Gifts for the New 2021 with their hands

New year love not only for the atmosphere of magic and vacation, but also for the gifts that make the holiday even more enjoyable. I want to please all your friends, so you need to come up with something that does not greatly undermine the budget, but is bound to cause bright emotions. We propose to make gifts on New year 2021 with their hands. It will be cute little things that will bring to each home a piece of comfort and fun.


Mistress 2021 is bull (Mouse), so it will be symbolic to give it to her. The living animal is better not to give, because it is not known whether the friends to this neighborhood. But to make a charming mouse in the form of a snowman with their hands is quite possible.

Gifts for the New 2021 with their hands

In addition, the pattern and a sewing machine not required: basis of the body of the toy is an ordinary white sock. Except it for its production will need the following materials and tools:

  • colored socks (bright colors, with patterns for beanie);
  • 1-2 cups of rice or other filler (wadding, stuffing for toys);
  • white and pink felt or felt (for ears and back legs);
  • a piece of fabric bright colors (for the scarf);
  • white knitting yarn (for the front legs and tail);
  • white cotton thread;
  • transparent or white elastic hair band;
  • POM-poms (for faces);
  • wire (for antennae);
  • q-tip;
  • blush or red lipstick (to draw the cheeks);
  • beads (for eyes and nose);
  • scissors;
  • the hot glue.

For additional decoration you can use decorative elements in the form of plastic snowflakes, hearts and Christmas candy. For making candy you will need wire and red and white knitting yarn. At the time of production of gift will take approximately 40 minutes. Start.

  1. In the sock and pour the rice or stuffing filler. While not tying.
  2. Put on a sock filled with gum so that it separated the head from the torso (head slightly smaller, the body more).
  3. Now tie the sock so the rice doesn’t spill.
  4. Additionally, the thread fixing the neck of the mouse.
  5. Take a colored sock, cut off a small part of it (what you like) and make her a cap.
  6. First put on the toe-cap on the head of the mouse, and then fix its ties (regular thread). Gifts for the New 2021 with their hands
  7. Felt or felt cut out ears. They can be any size, but the pink part is smaller than white.
  8. Bonded pink and white details.
  9. To make the ears rounded, you need to collect the pleated and greased it with glue. Wait for drying to fold grasp, and release.
  10. Glue ears in place. They are like stuck in the cap.
  11. Take two small pieces of white knitting yarn and associate them with a large knot. This will be the front paws put together. Gifts for the New 2021 with their hands
  12. Glue the legs in place. Similarly, glue the tail.
  13. To make a Christmas candy that mouse controls, very simple. It is necessary to bend a piece of wire and wound on him, red and white knitting yarn, securing them with glue. Lollipop glued to the legs.
  14. Colorful woven fabric cut stripes – it’s a scarf. Tie it and decorate decorated items: snowflakes, stars – anything.
  15. Glue a pompom in place of a muzzle. Gifts for the New 2021 with their hands
  16. Take blush or a lipstick with a cotton swab. Draw the mouse’s cheeks.
  17. Wire make antennae (glue).
  18. Glue beads in place of eyes and nose.
  19. Cut out pink felt its hind legs and glue them on. Gifts for the New 2021 with their hands

Mouse is ready! This souvenir is not only suitable as a gift for the New year, but also will decorate your home. You can put the mouse under the Christmas tree next to Santa Claus and snow Maiden, and she will bring good luck in 2021. You can make a whole family of mice of different sizes, to come up with the different hats and decorative items. And if inside to fill not only rice, but also a fragrant herb (e.g. lavender), you can use a toy and as a natural flavor in the premises.


For those who prefer to do practical gifts that are not just going to stand under the tree and please the eye, but also be used for other purposes, we offer you to make with your own hands such a charming mouse in the form of a purse. This gift will appeal to little girls (your sister, niece, daughter, girlfriend), as well as for female students, who also often love funny things in the form of animals.

Gifts for the New 2021 with their hands

The ability to sew again not required. We will do everything using hot glue. If not, you can use threads with the needles. Only 1 hour, and a gift for the New year of 2021 is ready!

For manufacturing will need the following:

  • a small piece of denim or other thick fabric (dimensions of the cut depend on the desired size of the future wallet. For the product of our example, will need about 25*25 cm with additional elements);
  • handle (for the pattern);
  • black marker (for drawing antennae);
  • beads (for eyes and nose);
  • pink fabric (for the ears);
  • scissors;
  • the hot glue;
  • lightning (10-12 cm);
  • braid in silver or black (for decoration).

  1. We will collect the wallet on the principle of boxes, so the pattern is solid. In the picture above there is a detailed template, which can be used to produce it. Draw a pattern on paper first and then transferring to the fabric. Gifts for the New 2021 with their hands
  2. Before assembling the purse, draw on it with the mouse. Tape beads-bead eyes and nose, draw a marker mustache and eyebrows.
  3. Now let’s do the ears. The pattern on them is also in the template, but you can improvise.
  4. Bonding the basic and the pink part of the ears.
  5. Collect blanks at the crease and sizing them to the lugs was more round.
  6. Glue the ears to the purse.Gifts for the New 2021 with their hands
  7. Now on the top and bottom of the pattern make cuts through every inch.
  8. Bend small pieces, as shown in the picture, fixing them with hot glue. This will make the edge smoother of the purse.
  9. Most interesting: collect the wallet on the principle of the box. First, make all the necessary cuts referred to in the template. Then fold the top and bottom of the pattern, locking of the sides with glue.Gifts for the New 2021 with their hands
  10. Also the zipper will stick. Do it consistently and carefully so the glue did not get onto the part, otherwise the zipper will not close.
  11. If the junction of the purse and the zipper was not very tidy, will disguise its beautiful braid, gluing it on top.
  12. From the same tape, you can make a ponytail, which also will be used for hanging the purse.Gifts for the New 2021 with their hands

Wallet as a symbol of 2021 is ready! Perhaps to give it be a pity, so you can make several pieces to one to keep. It is possible to store not only a coin, but cosmetics (lipstick, mirror).

Christmas bouquet

Women love to receive flowers, whatever the time of year. But to give live bouquets for a Christmas party is not very appropriate, so we offer you to do with your hands here is the original planters. The roses that are there, hidden real candy, so you should choose a sweet taste of who designed this bouquet for the New year.

Gifts for the New 2021 with their hands

You’ll need:

  • bucket from-under mayonnaise;
  • flute of silver;
  • polystyrene (this is the base that will stick all of the elements of the bouquet);
  • corrugated paper (pink, red, Burgundy, white);
  • small chocolate candies (preferably round or oval);
  • wrapping paper (literally, with exercise book);
  • Christmas balls;
  • long skewers or thick green wire;
  • cones (decorative or real);
  • mesh for flower packing or green sheer;
  • pine twigs (artificial – with an old Christmas tree or real)
  • artificial snow;
  • PVA glue;
  • scissors, pliers, hot glue.

Most of these materials you can buy in stores for creativity. Let’s start with the gift for the New year 2021 in the form of festive planters. Glue works using only hot glue! PVA will be needed for decoration at the end.

  1. Bucket from-under mayonnaise and wrap gofrey and tape it.
  2. Inside place a foam polystyrene, and also put it on the glue.
  3. Make flowers from crepe paper cut into petals.
  4. One candy wrap one petal, just glue it to a stick – a skewer or wire (if you have skewers, you must cover them with green acrylic paint and allow to dry). Gifts for the New 2021 with their hands
  5. The rest of the petals is also pasted to create a magnificent Bud. So do some flowers.
  6. Decorative element in the form of a gift made of foam polystyrene and covered by wrapping paper. Put on a stick.
  7. To cones, conifer branches and Christmas balls also glue sticks. Gifts for the New 2021 with their hands
  8. Begin to gather a bouquet. With pliers insert all the elements in polystyrene, comprising a composition according to your taste. Pine twigs at the end. They will fill the void.
  9. Mesh cut out small squares, folding them into triangles, and then again in triangles. Get a lush elements, which we also put on a stick and inserted into pots with the brim.
  10. PVA glue is applied to the selected elements and immediately sprinkle them with artificial snow. Gifts for the New 2021 with their hands

Used decorative elements depend on the imagination. Something you can not use, and that, on the contrary, to add. This bouquet will last very long, because needles and cones do not need water or special care. And the winner of the gift will be able at any moment to eat candy.

The Sleigh Of Santa Claus

The perfect gift for the New year are considered to be sweets. But instead just put them in a box or bag, you can make an original sleigh of Santa Claus. They are made very simply, and for their manufacture does not need special tools like hot glue or foam polystyrene.

By the way! Put in such a sweet sled, you and the other characters: snow white, the hostess of the year of the Rat, snowman, etc. you Can even make a larger sled and put them with the mouse from the very first master class.

Gifts for the New 2021 with their hands

The manufacturer will need 30 minutes of time and following materials:

  • two large chocolate bar (100 g);
  • the middle two candies (the size of a little less chocolate);
  • two more candy (less than average)
  • two of the small candy;
  • two lozenge with curved edges;
  • beautiful braid (about 1.5 m);
  • double-sided tape;
  • conventional adhesive tape;
  • scissors;
  • decorative figure.

Gifts for the New 2021 with their hands

As candies, you can use any sweets rectangular shape: chocolate bars, waffles, marmalade, chewing gum, pills packaging, etc. between the chocolate you can put a card of congratulations or an envelope with money.

By the way! Lollipops are very fragile and break easily, so carry them carefully and do not drop. Or buy candy with the stock. And to make sure those chocolates were smooth and uniform, and not as in our example.

Let’s start with the sled.

  1. First, the fastening between two large chocolate bar using double-sided tape.
  2. The protruding edge can be folded and glued by Scotch, that they do not interfere.
  3. On top of double-sided tape and glue two medium-sized candy and then everyone else. Gifts for the New 2021 with their hands
  4. Don’t need to use very much tape, otherwise the donee then they will not unstick. Our goal is just to bond a little sweetness.
  5. Winding the resulting design with braid and tie a bow. Attention! The place where the braid goes in front of the sled, you need to ease a bit so you can put Santa Claus.
  6. Presses the tape double-sided tape and fit figure. To put it will be in the end. Gifts for the New 2021 with their hands
  7. It remains to glue the candy canes. Do this carefully so as not to break them, and the entire structure. Chocolate is also quite fragile. Gifts for the New 2021 with their hands

Put on sleigh figurine. You’re done! This gift will appeal not only to children, but adults with a sweet tooth. For example, the guy can give delicious sleigh to his girlfriend.

Before New year the shops are very many options of ready-made gifts. But it’s interesting, because you can be in a situation where two people give each other the same gifts. Therefore it is better to make gifts with their hands. So get a really exclusive thing that no one else has.

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