Funny horoscope for 2021 for all zodiac signs

A detailed comic horoscope for 2021 will prepare the Zodiac signs for the period of” rule ” of the Bull. The symbol of the year is distinguished by stubbornness, purposefulness, short temper, and the ability to achieve one’s own goals. He sweeps away any obstacles in his path, but sometimes makes rash actions. Understanding the specifics of energy in 2021 will help you avoid serious mistakes and achieve success in many areas of life. Funny predictions are based on astrological predictions, so they should be taken with a smile, but seriously.

Comic horoscope for 2021 by Zodiac signs

The year of the Bull does not promise peace and quiet. He is impulsive, ambitious, energetic, even aggressive. He does not sit still, he is eager to conquer the peaks again and again. Always dissatisfied with the results, constantly looking for new ways for self-realization, the Bull will be an excellent patron for those who are hungry for change and are not afraid to “jump above their heads”.

Those who seek to beat competitors in business or expect serious career growth, the stars promise help. Bold, confident men and women are sure to succeed. The bull does not tolerate doubts, cowardice, so decisions will have to be made quickly, regardless of conventions or the opinion of others.

The love front will come as a complete surprise to many. In matters of amorous Bull rather conservative. Any innovations come as a shock to him. He loves what he is used to, so those who want to start a family or maintain the same relationship, the help of the symbol of the year is provided.

Health issues can become a high priority topic. To avoid mental exhaustion and physical weakness, basic care for the body will help, including proper rest, giving up bad habits, and proper nutrition. However, in a period of boiling passions, few people will think in advance about such a small thing as their own health. In order not to be completely exhausted by the end of the year, you should start taking care of yourself from the month of January.

Element Of Fire

In the year of the Bull, fire signs will be incredibly successful in business, but only if they do not get bored with implementing their own ideas. Quickly catching fire, the fire is able to attract other people to the implementation of tasks, the necessary finances, minds. However, the harmful property of losing interest in what has already been achieved will play a bad joke with those who are afraid of the daily routine.

Funny horoscope for 2021 for all zodiac signs

The famous stubbornness of Aries in the year of the Bull will come in handy. With its help, you will be able to realize the most daring ideas. The first quarter of the year is good enough for planning and careful attacks, but then you will have to move quickly. The bull is attracted to activity, and the fervor inherent in this fire sign is a source of constant energy.

Having achieved his goal, Aries Should not rest on his laurels. This time is absolutely not suitable for contemplation and blissful silence. You need to do something, get involved in something, and strive for something. The bull is full of determination, which needs an exit. This should be used again and again, leaving the dreams of peace for later.

Aries will be very lucky if they are not afraid of new turns of fate, do not forget about those who were with them in difficult times and learn to manage their own emotions.

As for a well-deserved rest, there is no question of watching movies under a warm blanket. Rest should be sports, in nature or in a fitness club. You can try something new, even extreme, but you should not rashly take risks.

Funny horoscope for 2021 for all zodiac signs

Representatives of this element have a strong influence on others, are dynamic, and are able to react quickly to circumstances. They are confident that they are right, rarely listen to other people’s opinions, and often make decisions based on momentary emotions.

Going uphill, the Bull will help, no matter how difficult the path may seem. Leos can expect a promotion, a financial breakthrough, a victory in love. However, they will get laurels not for “beautiful eyes”, but as a reward for their work. It will be especially difficult to stay true to the intended course at certain periods. Patience and drive will help you overcome even serious obstacles.

Lions need the right attitude, so a stubborn belief in your lucky star will be a good spiritual help, and the love of your relatives will be an excellent source of positive emotions.

In General, the year promises a favorable combination of circumstances. The period is great for those who expect life changes. Under the guidance of the Bull, you will be able to do something that was only dreamed of before.


Funny horoscope for 2021 for all zodiac signs

Sagittarians are easily carried away, often fall in love, are suddenly disappointed, tend to regret, introspection. They are fiery natures, ardent, but quickly fading away. At the same time, they can carry “their cross” with the steadfastness of a tin soldier, even against common sense.

The ability to instantly catch fire with a new idea will resonate with the symbol of the year, but the tendency to fall into an emotional stupor will not. For the year of the Bull to be successful, Sagittarians will have to work on themselves, overcoming the desire to distance themselves from everything, delving into their own fantasies.

The energy of the year symbol is open to this sign. A small correction of the daily routine, consistency in plans, and calmness of mind will ensure victory in business, love, and creativity. Sagittarians need to put aside the tendency to doubt, act, move and not change their course at the last moment.

The following will help you achieve high results in your work::

  • A full night’s sleep, otherwise you will have to forget about the ability to think soberly.
  • The emphasis is on both “sprinting” and “long-distance running”.
  • The ability to concentrate on small things, even if it seems boring.

The Element Of Earth

Bull refers to the signs of the element Earth, as to family members. They have a lot in common. This is one of the reasons why Capricorns, Taurus and Virgo should persevere in solving the most difficult tasks. After all, luck will certainly be on their side. It makes sense to postpone serious life issues, such as changing your job, changing your place of residence, or choosing a life partner, until 2021. This is the perfect time to bring your most fantastic plans to life.


Funny horoscope for 2021 for all zodiac signs

Under this Constellation, people are born complex, but strong-willed, confident. They don’t sacrifice their own interests for the good of others. Having a good intellect, an innate tendency to analyze, and willpower, Capricorns rarely stay too long in the lower ranks, quickly rise up and easily sweep away everything that they consider to be ballast.

However, life does not consist only of business or your own implementation. If outside the family Capricorns are “on top”, then their frequent absence, as well as limited communication with relatives, will lead to conflicts. Unresolved minor disputes can lead to serious disagreements.

The year of the Bull is a great time for any action. Everything will work out: some immediately, some a little later. Refusing to get together with friends in favor of family pastime will smooth out the” roughness ” of relationships.

Keep your luck in all directions will help:

  • Concessions to loved ones, because if there is no joy at home, the world around you dims.
  • Attention to small and seemingly insignificant details.
  • Ability to rest properly: sound sleep, nature trips, sports.


Funny horoscope for 2021 for all zodiac signs

Taurus year of the Bull has prepared pleasant surprises. This sign of the Earth element expects prosperity, especially in matters of love. Women can prepare for a meeting with their significant other, and those who have already met their fate will once again make sure that their choice is correct. Men are expected to win on the love front. Rivals will have to step aside in silence, as no Charmer can resist the fervor, passion, generosity and foresight of Taurus.

In this representative of the Zodiac, the family takes first place,and in the second place of honor is the work. The bull has the same values. This is one of the reasons why in 2021, Taurus will be lucky and lucky. Even for those of them who have previously had a rather difficult time, it will become much easier to implement their projects and business plans. You should work with a specific goal in mind, without fear of raising the bar higher than ever before.

To avoid downtime and not miss a favorable time for yourself, you should::

  • Have goals, think about any opportunities to achieve them.
  • Move forward without delay.
  • Trust yourself, your gut, your intuition.

You can fully enjoy success only if you are in good health. Taurus should visit doctors more often for preventive purposes. Avoiding junk food and taking a good rest will help you feel better.

Funny horoscope for 2021 for all zodiac signs

Virgos like to think about strategies for years, to approach the object of their dreams slowly, exchanging glances from afar. However, the Bull sees such uncertainty as a waste of time. The symbol of the year is sure to help in love those who cope with internal shyness, begin to show initiative.

The same principle applies to career development. Do you want to go up a couple of steps? You will have to give up sentiment, otherwise what you want will go to other hands. Since the Bull does not like to delay, you should start acting from the first months of the year.

The symbol of the new year has no time to whine, wait for miracles, hope for a suitable combination of circumstances. He goes and takes what he considers his Own, so that the bull expects the virgin to do things, not words. During this period, the world revolves around those who go to the planned with perseverance, even stubbornness.

Virgos will have to work on themselves, focusing on the following points::

  • Live by the principle of “less talk, more things to do”.
  • Forget about sentiment when it comes to work.
  • Keep an eye on your health – you may be overworked.

Element Of Air

Representatives of the air element will sometimes have to experience mental discomfort. The tendency to contemplation will not be the most popular character trait, so the spiritual quest will need to be postponed for another time. With the Bull, it’s time to act. Those who can adapt to the impulsiveness of the Golden symbol are guaranteed a great mood and well-being in business.

Funny horoscope for 2021 for all zodiac signs

Hardy, patient, persistent, with a deep mind Libra can achieve victory in any field. All year long, they will have to be more ambitious than usual. Having creative potential, Libra successfully combines assertiveness and acting skills. This helps you achieve your goals while avoiding large losses.

The tendency to aggressive attacks can be a source of trouble. Self-discipline can help protect yourself from sudden outbursts of uncontrolled anger. Sometimes the search for justice prevents this sign from receiving a well-deserved reward, but creates chaos around Libra. In the” reign ” of the Bull, you should think less about deep matters, and more about simple earthly values.

It does not hurt to constantly get enough sleep, often spend time in the fresh air. It will be useful to protect yourself from negative information from the outside. Trusting your loved ones will be an important aspect.

Avoid trouble and get a well-deserved reward will help:

  • Auto-training sessions, perhaps a little help from a psychologist.
  • Defending your own interests.
  • The ability to work, engage in creativity with full dedication.


Funny horoscope for 2021 for all zodiac signs

This Zodiac sign is charismatic, self-confident, intelligent, and creatively versatile. The combination of these qualities makes him a thinker capable of going to extremes. Those Aquarians who are fed up with finding their place in life may be confused, as the Bull will not allow them to go deeper into themselves. Already in the spring, life will be full of unexpected events.

For the Bull, the extreme is a familiar thing, but, unlike Aquarius, he does not turn off halfway if the final goal ceases to seem tempting. This is where problems can arise. To stay in good shape and not face losses, Aquarius will have to go to the end.

Women will have to experience an exciting adventure, probably in love. Men will be able to enjoy the warmth of the heart, if they are not afraid of excessive intimacy with another person. Financial issues for Aquarians look encouraging. If it wants to, this sign will find benefits under any circumstances.

The right mindset for 2021 implies:

  • An active life position.
  • The desire to develop, the desire to do something incredible.
  • Constant forward movement.


Funny horoscope for 2021 for all zodiac signs

Narcissistic, a little windy, fickle Gemini conquers with its openness and natural charm. In the year of the Bull, they will face difficulties that they will create for themselves. What initially seems like an unsolvable problem will suddenly be completely out of control, so you shouldn’t panic.

Gemini is always lucky in love. However, the tendency to constantly fall in love with the Bull does not appeal, because he is for constancy in relationships. That is why men and women of the sign will have the opportunity to meet their soulmate. If you want to understand that this is the right person, you will get it right away.

Making a list of important things to do in January is a great idea for people who are inclined to change their attitude to life with any fluctuations. Clear adherence to priorities will ensure a stable income. Despite the possible difficulties, this year can be extremely successful, especially for those who agree to take a more serious look at the world around them.

In order not to end up with a “broken trough”, you should:

  • Decide on your life values.
  • Choose a “place in the sun” and start exploring it.
  • Less rest, but more work.

Element Of Water

Sensitive, subtle natures of this element will not be difficult to adapt to the character of the symbol of the year. Not always the strong energy of the Bull will be a source of inspiration, but water signs will cope with the shock and benefit from the situation. The year will “sort out” issues related to matters of the heart. In financial matters, there may be stumbling blocks for those who, instead of making decisions, want to “withdraw into themselves”.

Funny horoscope for 2021 for all zodiac signs

Cancer’s dream of being the center of attention, the object of lust, will finally come true. The year will be pleasant in many ways. Winning in love will have an impact on your future life, so you should take a closer look at your partner. Most likely, this is the best option of all possible.

Successful business management will help you cope with financial problems. New friends will appear. Suddenly, old buddies who haven’t been heard from in a long time will return. But, you should not get carried away with friendly gatherings, as there are changes ahead, and there is not much time for conversations.

Faith in yourself, in your abilities – this is exactly what Cancer sometimes lacks. Bull is arrogant enough to help anyone who wants to cope with low self-esteem. Victory will be reserved for those who take the risk to make important decisions and go out of their comfort zone.

In order not to make a mistake with the choice, Cancer needs:

  • Think about your own interests, even if they go against the interests of relatives.
  • Don’t look back, but look forward.
  • Do not be afraid to “jump above your head”, because luck is saturated with the whole year.


Funny horoscope for 2021 for all zodiac signs

Many people are afraid of Scorpions, which, however, is quite understandable. Men and women of this Constellation have charm, skillfully juggle situations, always find benefits for themselves. They are often treacherous, sometimes vindictive. Attractive and complex natures, Scorpios often fall into their own nets, but, in the end, they are free.

With a Bull, you can have both a good relationship and a rather difficult one. In order for the year to be fruitful, you should show more openness and honesty. Not everyone is an enemy, many people are sincere and do not deserve suspicion. By learning to be direct and open, Scorpio will be able to radically change the direction of life.

Women should focus on family and work. Men will have to stop jumping from one idea to another. The time has come for purposeful actions, certainty, and stability.

Attract positive energy will be able to those Scorpios who:

  • They will take care of themselves, leaving other people’s problems aside.
  • They will begin to work in full measure, not content with working “carelessly”.
  • They will give up their intrigues and start acting openly.

Funny horoscope for 2021 for all zodiac signs

Responsive, patient, and reliable Pisces are often driven by their own interests for the sake of others. For a Bull, this attitude seems, to put it mildly, wrong. The lack of desire to face difficulties, the ability to go with the flow in any environment – not the most attractive qualities in the eyes of the symbol of the year.

The efficiency, resilience, and loyalty of Pisces will help representatives of the sign to remain in good standing with their superiors. The ability to adapt to others will allow you to avoid serious conflicts. Self-confidence and the desire to work will also be excellent “companions” on the way to career growth.

Pisces, against their wishes, will have to build the right relationship with the Bull:

  • Being assertive in your business saves you time and increases your productivity.
  • You will have to become selfish in order not to be a “scapegoat” at work.
  • Learn to accept love, not just give it away.

In the Affairs of family Pisces expects the usual stability. Sensitive and attentive, these men and women anticipate the desires of their “halves”, which makes amends for their misdeeds. However, in order not to suffer from your own sacrifice, you need to learn to think not only about others, but also about yourself.

This comic forecast can be taken as you like. Some people will find useful information here, while others will forget about what they read in a minute. The bull in the perception of Eastern cultures is a symbol of victory and prosperity, and this is exactly what you can count on in 2021.

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