Funny congratulations on the New 2021

Ahead of the most awaited night of the year and it’s time to think about how you will greet relatives and friends on the New 2021 – we have collected for you the most interesting ideas and funny greetings for children and adults.

If you are looking for a gift idea, we recommend you read the relevant section of our site. And in this article we’ll describe the organization of new year greetings and how you can give a lot of vivid emotions without large capital investments.

Cake gifts

Creative box for gift in the format of a slice of cake can be an original way to please all present at the festival a small Christmas gift.

Funny congratulations on the New 2021

To produce such a packaging template out of cardboard and wrapping paper. And the filler may be:

  • a variety of candy;
  • a little souvenir;
  • notes with wishes or predictions for the coming year.

If you want, you can make each gift personal, or to provide right to choose their own a “piece of cake” that can turn into a fascinating quest of “who gets what”.

Video greetings

This exclusive video will surely appeal to all who come to share the joy of Christmas night, but it takes a bit of time, the presence of the camera, as well as information about the people who are invited to the feast.

Theme roller can be quite different. Here are just a few interesting ideas:

  1. The bright and good moments of the year.
  2. Personal wishes from Santa Claus.
  3. The game of riddles (guess who says Santa Claus).

Funny congratulations on the New 2021

For children, you can now create video greeting from Santa Claus through a special online service. Of course, previously will need to write a letter to the good magician together with your child and ask the child to draw a picture. Uploading to the website a photo of the kid, his letters and drawings, you will quickly (but not free) will create a unique gift that will definitely bring the child a lot of bright impressions and will be an original addition to your family collection children’s video.

See an example of this unusual video made for the year 2020:


It is worth noting that fun and unusual quest to find a present, it’s easy to organize and in a small apartment, and office. If you want at least for some time to get out of the house, use the objects located near the site of the celebration. The complexity and the theme of the quest depends on the age of the participants.

Funny congratulations on the New 2021

Diversity in the search process can bring modern technology. Use of matrix codes and the possibilities of the world wide web, zashifrovat messages in the texts of web pages or pictures posted on the Internet.

Pajama masquerade

For such party to each of the invitees will need to own jammies of kigurumi. To buy this today no problem. But when choosing do not forget that the symbol 2021 is the bull and it would be such a costume to include in an improvised zoo-world.

Funny congratulations on the New 2021

Even the fact of dressing will raise everyone’s spirits, but for an even greater effect is to prepare for the New 2021 funny Christmas contests and funny greetings with the features of all the present characters (tigers, owls, unicorns, mice, etc.)

You can advance and ask each guest to think of unusual greetings from your character.

The show-the tale off the cuff

Another interesting option – a play-a fairy tale. The organizers prepare a scenario where each character has its own words and actions. The performers are defined among the guests in the blind, which in itself causes an incredible storm of emotions.

Funny congratulations on the New 2021

Of course, for maximum effect, we need not only the original props. Each participant must bring to his role a touch of creativity and give 100%. After the premiere, you can organize the awards for “best actress”, “best joke”, “best transformation”, etc.

Targeted congratulations on the professions

Composing the script for the New 2021, prepare for each guest, funny greetings, given his profession. Offer you a brief congratulations in the verses to the teacher, doctor, lawyer, fitness trainer, Builder, driver, sailor and salesman.

Funny congratulations on the New 2021 Funny congratulations on the New 2021
Funny congratulations on the New 2021 Funny congratulations on the New 2021
Funny congratulations on the New 2021 Funny congratulations on the New 2021
Funny congratulations on the New 2021 Funny congratulations on the New 2021

To view full size click image. Also you can save any favorite picture to your PC or smartphone for further use in the creation of the author of the script of the new year holiday or corporate event.


To congratulate friends, relatives or colleagues with the New 2021 is also possible, giving them the original song rework to the tune of one of the most loved hits of past years.

More poems and songs, of original greetings and fresh ideas for interesting non-trivial gifts for the New Year 2021 you will find on the pages of our website!

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