Gifts for brother on New 2021

It would be very easy to choose gifts for brother on 2021 New year, if hands were detailed wish list. But most men say that they do not need. Still, you shouldn’t leave a loved man without a new year surprise. There is nothing better than to see a surprised and happy smile brother! The tips below will be a great source for inspiration.

Depending on the hobby

If you know exactly what motivates young people to make the choice a little easier. It’s always nice to give something useful and necessary.


  • nano-drone;
  • wrist watch action camera;
  • wireless charging battery;
  • telescope for mobile phone;
  • Bluetooth microphone for fans to sing karaoke.
  • Key FOB Bluetooth tracker.

And if you want to impress at 100%, you can buy a smart lamp. These five gadgets might have met a lover of modern technologies in the online reviews, but that’s about the lamp that is controlled via an app on the phone, heard not all.

Gifts for brother on New 2021

For lovers of entertainment

Lovers of entertainment can be chosen:

  • annual pass to the cinema (preferably on the VIP-places);
  • coupon for go-karting, paintball or laser tag;
  • a ticket to the concert of your favorite band;
  • certificate for a quest room.

For guys who travel frequently

If a young man likes to discover new horizons, he’ll love:

  • scratch map of the world (coin erase coating with the already visited countries);
  • diary of the traveler;
  • original case for suitcase (preferably with individual design);
  • pillow-ostrich;
  • bottle with filter (useful for those who often travels to third world countries).

Gifts for brother on New 2021

For motorists

Car owners usually buy:

  • wireless mini vacuum cleaner with light;
  • a set of high-end automobile cosmetics;
  • toy mini-version of the machine that travels (or dreams about) a guy;
  • certificate to a favorite shop;
  • magnetic holder for mobile phone.

For athletes

If a brother takes care of himself and likes to spend time in the gym, get one of the following gifts:

  • water bottle in dumbbell shape;
  • bag for change of clothes embroidered with the initials of the guy;
  • an annual subscription to the gym;
  • fitness tracker or smart watch;
  • wireless headphones;
  • powerball (so classes continued even at home or in the office).

Gifts for brother on New 2021

For lovers of hunting and fishing

Hunters and fishermen will appreciate:

  • smart thermos that can heat and cool the fluid;
  • waterproof binoculars with video capability;
  • self-heating hand warmers and feet;
  • action camera night vision;
  • Hiking solar battery.

For coffee lovers

Fans of aromatic and bracing drink, you can choose:

  • annual subscription for monthly delivery of coffee;
  • designer holder capsules for the coffee machine;
  • a pocket coffee maker
  • master class from the best baristas in the city.

Even if my brother has an unusual hobby, you can always ask for advice from people with similar interests.

Gifts for brother on New 2021

Gifts made with your own hands

For those looking for the unusual to give to his brother at 2021 New year, useful ideas hand made gift. Such gifts are only the closest people, so don’t leave indifferent even the hardened cynics. But even if inclinations to needlework there, you can always access the video tutorials and learn something new.

Interesting new year hand made gifts:

  • self-knitted scarf, mittens;
  • set of gingerbread with the initials of his brother, the symbol of next year;
  • felted pouches for your phone, tablet;
  • wall-mounted organizer for tools;
  • personalized coasters beer glasses (you can decorate the coasters with pictures or funny words from the vocabulary of man).

Gifts, hand made, is always valued more than others and are carefully stored for a long time.

Budget Christmas gifts

According to the Eastern calendar, a symbol of 2021, the year are: the metal ox(mouse). So girls with limited budgets and those looking for options for inexpensive gifts for friends, you should think about the interesting symbolic Souvenirs. Better not to buy all boring keychains, mugs, magnets. Almost for the same money you can buy something original.

  1. Bumper sticker of the car, bike or laptop. If brother loves stickers, funny decals, you can buy themed sticker (for example, an image of a bull in the bell of Santa Claus). Girls who are good at drawing, you can do to prepare the layout.
  2. Souvenirs from a joke shop. Jokers who are not averse to arrange some elaborate hoax, like naturalized soft toys (some not so easy to distinguish from the real rats). Even the process of giving a gift can be bright: for example, to buy a mechanical rat, tie a bow and release in the room of good sense of humor.
  3. Cellphone cover with the symbol of the year. To make the banal interesting and original gift by ordering a customized design. Not all guys will be in awe of a cartoon mouse. Better to look for images of the terrible rat king. Pendant on a chain or bracelet. Such decoration is particularly attractive to men born in the year of the ox.
  4. Edible gift. To please your sweet tooth can be a figure of a mouse fondant or chocolate.

Gifts for brother on New 2021

It is not necessary to give brother living decorative rat. Men are not too fond of messing around with the Pets. An exception may be a situation where the receiver has consented to a “living gift”.

Useful Christmas gifts

If a brother prefers to wear suits even in everyday life, he will be happy to “image” things.

  1. Dated diary on 2021-the year: it is desirable that the cover was made of genuine leather, and the pages themselves were expensive embossing.
  2. A cashmere scarf. The accessory is quite expensive, but if natural cashmere short of money, it is better to abandon this idea, not to give the scarf from synthetic fabric.
  3. Travel set for Shoe cleaning. If the Shoe brother always perfectly polished, then a small box with everything you need for a quick update of glitter shoes just will love.
  4. Box for storage and transportation ties. By themselves, the ties are considered as a banal gift. And here is a special bag that will protect the fabric from discoloration and dirt, will be useful to the business man.
  5. Man’s handkerchief of silk. Really expensive silk accessory is considered a gift, designed to emphasize the status of the young man.

You can also pay attention to the tie clips and cufflinks. Young people with a sense of humor will appreciate the accessories with the image of the symbol of the coming year.

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