Gifts for parents on the New 2021

Gifts for parents on the New 2021 should be chosen with special awe and love. New year’s eve, the parents first of all interesting gifts from his children, who best know what mom and dad would like to get the most. People who many years ago dressed in costumes of Santa Claus and snow Maiden, worthy of the best, so the purchase of gifts you should think well in advance.

The house and cottage

The owners of country houses, where the winter is particularly magical, will be happy to gift to decorate the area or interior. Construction of the baths, a well or terrace would be a great gift for parents, but you can find many other more budget options:

  • A set of Christmas toys antique;
  • Cookware set with Christmas motifs;
  • The tablecloth;
  • Holiday napkins with rings;
  • Safe for valuables;
  • Set designer curtains and Drapes;
  • Meter statue of Santa Claus;
  • Wrought iron bench;
  • Christmas wreath on the door;
  • Photo album with printed photos of different years;
  • Snowblower

Gifts for parents on the New 2021

  • An aquarium with fish or a cage with a parrot;
  • Home sports complex;
  • Repair in one of rooms;
  • Design project for the free spaces;
  • The draft pool or flower beds;
  • Set of the Chinese tea ceremony.

Edible gifts

A delicious gift can be a major or a Supplement to the main show. In any case, do not skimp and buy parents cheap champagne and a set of standard chocolates. Surely there is something special that mom and dad love, or, conversely, never tried but want to try:

  • Minibar fine wines;
  • A basket of tropical fruits;
  • A big box with Oriental sweets;
  • Shopping cart elite seafood;
  • Basket of sausages from the meat of wild animals;
  • Christmas tree made of chocolate;
  • A bouquet of dried fruits and chocolates;
  • Machine for making chocolate fountain with chocolate;
  • The set of elite coffee\tea.

Gifts for parents on the New 2021

Leisure and relaxation

Parents are the number one contenders for a rest, and they deserve to spend the Golden years of his life in a carefree travels. But the financial resources do not always allow you to organize the relatives and friends of a trip to Maldives or Turkey. More modest, but no less exciting gift can be a trip even to a nearby area or going to the cinema. Some of the top ideas for leisure and relaxation will be as follows:

  • Two sets for a hike in the bath or sauna;
  • Concert tickets comedians;
  • Theatre tickets a Christmas story;
  • Snowmobile ride;
  • A trip to a ski resort;
  • Tickets for the concert of Stas Mikhailov, Filipp Kirkorov, Valery Leontiev;
  • Christmas photo session in the Studio;
  • One-day tourist trip to a nearby city\the Republic;
  • Two tickets to the concert of violin/organ /piano music.

Clothing and textile

With age, people become more sentimental, so any gifts that can be worn by themselves, will be the most favorite. Love, mom and dad would never part with switchtime, given to new year’s eve and be careful to use personal towels. From clothes to give parents on new 2021 the following items:

  • Thermal underwear;
  • Any product made of natural fur;
  • A pair of Slippers with natural fur;
  • Personalized towels

Gifts for parents on the New 2021

  • Two winter sets of sweater, scarf, socks;
  • Hats with earflaps;
  • Twin bathrobes with the initials;
  • Pair the aprons with a funny inscription;
  • T-shirts with the inscription “Best dad”, “Best mom.”

Health and beauty

Attitude to health with age is always changing, so there is nothing wrong with that, to once again take care of yourself as native people. The holidays will be an excellent occasion to pass the parents a course of treatments to get in shape for the summer. Packaging of vitamins and dietary Supplements absolutely should not give on holiday, but if you present a couple of certificates that parents are happy to take advantage of them:

  • The certificate of massage course;
  • A coupon for a course of rejuvenating treatments;
  • A certificate for the procedure in a beauty salon on the choice;
  • Certificate in physiotherapy and yoga;
  • A coupon for a visit to the salt caves;
  • Invitation to the comprehensive body examination in a private clinic.

Gifts for parents on the New 2021

Unusual personal greetings

  • Creeping line on the TV with a personal congratulatory message for parents;
  • Custom poem/song with personal greetings;
  • Autopostavka from the President;
  • Ordering a favorite song on the radio with the recipient’s name;
  • Personal clip/song of congratulations to the parents;
  • A banner with a personal greeting on the background of the photographs.


The current generation of the honorable age has long with the technique you have, so buying any household appliance will be perceived with gratitude. The main condition – not to give that already have parents, or pre-out from them what they would like to get this list:

  • The electric heater;
  • GPRS Navigator;
  • Professional coffee maker
  • Bread maker, juicer or slow cooker

Gifts for parents on the New 2021

  • Car vacuum cleaner;
  • Robot vacuum cleaner;
  • Convection oven;
  • Connection system “Smart house”.

Creative gifts

Among the many ideas creative gifts parents in the first place should be considered those that meet their needs and expectations. Romantic nature with pleasure will be engaged in reading books from the gift books, and activists will begin to travel with a new passport cover. The main thing – to any of the purchased gifts were really needed:

  • Scratch map (map, which mark places travel, travel);
  • Passport cover with initials, rhinestone;
  • Personalized case for a phone;
  • Personalized gold plated banknote;
  • Set of the Chinese tea ceremony;
  • Set of handmade soap;
  • Set of spices from different countries of the world;
  • Gingerbread with a picture of Christmas heroes;
  • Diploma in a gold frame;
  • The genealogical book;
  • A gift edition of the beloved author;
  • The complete works of classics of Russian literature;
  • The composition of the individual astrological forecast for the year.

Christmas gifts ideas for parents: video

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