Ghostbusters 3 — movie 2021

It was enough for one not very informative one-minute teaser (no music, and demonstrations of the characters), as the movie “Ghostbusters 3” has become one of the most anticipated in 2021. The audience only saw an old garage and a glimpse of the legendary car bumper with a sticker with a picture of a crossed-out Ghost. And that was enough.

The plot

Shooting is still going, and it is not even known which actors will star in the sequel to the blockbuster film. But the assumption is already there. They say that this is a story about four brave teenagers, which is very logical. The men were in the first part (1984), women in the second (2016). Were only children. Brave squad will be released to fight the ghosts and try to clear them from not only the city but the world. After all, who knows, maybe this time it will be a ghostly mob.

It is unclear just who will be these same teenagers. The children of heroes of the first part? Their grandchildren or just the students? Or it will be the story of how Peter, Raymond, Egon and Dana were in the past? Find out in 2021. The exact release date will be known later.

Ghostbusters 3 — movie 2021

The Story Of “Hunters”

The first movie “Ghostbusters” came out in 1984 and was a runaway at the time a success. With the cost of about $ 30 million, he collected nearly 240 million in the United States and 340 worldwide. The audience liked the unusual fantasy Thriller in which the characters do not fight with the real criminals, and the afterlife. For bill Murray (“Tootsie”, 1982, “Groundhog Day”, 1993) it became another big role, and Sigourney weaver (“Alien”, 1992, “Simulator”, 1995), we can say, woke up famous.

In 1997 was released the eponymous American animated television series based on the movie “Ghostbusters,” which also became popular, thanks to the original plot, great humor and beautifully drawn ghosts. Children all over the world enthusiastically watched the next series and know the main theme song of the cartoon on the first notes. But on the streets instead of cops and robbers, many have begun to play hunters and ghosts.

Only by 2016, came the second part of the film, which was not very successful largely due to the fact that the main characters were made by women. Gender experiment failed, and the film had overcome the necessary barrier at the box office only because of the charming comedienne Melissa McCarthy (“Catch a fat girl if you can”, 2013, “Cops in skirts”, 2013), who played one of the hunters.

Ghostbusters 3 — movie 2021

The crew

To direct “Ghostbusters 3” came from Jason Reitman (“Juno”, 2007, “labor Day”, 2013) – the son of Ivan new York (Beethoven, 1992 and 1993, “body Parts”, 1997, “Paranoia”, 2007), who directed the first film and was part of the writers of the second. Jason talked about the need to remove is the male version continue, even during the filming of the second part, and already had some ideas. But the stubborn Paul Feig (TV’s “Sabrina, the teenage witch”, 1996-2003, “knocked up”, 2007) rejected them and bent his line. As a result, it cost him huge additional costs, because some of the ideas he brought to the film, but almost at the end of filming.

Reitman Jr. decided to take a third “Ghostbusters” in their hands, so it acts not only as a film, but it is the screenwriter and co-producer. Together with Gil Keenan (second writer) Jason came up with the original story, which will be very distinctive considering that of the one nor the other had not previously had experience in writing scripts. But Gil Keenan was the Director of paintings about the supernatural. Among his works of the series “Scream” (2015-2018), the films “Poltergeist” (2015) and “monster House” (2006).

And here the Stranger Things?

Stranger Things or “Very strange things” (2016-2018) – American TV series in the genre of science fiction. It is on Netflix, so it was viewed by millions of people around the world. And rumor has it that “Ghostbusters 3” can be a rip-off of this series because the stories are similar. There is also a group of teenagers gets stuck in a situation associated with the other worlds and amazing creatures. But Ghostbusters is still a separate movie with its history and audience, so most fans still hope to see a sequel to the original version of “the Hunters”.

Ghostbusters 3 — movie 2021

The expectations of the audience

Fans waiting for Ghostbusters “Ghostbusters 3” 2021 as not just another part of the trilogy (and especially not the reference to Stranger Things), but as the real self-the mystical Thriller. Humor is, of course, great, but many want to see a movie became more serious. Expectations are also linked with the special effects, which for 4 years has reached a high level. And if the movie will be released also in 3D, will be very cool.

Some like the “Ghostbusters” of the first or second film. Others remember the cartoon series. And those and others will look forward to the new “Hunters”, it’s interesting to see what they have become now. Waiting for viewers aged bill Murray (as Peter) and Dan Akrod (the role of Raymond). Actor Harold Ramis, who played the third hunter – Eagon – unfortunately, died in 2014.

Teaser trailer movie Ghostbusters — 3:

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