Full moon and new moon in November 2021

It is no secret that the natural satellite of the Earth has a great influence on everything animate and inanimate on the planet. On the seas and oceans, at animals and plants, and, of course, on the person. Especially clearly we can see the influence in the significant moon periods – new moon and full moon.

Full moon: what to expect

The full moon in November, 2021 is the period of activity, the time when the brain lot of hard work, literally without stopping. At this time, the feeling that you can move mountains. Energy energy boost that you feel you just need to apply to solve important cases. Those are the things that in another time had neither the strength nor the desire. This is a special time when you are lucky and luck. In order not to miss this moment, you need to know what date will the full moon in November 2021.

Full moon and new moon in November 2021

In addition to the surge of health in this period and possibly fatigue. After all, to achieve their goals you will certainly spend an enormous amount of energy. When this happens and emotional exhaustion.

During a full moon, it is necessary to monitor your emotional state. This will help to avoid unnecessary conflict with family and friends. Preservation of self-control, patience will help you in reaching your goals. Don’t forget that the full moon touches all the people around. And not to succumb to provocations of others, need to know, when will the full moon in November 2021.

Moon phases

Lunar calendar that reflects the lunar phases, will help to know what day the full moon in November 2021. So you determine the most favorable for new achievements days.

Date/day of the weekSunnydeneMoon phaseZodiac signSunrise/sunsetNote
01.11.2021 / Sunday16.17Taurus17:23/08:06
02.11.2021 / Monday17.1817:40/09:20
03.11.2021 / Tuesday18.19Gemini18:03/10:34
04.11.2021 / Environment19.218:35/11:44
05.11.2021 / Thursday20.21Cancer19:19/12:47
06.11.2021 / Friday21.2220:17/13:38
07.11.2021 / Thursday22.23Leo21:28/14:17
08.11.2021 / Sunday23.24First quarter22:49/14:46Active rest, the completion of large projects, surgery, that’s what this day is especially favorable. New initiatives will be successful.
09.11.2021 / MondayTwenty four–:–/15:07
10.11.2021 / Tuesday24.25Virgin00:15/15:24
11.11.2021 / Environment25.2601:43/15:39
12.11.2021 / Thursday26.27Libra03:14/15:52
13.11.2021 / Friday27.2804:46/16:06
14.02.2020 / Saturday28.29Scorpio06:21/16:22
15.11.2021 / Sunday29,30,1New Moon07:58/16:42A great day for new plans, initiatives, goal setting. More suited for solitude, introspection.
16.11.2021 / Monday1.2+Sagittarius09:33/17:11
17.11.2021 / Tuesday2.3+11:01/17:50
18.11.2021 / Environment3.4+Capricorn12:13/18:46
19.11.2021 / Thursday4.5+13:06/19:55
20.02.2020 / Friday5.6+Aquarius13:42/21:12
21.11.2021 / Saturday6.7+14:06/22:32
22.11.2021 / Sunday7.8First quarterFish14:24/23:49Emotionally unstable day. It is advisable to dedicate it active rest. Not recommended medical operation. New initiatives in business areas will bring success.
23.11.2021 / Monday8.9+14:37/–:–
24.11.2021 / Tuesday9.1+14:48/01:04
25.11.2021 / Environment10.11+Aries14:58/02:17
26.11.2021 / Thursday11.12+15:08:03:29
27.11.2021 / Friday12.13+Taurus15:19/04:41
28.11.2021 / Saturday13.14+15:31/05:53
29.11.2021 / Sunday14.15+15:47/07:08
30.11.2021 / Monday15.16Full moonGemini16:07/08:22Favorable time for financial transactions and concluding business agreements. Papers, projects, presentations will also be a great success.


From the table above it is clear that the full moon and new moon in November 2021 have 30 and November 15 respectively. These are days of tremendous opportunities. But that emotional energy in these difficult days remained positive, it is advisable to adhere to certain recommendations.

  1. Eliminate the use of alcohol.
  2. This is a very dangerous injury. Possible exacerbation of chronic diseases. Be careful about your health.
  3. Take care of your relationships with loved ones.
  4. Take time to yourself. Introspection in silence will benefit.

Full moon and new moon in November 2021

When is the full moon in November 2021, the best:

  1. The increase in communicative abilities. A great period to obtain the desired information.
  2. Engage in financial operations in the future will bring considerable benefit.
  3. Protection projects, diplomas, dissertations. Presented information you will be favorably accepted by the audience.

The new moon recommend:

  1. Planning new projects. The preparation of business plans
  2. The perfect time to begin new Affairs, of instilling new habits, like proper nutrition or exercise.

See video on the influence of the moon on man:

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