traditional and, unfortunately, the originality they do not apply. Therefore, if you wish really do something nice, not just to be polite, I would suggest buying something special. What could it be?

  1. Coughing/swearing ashtray. If your colleague was a heavy smoker and not devoid of a sense of humor, such a gift he will really appreciate. By the way, the original look of the ashtray in the form of a pot with fire, a boy with urinal, etc. (believe me, the choice is huge).
  2. Bat with the inscription "Soothing". Sometimes the atmosphere in the office is so tense that this gift will be relevant.
  3. Souvenir Cup. Think of what kind of merit can bestow upon a colleague, and handed the appropriate "reward."
  4. Mini-thermos with original label. If your colleague does (often leaves the city, goes camping, drives in the mountains or loves fishing), then such a gift will be very helpful.
  5. The circle, which itself stirs his coffee. Like she’ll have lovers of sweet tea and coffee.
  6. The unusual design pillow. Bright pillow-emoticons – this is the last day. Today is quite unusual look cushion in the form of hemp, for example.
  7. Various-stress. Given the pace of modern life, this gift will be appreciated by everyone.
  8. All kinds of Board games. Believe me, they are not only children. One of the most popular are the "Imaginarium", "jenga".

Gifts to colleagues at the New 2021

This is just a small list of ideas of gifts for colleagues for New year. Be a little imagination and you will definitely be able to pick the perfect gift, which will be happy with any destination.

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