Ghostbusters: the Heirs-movie 2021 / release date, cast

In 2021, the next film “Ghostbusters: heirs” is expected to be released, a continuation of the cult series of two previously shown films (1984, 1989). The release of the film based on the legendary franchise was postponed from July 10, 2020 to March 5, 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ghostbusters: the Heirs-movie 2021 / release date, cast

Director and shooting of the film

The adventure film “Ghostbusters: the heirs” is the fourth film in the famous franchise. The literal translation of the name means: Ghostbusters: the Afterlife. In the process of surveying the film was called “Rust town”.

The new project of Director Jason Reitman, the famous Director of “Juno”, “here they smoke”, does not overlap with the previous production of “Ghostbusters” by Paul Fig. Reitman develops the line of the 1984 film directed by his father, Ivan Reitman. In developing the script of the film, he participated together with Gil Keenan, Dan Aykroyd. The music for the film was written by Rob Simonsen, a famous American composer.

A previous attempt in 2016 to release “Ghostbusters” with a female team was not successful, despite a warm reception from critics. Viewers, fans of the original Comedy was not accepted.. Low rental fees led to the Studio’s rejection of plans for a sequel. The film directed by Jason Reitman was a kind of cancellation of the female version, a direct continuation of the main franchise about the history of the office, which is engaged in catching ghosts.

Ghostbusters: the Heirs-movie 2021 / release date, cast

Work on the Jason Reitman project began on July 12, 2019, and lasted until October. The action of the film develops in a small town. Filming took place in calgary, a scenic area around Alberta in Western Canada. The first trailer for the film appeared on December 9, 2019, and was received positively.

The plot

In the new film, the story begins with a move. Kelly is a single mother who has two children: a son and a daughter. Because of financial problems, the family is thrown out of the house. The woman decides to go to the town of Summerville, Oklahoma, where the late grandfather kept an old farm. Kelly didn’t know the owner of the farm, but she was going to be traveling to a strange place. The family is full of doubts and worries. What’s in store for the heroes in the new location?

The background

According to the plot of the films of 1984 and 1989, three young scientists investigated paranormal phenomena, for which they were expelled from the University as unpromising students. But the team decided to act. In the former fire building, an office was specially equipped for work, and an old Ambulance was purchased. Residents can ask for help if they observe strange phenomena or feel a security threat.

The heroes tried to make the world cleaner, to prevent threats from otherworldly forces. Gradually, the struggle fades away. The old car is in the garage.

Ghostbusters: the Heirs-movie 2021 / release date, cast

After 30 years

After moving to a small town, on an old farm, the heroes learn that their grandfather left a mysterious legacy, and in the family’s history there were Ghostbusters. Arrival in a quiet town is marked by mysterious earthquakes.

Teenagers want to learn more about their deceased relative. In the film, an old Ecto-1 car appears, which belonged to already well-known characters, a team of Ghostbusters. The grandchildren of Egon Spangler, one of the hunters, along with their mother Kelly deal with the legacy, realize that the fighters with otherworldly creatures are not just an urban legend.

Fans of the new adventure film “Ghostbusters: Heirs” suggest that in a series of paranormal events Kelly may find personal happiness.

The cast

According to the plot, events develop 30 years after the story in the second film of the “Ghostbusters” series. Only some of the original cast members of the first film cast will return. Expect the appearance of four friends:

  • Bill Murray as Peter Venkman;
  • Dan Aykroyd in the role of Raymond “ray” Stanza;
  • Ernie Hudson as Winston Zeddmore;
  • Sigourney weaver as Dana Barrett.

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