Full moon and new moon in July 2021

The lunar calendar was created based on the ancient knowledge of the movement of the moon. People for a long time watched the moon phases and the concomitant changes in the nature and came to the conclusion that the whole world depends on the change of the moon cycle and is affected by the energy of the moon. Earth satellite has an impact on the nature and health of people in a certain period of time.

Full moon and new moon in July 2021

The new moon and the full moon is a bad period. In these days there is an intensive interaction of the sun and moon to each other. Knowing the full moon and the new moon in July 2021, you can distribute your plans and goals for the most suitable time for this. Good phase of the moon occurs when the sun and moon takes place in line 60 or 120 degrees. The lunar cycle is based on the length of day is determined by the location of the moon relative to the horizon at the time of the new moon. Full moon calendar is 29.5 solar days. This implies the difference between the lunar days time.

The lunar cycle in July 2021

Knowing the information about the dates of the lunar calendar, you can schedule work days and rest days. This will help to save vitality and energy. If you start work and solve various issues in the notoriously dysfunctional days, it is possible to fail. To figure out what day of the full moon in July 2021, you can use the table given below.

DateLunar dayWhat zodiac sign is the moonDescription
One10,11 (rising)ScorpioAll initiatives will end in failure. Bad day to resolve domestic issues. A good time to communicate in the family circle.
Two11,12 (rising)SagittariusGood lunar day in terms of energy. Today it is necessary to correct mistakes.
Three12,13 (rising)SagittariusThe most strong period in the lunar calendar. Energy can be directed to any sphere of activity, which will end with success.
Four13,14 (rising)CapricornToday you need to take care of their health. It is not recommended to eat spicy food.
Five14,15 (full)CapricornDuring the full moon in July 2021 should sit at home and spend hours on household chores, then rozmaritsa and rest.
Six15,16 (descending)CapricornThis day is better to devote communicating with close relatives.
Seven16,17 (descending)AquariusA good day to plan their actions. However, it is not necessary now to implement them.
Eight17,18 (descending)AquariusA bad day in terms of energy. You should not be at events and negotiate.
Nine18,19 (descending)FishDay comes to those who enjoy outdoor activities. Today, all initiatives will succeed.
Ten19,20 (descending)FishEnergy will be observed at this day, should devote their free time to sport.
Eleven20,21 (descending)AriesNot the best time for shopping and waste money. This is the best day to get missing knowledge.
Twelve21,22 (descending)AriesBetter to spend the day in a measured and calm, without elaborating ambitious plans.
Thirteen22,23 (third quarter)Aries22 day of the moon promises to work conflicts. No need to implement new projects.
Fourteen23,24 (descending)TaurusIn this period of time we can resolve issues at work, to accept help and to discuss new projects launched.
Fifteen24,25 (descending)TaurusIn this day of privacy. The slow pace and a healthy lifestyle ¾ the main slogan during this period.
Sixteen25,26 (descending)GeminiA bad day for activity. The time to develop the new plans will be wasted.
Seventeen26,27 (descending)GeminiToday, all initiatives will make a splash. In this period you will be able to realize all conceived plans to solve long-standing questions, and even to successfully invest in the business.
Eighteen27,28 (descending)GeminiToday should solve all the issues that seemed overwhelming and complicated before.
Nineteen28,29 (descending)CancerThis day is not necessary neither to lend nor to borrow. Better to spend time alone.
Twenty1. (new)CancerPlan today important meetings, urgent matters, however, will make them another day.
Twenty one1,2 (bottom-up)LeoOn this day, rely on your intuition in everything: in work, love, companionship, and everything will work out.
Twenty two2,3 (rising)LeoAll planned to implement exactly this day.
Twenty three3,4 (rising)VirginPassive day. Today is better to solve routine work. The evening should be spend at home, and in any case not to go to noisy events.
Twenty four4,5 (rising)VirginToday build plans for the future, pay off debts and eat right.
Twenty five5,6 (rising)LibraAuspicious day in terms of communication. Financial investments successful.
Twenty six6,7 (rising)LibraA good day to shift work to those who’ve been thought of.
Twenty seven7,8 (first quarter)ScorpioThe day should be spent in the family circle.
Twenty eight8,9 (rising)ScorpioToday, a lot of negative energy. It is not necessary to begin important business.
Twenty nine9,10 (rising)SagittariusA great day to be dedicated to the family, repairs, gardening.
Thirty10,11 (rising)SagittariusTo this day no need to engage in heavy expenditure, as it is full of negative energy.
Thirty one11,12 (rising)SagittariusA bad day for work. Today, the heat need to communicate with loved ones and not to succumb to anger.

Full moon and new moon in July 2021

Lunar calendar will help you easily figure out when will the new moon and the full moon in July. It is Advisory in nature.

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