Full moon and new moon in September 2021

Lunar calendar is one of the oldest calendars of our planet. It was created egiptjanin very davnie 6000 years ago. Even in ancient time people knew about the influence of the moon on natural rhythms, processes and phenomena on the nature and health of people. Well known today is the solar calendar was composed much later. Lunar calendar, which is used in our days, lets you know the days of full moons and new moons. It has been prepared taking into account current knowledge and facts about the night luminary and its phases.

Full moon and new moon in September 2021

Today, all that is described and priznaetsa in lunar calendars, not just a proven man. On this basis, it is possible to speak about reliability of information. The satellite of the Earth has a tremendous impact on many things in our world: the people and their organisms, animals, nature.

Table of the lunar cycle in September 2021

Knowing when will be full moon and the new moon in September 2021, you can plan your schedule. As a rule, in these days, be entertain, rather than to plan and implement some initiatives. Moon rising is the most suitable time for important things, meetings, business events. To finish the plans you need on the descending moon. The table below shows the favorable and unfavorable days of the lunar calendar in September 2021.

DateLunar dayWhat zodiac sign is the moonDescription
One13,14 (rising moon)AquariusToday’s the day for travel and important things. Better get to work, home, cooking.
Two14,15 (a full moon)FishOn the day of full moon in September 2021 not allowed to do magic. Devote your free time enjoying the outdoors and fellowship with loved ones.
Three15,16 (descending moon)FishToday you can perform all the productive things: cleaning, report writing, physical training.
Four16,17 (descending moon)AriesBest day for holiday events and travel.
Five17,18 (descending moon)AriesIn this period, it is not advisable to “bad” lifestyle. This refers to drunkenness and Smoking. It is better to practice the purification of body and mind, sport.
Six18,19 (descending moon)TaurusThe day is favorable for those who spend it alone. Today it is not necessary to marry, to conduct business.
Seven19,20 (descending moon)TaurusToday, experts advise to spend time with family, following the traditions. Do not do boring and uninteresting you with my business.
Eight20,21 (descending moon)TaurusOn this day, luck will haunt those who want to change their job.
Nine21,22 (descending moon)GeminiTime today to spend alone, doing yourself. You should not start the journey.
Ten22,23 (third quarter)GeminiEnergy will be observed this day should be devoted to leisure time physical activity.
Eleven24,25 (descending moon)CancerOn this day, it is not recommended to swear, to take offense and bear a grudge. Should be deleted from the situation and enjoy life.
Twelve25,26 (descending moon)CancerBetter to spend the day in a measured and calm, without building a serious plans.
Thirteen26,27 (the descending quarter)CancerThe day is favorable for winning, competition, achievement of new heights.
Fourteen27,28 (descending moon)LeoToday we need to meditate, learn to know and accept themselves.
Fifteen28,29 (new moon)LeoOn the day when the new moon in September, you should spend time alone, engaged in reading books or watching favorite movies.
Sixteen1,2 (rising moon)VirginIn this period, to devote himself to spiritual development. Not need to perform any destructive actions.
Seventeen2,3 (rising moon)VirginNew business will not lead to anything fruitful on this day. Try as much as possible to avoid any serious plans.
Eighteen3, (rising moon)LibraToday should solve all the issues that seemed overwhelming and complicated before.
Nineteen4,5 (rising moon)LibraDay to relax. Today should visit the sauna, massage, Spa treatments.
Twenty5,6 (rising moon)ScorpioThis is the best day to engage in trade and conduct of current business.
Twenty one6,7 (rising moon)ScorpioToday you should eat properly ¾ not to overeat and not malnourished. This is the best day to go on a trip or at least be on the plans.
Twenty two7,8 (first quarter)SagittariusAll planned to implement today.
Twenty three8,9 (rising moon)SagittariusA very favorable day for marriage.
Twenty four9,10 (rising moon)CapricornIn this period is to repair, rearrangement, or acquisition of something new for the home.
Twenty five10,11 (rising moon)CapricornAuspicious day in terms of communication. Financial investments successful.
Twenty six11,12 (rising moon)AquariusToday’s a bad day for a breakup and breakups. The time should be spent with family, the warmth of communicating with each other.
Twenty seven12,13 (first quarter)AquariusAll the things you need to accomplish that day. With care treat the signs.
Twenty eight13,14 (rising moon)AquariusToday, a lot of negative energy. It is not necessary to begin important business.
Twenty nine14,15 (rising moon)FishThe day is suitable for spending time in family circle.
Thirty15,16 (rising moon)FishA great day for business and change work for the better.

Full moon and new moon in September 2021

Calendar of the moon cycle is Advisory in nature and helps to know what day the full moon in September 2021.

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