Gifts of sweets to the New 2021

Sweet love everything, so candy is a universal gift for any occasion, and for the New year especially because there is a break, and need to occupy yourself with something pleasant the entire festive week. But to give to friends the usual sets of shops interested. Much more original to make gifts of candy to the New 2021 with their hands. Because it gives you the opportunity to show their creative imagination and use those sweets that are like friends.

Do some simple and effective New year’s gifts of candies.

“While hours 12 beat”

To the Christmas theme, are clocks that show 23:55. Five minutes before the New year – the most anxious time, when it’s time to make a wish and open the champagne. Will make crafts in the form of hours. It is very simple and requires a minimum of materials.

Gifts of sweets to the New 2021 Gifts of sweets to the New 2021 Gifts of sweets to the New 2021

You’ll need the following:

  • the picture with the watch (can be printed from the Internet);
  • a circle of foam polystyrene of the same diameter as that of the picture with the clock;
  • chocolate “Gold”;
  • corrugated paper (gold or silver);
  • beautiful ribbon;
  • scissors;
  • pen or gel pen;
  • the glue gun.

Step 1. Produce the basis

Corrugated paper cut out a circle with a diameter of 5-7 cm diameter foam polystyrene. Glue a round foam polystyrene in the middle of a circle of corrugated paper. The perimeter of corrugated paper make cuts to make it easier to glue the paper. Glue pieces to foam polystyrene with hot glue. On the part that only partially closed with paper, glued the picture to the clock.

Gifts of sweets to the New 2021

Step 2. Decorate with candy

Begin to glue the candies, starting at the top (where the picture 12 hours). The top is wrapped with craft ribbon and glue it too.

Gifts of sweets to the New 2021

A gift of chocolate to a New 2021 is ready! Candy can be arbitrary and based too. Instead of foam polystyrene can take the ready a round tin of Christmas gift and fill it with sweets. You can also further decorate the arrangement, stick to it various decorative elements: twigs, ribbons, mini-piece.

See also another interesting option hours of candy:

The Christmas tree

This toy will not only be a great gift for the New 2021, but also decorate the holiday table.

Gifts of sweets to the New 2021

Make it too easy, and the materials and tools you will need:

  • A4 paper (2 sheets);
  • glue gun;
  • scissors;
  • candy in a beautiful wrapper;
  • green tinsel;
  • decorative elements: star, rhinestones, etc.

From a sheet of paper twine bag (cone) and glue it to collapse. We cut off the bottom part so that the cone could stand on the surface. Coat the bottom of the cone with glue and put on another sheet of paper. Cut the excess to form a circle.

Gifts of sweets to the New 2021

Step 2. Tinsel and candy

Around the perimeter make cuts and glue them to the cone. Now paste the bottom of the cone tinsel in a circle. The next layer – glue the candy. Their number can be anything. In our example, it turned out 6 large candy blue.

Gifts of sweets to the New 2021

Then again a layer of tinsel and another layer of chocolates until you cover the entire basis. The final layer of tinsel.Glue on the finished Christmas tree star, decorate with bows and rhinestones.

Gifts of sweets to the New 2021

In our example, tinsel is thick enough, so I get 3 layers. When using thin tinsel may need more layers, but then the candy must be smaller in size, otherwise they will be too much to allocate on the background of green trees. A gift for the New 2021 is ready!

Tip! If you turn off the bag were not from paper, but from cardboard, you can also put little candies inside the cone. It will be a pleasant surprise for the donee. Just fasten the cardboard should not glue, stapler – for reliability.

Also see the video tutorial of creating such an unusual Christmas tree:

“New year to us rushes”

Rather, hurtling chocolate Santa Claus on his sleigh candy. This is a great gift for children because the sled is made entirely of sweets. Imagination can tell a bunch of different layout options such sleds. The number of chocolates can also be different.

Gifts of sweets to the New 2021

For such a sled, which is shown in the photo, was used:

  • 1 standard chocolate bar “Babaevskiy”;
  • 1 average-sized chocolate bar;
  • 7 bars medium size;
  • Any 2 candies;
  • 4 sweets a La truffle;
  • 6 chocolates in the form of parallelepipeds;
  • 1 chocolate Santa (you can also take the chocolate Bunny or snow white);
  • 2 lozenge with curved edges.

Gifts of sweets to the New 2021

Will also need a glue gun (regular glue will not work because it is badly bonded items) and a beautiful ribbon. You can still use bells, bows and beads to further embellish the gift.

Step 1. Chocolates

Two long piece of tape (with a margin) between a bonded crosswise. On top glue a large piece of chocolate. On top of it: 4+3 bar. Further, the average “Alenka”.

Gifts of sweets to the New 2021

Step 2. Bells

Placed in the center of 2 of any candy. Cut off the excess tape and glue it. Top have decorative bells and decorate the sleigh with four truffles.Rectangular candy glue ribbon (optional) and decorate their composition so that it looked as if the gifts fall out of the sleigh.

Gifts of sweets to the New 2021

Step 3. The final touch

Seated ahead of Santa Claus. It remains to glue the candy canes, and a gift of chocolate is ready.

Gifts of sweets to the New 2021

It is very important to stick lollipops in the end, because it is the most fragile elements that are easy to accidentally break. As sweet, you can use any candy. And place them in different ways. Such a gift has only one disadvantage: the sled will be very sorry to break in order to eat the candy.

See the video how you can do one more original variant of this gift:

Pineapples in champagne

An interesting variant of gift, which is easy to do with their hands. It simultaneously combines a bottle of champagne and chocolates on the sweet.

Gifts of sweets to the New 2021

You’ll need the following:

  • a bottle of champagne (in our example is Asti Martini);
  • candy “Golden Lily”, “Ferrero Rocher” or other yellow or Golden wrapper;
  • corrugated paper yellow and green colors;
  • aspidistra-green ribbon;
  • scissors;
  • glue gun;
  • decorative floral mesh green;
  • Golden tape.

First make cover for bottle. If it’s Martini Asti, the sizes of the rectangles shown in the picture. Glue the covers so they were closed, and put them on the bottle. Corrugated paper good stretches, so the problems with putting on will not.

Tip! The adhesive must not be heated too strongly, lest he dissolved the candy wrappers and corrugated paper. The yellow case is a bit gutting on top of that turned out beautiful.

Gifts of sweets to the New 2021

Now start to glue the candy from the bottom row. The tails of the Golden Lily have to bend to they’re not sticking out. The next layer of adhesive in a staggered manner. At the bottom of each layer, you can put the grid so that the composition was more voluminous. Candy paste only the pot-bellied part of the bottle.

Gifts of sweets to the New 2021

From aspidistra-tape cut out the petals and glue them to the neck from top to bottom. It will be the leaves of the pineapple. Final touch – tie a beautiful ribbon on the neck.

Gifts of sweets to the New 2021

If done correctly, the donee will easily remove the cover from the sweets from the bottle. But to wear it again will be harder. With this gift the New year not ashamed to come to friends. And for children you can make a sleigh and also take them with me.

Christmas gifts with their hands can do as a family. It is an interesting pastime and a great scope for creativity.

Also look at the video one more interesting master class on making Christmas gifts from candy:

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