Gifts for a friend’s New 2021

The new year is the most awaited holiday and a good occasion to congratulate heartily beloved friend. Gifts for a friend’s New 2021 should always choose in advance not to go shopping for a few hours before midnight. The list of women’s preferences is vast and consists of thousands of items coveted of gifts. The main thing – to rely on its own financial capacity and to imagine the emotions of the recipient.

Health and beauty

Most girls go to beauty salon at least once a month and others prefer to watch the beauty and health of the home. Knowing the minimal set of procedures that a friend prefers, you can make her a ideal present of the following categories:

  • Beauty box (fashion box with the top means to care for face, hair and skin).
  • Advice from a stylist.
  • Certificate for a tattoo or piercing.
  • Certificate for ultrasonic cleaning or teeth whitening.
  • Gym membership.
  • Complex in-salon treatment (hair removal, cryotherapy, d’arsonval, face cleaning).
  • Set for home massage.

Gifts for a friend's New 2021


The Christmas holidays are very long lasting and is an excellent opportunity for self-development. Before choosing the gift for girlfriend, you should analyze their preferences and to understand that she would be interested in the most. A friend will be immensely grateful, if will get any of the certifications:

  • The certificate for attending art courses.
  • Certificate for cooking classes.
  • Certificate courses at school of a geisha.
  • Certificate for massage training.
  • Certificate courses in foreign language.
  • The certificate of training in driving school.

Travel and entertainment

People after the New year celebrations are divided into two categories: those who sits at home and eats Olivier and those who prefer active rest. If the friend belongs to the second category, it will be fun, if it is to deliver:

  • Coupon quest game.
  • A trip on the funicular or a paraglider.
  • The coupon is for riding on the huskies.
  • A certificate for an ice skating rink.
  • A ticket to the concert of your favorite artist.
  • Theatre ticket a Christmas story (“the Nutcracker”, “Morozko”).
  • A ticket for the concert of violin/organ /piano music.
  • A lesson with a swimming instructor.
  • Day trip.
  • A trip to a karaoke bar.
  • The limo ride.

Gifts for a friend's New 2021

Gifts for the soul

If friend is quite wealthy and doesn’t need anything, that is no reason not to congratulate her in the New year. The gift must first be surprising, and do not have to bear the practical use. A great option could be:

  • Board game.
  • Projector of the star sky.
  • Creeping line on the TV with a personal greeting to a friend.
  • Custom poem/song with a personal greeting.
  • Autopostavka from media persons.
  • All parts of Harry Potter in hardback.
  • A box of sparklers, and fireworks.
  • Cartoon friendly.
  • The Game “Twist.”
  • Thematic photo session in the Studio.
  • Collage combines photos.

Gifts for a friend's New 2021


When close people belong to the category shopping and not miss a single boutique with clothing, the question of what to give is solved immediately. Friend on the New 2021 will be happy to have something warm with which I can spend long winter evenings with a Cup of coffee or go on a trip:

  • Thermal underwear.
  • Terry towel with embroidery name.
  • Kit for a hike in the bath or sauna.
  • Warm sweater, scarf, hat or socks with a picture of a deer.
  • Slippers with fur pompons.
  • The elements of a suit of the snow Maiden (hat with braids, gloves).
  • The coupon code for the purchase of products from natural fur.
  • The blanket with sleeves.
  • Pajamas Are “Kigurumi”.
  • Ski suit.
  • Gloves for smartphone touch screen.

Gifts for a friend's New 2021

Kitchen and home comfort

Household items like all the girls without exception. They find a place for wall paintings, and even she has a dozen. The same attitude among women with kitchen utensils: the more – the better. The new year is a family holiday, so gifts from “home” will be accepted with great pleasure:

  • Desktop Christmas tree.
  • Glamorous new year’s toys and tinsel.
  • Bonsai (ornamental potted tree in a pot in small size).
  • The duvet cover is heated.
  • Pattern for embroidery.
  • Cookware set with Christmas themed patterns.
  • Set of kitchen pans.
  • Compact pouf.
  • Coffee maker.
  • Compact bread maker.
  • Compact stationary shaker.
  • Teapot.

Gifts for a friend's New 2021


Closest friend deserves to get for Christmas gift expensive. Before choosing a technology you should consider what she is yet. The third scores headphones will be unnecessary, and a unique projector for watching movies on the wall in the dark will be the most unusual gift. Some of the top gifts will be the following:

  • Fitness bracelet.
  • A selfie stick.
  • Quadracopter.
  • The wireless microphone.
  • Projector.
  • A selfie stick.
  • Tripod.
  • Car vacuum cleaner.
  • Action camera.
  • DVR.
  • Wireless headphones.
  • Fitness bracelet.
  • Ultraviolet lamp for home manicure.

Gifts for a friend's New 2021

Edible gifts

The best choice for a gift – one that you can eat. But an ordinary chocolate bar or box of chocolates would be the most banal gift, so you should choose something unusual and select:

  • A kit for making sushi and rolls at home.
  • A Minibar elite alcoholic beverages.
  • A basket of tropical fruits meats from Thailand.
  • Jar black /red calf.
  • Basket of sausages from the meat of wild animals.
  • The set of elite coffees.
  • A set of ready mixes for making muffins, pancakes, pancakes, pudding.
  • Sweet box of foreign chocolates, marmalade, biscuits.
  • Pounds of Belgian chocolate in different flavours.

Gifts for a friend's New 2021


Practical gifts you should give only your friend, the confidence in the preference which is 100%. This gift will guarantee that it will be used and not stuck in the far back of the cupboard the next few years. The seamstress will be happy to get a set for needlework and stylish container for food useful to student or office worker. Practical gifts you can pick up at any price:

  • Lunchbox.
  • Yarn and wool for knitting socks or scarf.
  • Skates.
  • Multiple ticket for a ride on the metro.
  • Planner.
  • Cash coupon in your favorite store.
  • Annual subscription to the magazine.

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