Full moon and new moon in October 2021

The moon is a large material object, which is very close to the Earth and is its satellite. The motion of the moon occurs in a particular orbit, and therefore are generated by the lunar phases. When the moon moves around our planet, occur the continuous ebbs and flows of fluids (such as seas and oceans).

Full moon and new moon in October 2021

The same thing happens in the human body. The changing of the moon phases has a great influence on changing attitudes among people, health, character, inclination to work, family relationships, financial prosperity, love Affairs and more. A full moon means the period when the moon is at the peak of its growth. Find out what day the full moon in October 2021, by reading this article. At this point, the influence on earth’s processes as possible. In the period of the new moon the gravitational influence of bodies on the person’s feel. The outflow of fluid from the head and filling it all parts of the body.

Table of the lunar calendar in October 2021

To understand when is the full moon in October 2021, you can view table.

DateLunar dayWhat zodiac sign is the moonDescription
One14,15 (rising)AriesThe day is favorable for business activities and information. Today it is recommended to listen to music. It well affects mood and situation.
Two15,16 (full)AriesIn full moon day you should limit yourself from work, not to engage in conflict and lead a relaxed lifestyle.
Three16,17 (descending)AriesA good day to compile reports, home cleaning. It is not recommended to eat a heavy meal.
Four17,18 (descending)TaurusToday, the need to care for their health. You should not eat spicy food.
Five18,19 (descending)TaurusThe day will carry bad vibes to family life. No need to plan anything, especially marriage.
Six19,20 (descending)GeminiIt is not necessary in this period to give away too much of its energy to other people. Stay home, hang out with family.
Seven20,21 (descending)GeminiHardening, dousing, douches ¾ that positively affects the body that day.
Eight21,22 (descending)GeminiA bad day in terms of energy. You should not be at events and negotiate.
Nine22,23 (descending)CancerToday, you should resist the temptation. Part-time home for an interesting meal.
Ten23,24 (third quarter)CancerThe day is suitable for construction, gardening and repairs. Don’t push at him and be rude to him.
Eleven24,25 (descending)LeoNot the best time for shopping. Should keep the money for a more prosperous time for this.
Twelve25,26 (descending)LeoBetter to spend the day in a measured and calm, without elaborating ambitious plans.
Thirteen26,27 (third quarter)VirginToday, with tact and prudence, you can achieve a lot in business issues.
Fourteen27,28 (descending)VirginIn this day one should meditate, to relax, unwind and spend time on learning yourself.
Fifteen28,29 (descending)LibraToday it is recommended to be left alone. The slow pace and a healthy lifestyle ¾ the main slogan during this period.
Sixteen1,2 (new)LibraOn the day of the new moon in October 2021 need to show responsibility, persistence and confidence. Then by all means you will notice.
Seventeen2,3 (rising)ScorpioThe day is favorable for art and travel. Today you should not knit the knot.
Eighteen3,4 (rising)ScorpioIn this day you can resolve all the issues that seemed overwhelming and complicated before.
Nineteen4,5 (rising)SagittariusBeware of debt during this period. Better to spend time alone.
Twenty5,6 (rising)SagittariusThe most important thing today – to show attention to eat the food. The food should be delicious, but at the same time useful.
Twenty one6,7 (rising)CapricornOn this day, rely on your intuition in work, love, companionship, and everything will work out.
Twenty two7,8 (rising)CapricornA great day for adventures! Get married, travel, take spontaneous decisions.
Twenty three8,9 (first quarter)CapricornToday is better to solve everyday moments.
Twenty four9,10 (rising)AquariusToday’s the day to spend in nature, detracting from the work.
Twenty five10,11 (rising)AquariusAuspicious day in terms of communication. Financial investments successful.
Twenty six11,12 (rising)FishToday we need to be attentive to the signs. Also you should not overwork.
Twenty seven12,13 (rising)FishIn this period of time all prayers will be answered, all wishes and dreams come true.
Twenty eight8,9 (rising)AriesThe day is favorable for new haircut, new contacts and communication.
Twenty nine13,14 (rising)AriesPerfect day for dedication to family and home.
Thirty14,15 (rising)AriesToday we need to overcome laziness and spend the whole day working and cleaning the house.
Thirty one15,16 (full)TaurusIn the full moon day in October 2021 should follow your heart and intuition ¾ they will help to act properly in a given situation.

Full moon and new moon in October 2021

Lunar calendar shows a phenomenon resulting from the motion of the moon. Possessing information about the changing of the moon cycles, you can predict auspicious days. This will help to save vitality and strength. If you start work and solve various issues in the notoriously dysfunctional days, it is possible to fail.

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