GIA in 2021: compulsory subjects, changes

Your child is learning in 4, 9 or 11 class – it’s time to find out what will be the GIA in 2021, which students will be serious changes in the format of the exams and any required items will take graduates from Junior, middle and senior school.

Features GIA 2021

The upcoming 2020-2021 school year will be significant because will be the first school year where all students from 1 to 11 class will be to develop programs that meet the new educational standards of the GEF.

GIA in 2021: compulsory subjects, changes

Full transition of the education system to the new standard means that the State Final Certification must undergo a number of changes in accordance with the new requirements.

In 2020-2021 school year, students have to go through three qualifying stages. Knowledge will be evaluated at 4, 9 and 11 classes. Offer to discuss the features and changes that will affect each of the above-mentioned variant of the GIA.

Exams 2021

Unified State Exam – form of control of knowledge of graduates of high school. This is the most important exam, the results of which are taken into account when joining the Universities in the USA and give the right to engage in competition for the budget places in universities through a single platform.

GIA in 2021: compulsory subjects, changes

All who are in the 2020-2021 school year is finishing the 11th grade not worth much to worry, because the reform process of the Kim Exams was launched earlier and formats the jobs that exist today, fully meet the requirements of the FSES. Moreover, at the end of 2018, the Minister of education Olga Vasilyeva said that the reforms in the Exams approached its final stage, and in the coming years major changes in Kymi will not.

However, to follow the news and read the documentation on the items presented on the website FIPI will not be superfluous, because small changes are still possible. As a rule, adjustments will be made with regard to complaints on the formulation of tasks received from graduates of previous years.

In 2021 11th graders at GIA have to pass:

  • the final (December) compositions, the result of which is the admission to the main examination;
  • two required: math (base or profile) and Russian language;
  • one-on choice with the desired profile.

The increase in the number of compulsory subjects in 2021, which is so often mentioned in the media, has not yet officially confirmed. Most likely, if history or foreign language and made compulsory, it is definitely not in 2021.

GIA in 2021: compulsory subjects, changes

Among the electives will still have all the main disciplines:

  • foreign language: English, German, Spanish, French or Chinese;
  • physics;
  • chemistry (in the format of the experiment with or without);
  • history;
  • geography;
  • computer science (using a PC);
  • biology;
  • literature;
  • social studies.

As in previous years, the Unified State Exam will be held in three sessions.

Prior (for graduates of previous years and those who cannot for good reason be present at the substantive session) will begin in late March and will last until the second half of April.

The main (for most graduates) starts at the last week of may and will end in early July. The schedule of the main exams period, the Exams for the 2020-2021 school year will be the following:

September retake held in the first month of autumn. But right at the last chance will be granted only to those who has received unsatisfactory result in one of the compulsory subjects.

GIA in 2021: compulsory subjects, changes

Thus, the average graduate of the 11th class will have 3 attempts to pass the GIA in 2021: the main, the backup day in September. At the same time, perestavaya math, the student may choose a basic level, even if the first time he chose to profile.

More details about how many items to donate to seniors in high school and what will be the format of GIA 2021 in various disciplines, see the article devoted to the changes in Exams 2021.

Exams 2021

For the guys, which in 2021 will take the GIA in the 9th grade, innovation will be much more in the first place they concern the structure of the KIMS.

At the moment it is precisely known one in the 2020-2021 school year, the graduates of the 9th grade will pass the 4 exam (as in 2020).

GIA in 2021: compulsory subjects, changes

Though in 2021 the number predmetov Exams has not increased officially, in the coming years the possibility of significant reform. Which disciplines will be included in the item “compulsory subjects” and which the ninth-graders will be allowed to select from a list of disciplines GIA -9 in the future is unknown. You have two options:

  1. The number of compulsory subjects will not change, but in addition to Russian and mathematics will need to choose another 4 subjects.
  2. Compulsory subjects will be 4 (mathematics and Russian language added English and the history of the USA), and 2 you can choose at their own discretion.

Also in 2021, the Exams in Russian language will consist of two blocks– the interview (will be held in February in the framework of the admission to GIA) and the written part.

Of course, this news does not please neither the teachers nor graduates, and self-confident ninth-graders, claiming “rent GIA-9 in 2021 without the training” definitely will be much less.

And to begin preparation for GIA-9 all for whom the examination will be 2021, is with the description of the main changes. Which will take place in Kymi in different subjects. Preliminary versions of the Kim with a detailed description of the changes already posted on the portal FIPI. If to get a grasp of specifications and codificatory in all disciplines there is no time, or desire, find out major news from our article devoted to the changes in Exams 2021.

However, there is good news for those who are in 2021 will take the GIA in the 9th grade:

  • Exams will be held, as before, in the walls of native schools;
  • all jobs KIMS are developed in accordance with the school program and will be uniform for all regions of the Russian Federation;
  • ninth-graders will get two opportunities for a retake (assuming that the unsatisfactory result was obtained not more than 2 subjects).

What innovations plans to introduce FIPI learn from the video:

The timetable for the Exam period 2021 will be:

GIA in 2021: compulsory subjects, changes

GUIA 4 in 2021

Final Certification of graduates of the elementary school is radically different from the above mentioned formats. First of all, the rating received for the appraisal work, does not affect the transfer of the child to the 5th grade!

In 2021 the exams in 4 classes, as before, will be used to monitor the quality of teachers and teaching effectiveness in schools in different regions of the Russian Federation.

GIA in 2021: compulsory subjects, changes

In the past year, irrespective of region of residence and the training program, the guys passed the 3 required exams:

  • mathematics;
  • Russian language;
  • the world around us.

Whether in 2021 to increase the number of disciplines imposed on total control, is still unknown. Previously articulated the position that in 2021 on the DPA-4 should be a new compulsory subjects: literature, English language and drawing. If innovation still will be, in the 2020-2021 school year, the kids will have to pass 6 exams.

But the parents ahead of time is not necessary, because the format of this DPA is no different from conventional tests. Usually items designed for one standard lesson duration is 45 minutes and of the child require standard knowledge and practical skills that most kids fully mastered by the end of 4th grade.

GIA in 2021: compulsory subjects, changes

More details about innovations 2021, read the material on the exams in the 4th grade.

The Ministry of Education once again draw the attention of teachers and parents that no additional preparation in school students for the DPA-4 is not provided. The control objective is to understand how effective was the work of the teacher within the educational process.

The secret to successful exams in 4th grade really simple – this is the correct psychological preparation of the child.

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