Game 2021 on PC

2021 promises to be generous with stunning and exciting games for the PC, because the gaming industry never ceases to amaze gamers around the world innovations and remakes for the sensational hits. Had already started a lot of interesting games that only cost a fourth part of the adventure slasher God of War, which epic can compete with the Witcher. Struck and Shadow of the Colossus is a wonderful remake of one of the most famous masterpieces of the genre action-adventure authorship Fumito Ueda: the quality of the release surprised even the most hardened skeptics.

Below is the list of the most anticipated games of 2021: everyone will be able to find the release of “liking” or discover something new and unusual. We can only wait for the release date of a game to plunge into the magical atmosphere of virtual worlds.


Release date on PC: end of 2020 – early 2021.

Action, and asymmetrical multiplayer network from the creators of the horror Dead by Daylight, the essence of which – the endless battle. DeathGarden the action takes place in the near future. Five players called “Running” confront “the Hunter”, his goal is to kill the runners before they fulfill their mission and leave the Garden. In the Arsenal of the Hunter – mass of military supplies and equipment, and the Running – devices for self-protection. The player will have to decide for yourself what is closer to him: skill team fight or fatal individualism of the killer.

Game 2021 on PC

System Shock: Enhanced Edition

Release date on PC: 1st quarter 2021

The alpha version of the remake of the draft System Shock 1994-style “science-fiction” from the Studio Night Dive Studios tells of the struggle of humans and artificial intelligence. The game will be released on PC in 2021. The goal of the protagonist – a nameless hacker, to thwart the plans of a super-computer “SHODAN”, seized aboard the space station. Work work the developers of the original version of the game, including artist Robb waters: this will allow to preserve the atmosphere of the original shooter. According to the official video of the Studio Nightdive today to judge the high quality of the visual execution of this project.

Game 2021 on PC

The Flower of Knighthood

Release date PC: April 2021

Project in the genre of Mmorpg from the developer Eaglance Inc. will allow gamers to move during the middle Ages. The game will be the unique historical conditions of the XIV-XV centuries., based on data from historical documentation, as well as a very realistic combat system. It is noteworthy that in the process of creating the game as expert consultants brought eminent historians. The gameplay promises to be very diverse and include large-scale PvE and PvP battles, realistic remedies, a set of skills that need to be pumped to participate in this particular battle, and a special system of resource extraction.

Game 2021 on PC

Cyberpunk 2077

Release date for PC: mid-2021

The ambitious project from Polish developer CD Projekt RED is a action game in the style of “cyberpunk,” based on the Board game Mike Pondsmith. The announcement took place in the distant 2012, and development began with the creation of 3 parts of “the Witcher”. Events works takes place in 2077, in a dark and rainy city of knight city. The brutal atmosphere of the game reality, class struggle, deep role-playing system, a huge selection of weapons and cybernetic implants, the ability to create unique characters will appeal to fans of the genre. The authors were inspired by cyberpunk themes, in particular, the plot of the book is W. Gibson “Neuromancer”.

Game 2021 on PC


Release date for PC: mid-2021

Multi-platform computer role-playing game RPG from developer Bethesda Game Studios, performed in the style of space science fiction. According to Executive producer Todd Howard, it will be a project in the style of “Next Generation”. According to official announcement, the world Starfield – classic space setting, including such elements of the game reality, interplanetary travel, space exploration and the search for alien life.

Game 2021 on PC

Apocalypse Now

Release date for PC: October 2021

Psychedelic game based on a military adventure drama F. Coppola’s “Apocalypse now.” While the creators of the Thriller are convinced that the story of the cult film – only “island” for the variable they created the Universe. During the passage, the main character will have to go through a lot of psychological conflicts, constantly make difficult choices, to stake his life and good name. His future will depend on tactical decisions taken right now in the condition of limited time and resources. And all this – on the background of wild Vietnamese tropics, which could be seen by the Americans during the hard times of the 1960s.

Game 2021 on PC

Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA VI)

Release date on PC: the end of 2021.

According to rumors, this part of the acclaimed franchise is nothing but a sequel to GTA VII. The events will probably be Vice City. The main feature of this game is that it will be 3 protagonist: the gamer will only be able to switch between them with the passage of GTA VI. According to others, as the main character will be the girl, and the scene – London or Miami. The game will use a new engine – it is highly likely that we are talking about a modified RAGE.

Game 2021 on PC

Fallout 5

Release date on PC: the end of 2021 – 2021

Fallout fans are eagerly waiting for the sequel favorite game for 2 years. This is perhaps the most anticipated role-playing game 2021. Shooter with elements of action is made in the style of retro-futurism. It is logical to assume that the fifth part will fit harmoniously into the chronological storyline of the Fallout universe and will be executed in the good old tradition of the genre of “nuclear Apocalypse”. According to Todd Howard, Director of Bethesda Game Studios, Fallout 5 will be focused on a single passage, in spite of all the walking in the Internet rumors that the project will use the multiplayer.

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