Gifts for the New 2021 children

Some parents struggle every year to choose an unusual and bright gifts, others just don’t like long shopping. Gifts for kids at New year — always responsible and creative task. New year’s holiday — true tale, which believes every child. Father frost with the snow Maiden, sparkling Christmas tree, songs and festive performances delight children, but most of all they are waiting for gifts. We will suggest original ideas for children of different age groups who will embody their deepest dreams.

Children up to 3 years

At first glance it seems that young children are easier to choose gifts. But a huge selection for children may be surprised, because we offer to give something educational and useful. We need to remember as a gift — it needs to be certified hypoallergenic and safe for ages 1-3 years. You should consider individual preferences of the child: someone who loves cars, some soft toys, some love games with loud sounds and songs. Young children love bright and unusual things. Therefore, the gift might be:

  • rattle;
  • musical carousel;
  • machine;
  • a great soft toy;
  • the set of forms and kinetic sand

Gifts for the New 2021 children

  • developing Mat;
  • the puzzle with the big picture;
  • call Santa Claus home;
  • radio nurse;
  • 3D night light;
  • fun pajamas in the shape of animals;
  • toy car that can ride;
  • pony rocking chair;
  • finger paints;
  • the training Board.

Children 4 to 7 years

Christmas gifts for children that I went to kindergarten, more diverse. They are open for everything new, love to play role-playing imagine yourself in the role of teacher, doctor, hairdresser.

Format informative and educational games is very relevant in the age of 4 to 7 years, allowing children to absorb new knowledge. Girls will love a doll that you can change clothes, change the hair, feed and put to bed. The boys will never give up the toy, depicting the technique. For 2021 can give:

  • the remote control cars;
  • coloring;
  • bike;
  • Board games;
  • children’s books

Gifts for the New 2021 children

  • dimensional puzzle;
  • the interactive doll;
  • kitchen doll set.
  • baby piano;
  • designer;
  • a magnetic rod;
  • natural sweets and chocolate;
  • eco-friendly plant that must be watered and to grow;
  • markers;
  • toy railway;
  • toy gun (without bullets);
  • model of the aircraft;
  • athletic wall;
  • robot transformer

Gifts for the New 2021 children

  • a garage for toy cars with tracks;
  • a set of children’s cosmetics;
  • child’s purse or backpack;
  • fashionable clothing;
  • jewelry.

The most popular toy for girls was and still is a doll. Manufacturers produce different doll series: Barbie, Monster High, Bratz and others. If favorite doll the child has, you can give the accessories — bed, kitchen, dress, horses.

Set for creativity is always popular among kids of preschool age. Sets are sold in a variety of areas: drawing, sculpting from clay, creating accessories and jewelry.

Play tent — an unusual gift that will appeal to boys and girls. They will be able to get into it to retire and for games, close and open it, play hide and seek and many more. In stores you can find sheer pink tent with lace or true copies of the wigwams.

In recent years it has become popular interactive pet. The toy responds to touch, can walk, bark or meow. If there is no possibility or desire to have a pet, this gift will be a real boon.

Children from 8 to 12 years

The most popular gifts for the New 2021 year of the ox children aged 8 years and generally include phones, tablets and other equipment, which is so popular among young people. However, this is a very expensive gift that can not afford it. More affordable options are the accessories for the phone (unusual case, powerful headphones), manipulators for game consoles.

Gifts for the New 2021 children

  • table hockey;
  • mini-laboratory for home experiments;
  • quality headphones;
  • backpack;
  • the collection of toy car;
  • skates;
  • bike;
  • skate;
  • small dumbbells;
  • subscription to the pool;
  • a hike in the Park;
  • set for creativity;
  • a best-selling book;
  • football/basketball;
  • gyrometer;
  • the plane on the radio;
  • interesting master class;
  • theatre tickets;
  • aquarium;
  • Board games (Scrabble, Monopoly).

Gifts for the New 2021 children

Who doesn’t love sweets? Children at the New 2021 can be ordered in the online shop of imported sweets that are not found in conventional stores. It’s a good idea to give the child emotional experiences in the form of a ticket to an amusement Park or the quest room. You can also enjoy a horse ride or riding with the whole family in the Quad.

It is better not to give children in the New year

When choosing the Christmas gift you need to know that it is not recommended to give children (especially a stranger). In this rating included:

  • Dangerous things that can harm the child or others.
  • Animals. Even if a child dreams of a hamster and telling everyone around about how it will be called, should not do such rash gifts without the consent of family members.
  • Adult cosmetics.

Symbol 2021 will be a bull, because toys with her image will be very relevant. If to include imagination and to consider the interests of the child, you can pick up an amazing gift, with the result that he will be very happy. We presented a lot of ideas what to give to children on new year 2021. Just pick up and go to the store to find the right things!

Funny video of a “bad” Christmas gifts: the views of children

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