Funny predictions for the New year 2021 | short, for the year of the Bull

A great idea for a holiday in any company – funny predictions. They can help fill a break in the feast, entertain children, adults, people who know each other and those who first met at the new year’s holiday. Variants of funny predictions for the New year 2021 need to be prepared in advance, then they will be interesting and fun. And to choose and arrange them correctly, you can use the following tips.

Funny forecasts must always be optimistic – this will help bring fun to the company. Of course, everyone here understands that this is a common joke. But you just want to think only about the good things and believe that next year will be filled with pleasant surprises.

Things to consider

Before proceeding with the design and preparation of comic predictions, you need to think through some points and features. The main ones are as follows:

  • number of people in the team;
  • guest character traits;
  • zodiac signs of invitees.

If there are not very many guests, and the organizer of the holiday knows each of them, knows what the invitees are doing and who they work for, then you can make individual predictions. The main thing is to take into account the characters of people, their sense of humor, so that jokes do not seem offensive or inappropriate to them, because this can spoil the mood for a long time.

Funny predictions for the New year 2021 | short, for the year of the Bull


In what form such predictions and comic predictions will sound, the one who organizes the party decides. Most often, these forms are used::

  • jokes and jokes;
  • poems or prose;
  • by Zodiac signs – months or years of birth.

If there is a literary talent, then poems for comic predictions can be written independently: even if they are far from literary masterpieces, such a” personal ” contribution is usually highly appreciated by all invited guests.

How to apply

Another important point is how to make predictions. Here you can be creative and implement various ideas.

The design can be as follows:

  • leaves rolled up in tubes, tied with ribbons or twine, and hung on the Christmas tree;
  • small glass vials with rolled messages inside;
  • the leaves, placed inside inflated balloons, which must burst before you can read the text;
  • forecasts hidden in advance in hidden places for guests to find during the contest;
  • comic prediction in Chinese fortune cookies or in gingerbread

Funny predictions for the New year 2021 | short, for the year of the Bull

There are other options as well:

  • Divination by songs.This is very unusual and funny. Everyone should say out loud: “What will happen to me in 2021?”, and then draw out their divination. It is desirable that the songs are known to everyone present. For example, “Buttocks like Kim’s, buttocks like Kim’s” or “and tomorrow at seven thirty-two I will be in Boryspil sitting on a plane…” and so on. It’s great if the guests agree not just to read these lines, but to sing them. You can do this musically, and after the question is asked, include a line from this song on the computer, but this approach will require more preparation.
  • Fortune-telling from books.Everyone guesses the page and line number out loud. You can arrange to read not one, but two or three sentences. It turns out funny if you take a book with children’s fairy tales or children’s poems. Agnia Barto fits perfectly.
  • Unfinished poems.In each quatrain, the organizer writes only the last rhyme words in advance, and the person must come up with the text himself. Rhymes should be funny, for example, “bubble-crutch”, “gramophone-million”, “beer-playful”, etc.

You can arrange the action especially solemnly. To do this, comic predictions are tied with ribbons to glasses, and after 12 o’clock and the chimes strike, each guest drinks champagne, unties a piece of paper and reads aloud what fate has prepared. Humor, laughter, and suggestions from other company members are welcome.

Funny predictions for the New year 2021 | short, for the year of the Bull


The number of topics for such jokes is unlimited. You can use any of them, as long as it is from the heart and with humor.

About your work

  • If you work seven days a week, you’ll earn a million dollars and a huge article about yourself on Wikipedia.
  • If you get up at 4: 00 in the morning, you will never be late for work in a year.
  • You’ll get rich if you work so hard that you won’t have time to spend it!
  • If you greet your boss with a bow to the ground every morning, you can’t avoid getting promoted.
  • You will open a Corporation that will take away all customers from Apple.
  • Finally, at work, they will appreciate your intelligence and give you… a day off as a bonus.
  • In the New year, there will be business trips to Palma de Mallorca, a desert island and Tsyurupinsk.
  • Salaries at work will now be paid in gold bars.
  • Oil will be found on your site!
  • Your salary will increase every week, and prices will drop before you enter the store.

About friendship

  • Your best friend will be… bill gates!
  • All your friends will reset next year and buy a trip to Thailand for a month.
  • Your best friends will have twins just like you.
  • 2 thousand new friends will appear on Facebook.
  • They will pass a law that the state will pay a diamond for each friend, and by the end of the year you will become the richest person in the world!
  • Arrange a meeting with all your friends on the Cote d’azur, where everyone will arrive in their own Cadillac.

Funny predictions for the New year 2021 | short, for the year of the Bull

About love

  • Your spouse will fall in love with you again every time on the first day of the new month.
  • Angelina Jolie confesses her love.
  • From your great love, 30 babies will be born next year!
  • Love will inspire you to write poems that will bring you the glory of Pushkin.
  • Life will include not only the second, but also the third, fourth, fifth and sixth half!
  • A loved one will give you an island in the Caribbean.
  • You will meet your love at the nearest intersection when you look to the left.

About your health

  • From this day on, you will start to look younger and become healthier.
  • Discover the recipe for longevity.
  • Kisses and hugs will save you from any illness next year.
  • Your cardiogram next year will be the most expensive picture!
  • You will suddenly have Kashpirovsky’s abilities.
  • Never once in a year will you have to go to a polyclinic or hospital.

Funny predictions for the New year 2021 | short, for the year of the Bull

Competitive predictions

These contests are especially fun.

  • How many olives you can find in a salad, so many millions you will earn.
  • How many glasses will you drink on new year’s eve, so many times will you go to the sea.
  • If you start eating with your hands by the end of the evening, your photos will be on Instagram tomorrow.
  • If you dance with every woman (man) on the holiday, every week in the new year you will buy new clothes.

The signs of the Zodiac

Since 2021 will be the year of the Bull, it is interesting to prepare funny predictions for different signs, for example:

  • Capricorn-a horned Bull will not offend a horned friend.
  • Aquarius – can get enough milk even from a Bull!
  • Pisces-although the goose is not a friend to the pig, the Bull is a friend, companion and brother to the Fish!
  • Aries – you will be able to take the Bull by the horns.
  • Taurus – like a real Bull, will win at any bullfight.
  • Gemini Bull will give you all the benefits doubly!
  • Cancer – you don’t have to step back so that the Bull doesn’t step on its hoof.
  • The lion-Bull is not a hindrance to him, he will achieve great success!
  • Virgo – will grow beautiful eyelashes and eyebrows, cleaner than the most big-eyed cow!
  • Libra-the Bull will fill the Scales with so much wealth that there will not be enough kettlebells for weighing!
  • Scorpio-horned tailed will not hurt, will give him peace and happiness.
  • Sagittarius-this hunter will catch a whole herd of Bulls that will bring him good luck.

Funny predictions for the New year 2021 | short, for the year of the Bull

The beauty of such comic divinations is that they do not require special props, financial costs and are suitable for everyone. You can prepare for them just a few hours or even minutes before the start of the holiday, so that all guests feel on the threshold of a new happy life. After all, a fun holiday is the key to a successful year!

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