Full moon and new moon in December 2021

Thanks to the Lunar calendar to always be aware of which of the four phases is the Moon: new moon, rising full moon, waning.

This will help to plan things for a month. After all, knowing exactly what day the full moon in December 2021, you will know when it is better to spend time with family, when to pay more attention to work and when to rest and meditate.

Full moon and new moon in December 2021

What is the full moon and new moon?

The new moon phase, when the soon to be new Moon. It is difficult to see with the naked eye. At this time people experienced apathy, aggression, irritability, exacerbation of heart disease. It is advisable not to plan serious Affairs, as the risk of face collapse.

At full moon the moon is at its peak growth. During this period, living beings improves metabolism, increased activity, there is an extraordinary vivacity. Any cause for which you undertake, will be successful. But when is the full moon in December, it is recommended to keep a tight rein on their own emotions, so as not to frighten luck.

The Phases Of The Moon

With the help of our Lunar calendar you will be able to minimize the negative influence of the Queen of the night sky.

Date/day of the weekDay of the moonMoon phaseThe influence of the moonZodiac signNote
1 Dec 202116, 17Waning+-GeminiCalm, steady day.
2 Dec 202117, 18Waning+CancerSpend time with your loved one. A perfect day for the wedding.
3 Dec 202118, 19WaningCancerBe on the lookout. Problems can appear almost out of nowhere.
4 Dec 202119, 20WaningCancerDedicate yourself to the household, try not to be so. Adverse day.
5 Dec 202120, 21Waning+-LeoWell suited to meditation, relaxation. Stay alone with himself.
6 Dec 202121, 22Waning+LeoEnergetic, a positive day. Physical activity will benefit your health.
7 Dec 202122, 23Waning+VirginReflect on your life experiences, mingle with the mentors.
8 Dec 2021Twenty threeThird quarterVirginDo not start new things. Spend the day on an even keel.
9 Dec 202123, 24Waning+-LibraTake care of your health, physical and spiritual.
10 Dec 202124, 25Waning+-LibraSleep and a good rest. If you work in a trade, you will succeed.
11 Dec 202125, 26WaningScorpioRefrain from any activity. Save your strength.
12 Dec 202126, 27Waning+ScorpioGood luck to you. If you have some complicated problems, you can easily decide.
13 Dec 202127, 28Waning+SagittariusA good day for major acquisitions.
14 Dec 202128, 29, 1New MoonSagittariusThere is the risk of being cheated. Be careful.
15 Dec 20211, 2Growing+CapricornThe stars favor you. Feel free to take on any undertaking.
16 Dec 20212, 3GrowingCapricornWatch for displays of emotion. Possible irritability.
17 Dec 20213, 4Growing+-AquariusA good day for meeting new people.
18 Dec 20214, 5Growing+-AquariusBefore you make a decision, think carefully not to be trapped.
19 Dec 20215, 6GrowingAquariusTry to pay off old debts.
20 Dec 20216, 7Growing+FishYou are very charismatic, any communication flows easily.
21 Dec 20217, 8Growing+FishIt is recommended to spend time with the family, it will help to improve family ties.
22 Dec 20218, 9First quarter+-AriesA beautiful day for travel, journeys and trips.
23 Dec 20219, 10GrowingAriesA negative day. Try not to engage in conflicts.
24 Dec 202110, 11Growing+AriesTake creativity or spend time with a loved one.
25 Dec 202111, 12Growing+TaurusAny ideas will lead to a good result.
26 Dec 202112, 13GrowingTaurusAvoid the showdown. Enjoy a day of good deeds, such as charity.
27 Dec 202113, 14Growing+GeminiIf you think carefully about their behavior, you can derive a lot of useful.
28 Dec 202114, 15Growing+GeminiToday at work you will have to expect success.
29 Dec 202115, 16GrowingGeminiPossible complication of relations with others.
30 Dec 202116, 17Full Moon+-CancerQuiet day. Dedicate his Hobbies.
31 December 202117, 18Waning+CancerThe time for self-development and creativity.


As the minimum to feel the impact of the new moon in December 2021:

  • You should not drink alcohol.
  • Be patient, do not succumb to provocations and do not engage in conflicts.
  • Use your self-control.
  • Include in the diet more fruits and vegetables.
  • Try to avoid long trips.
  • Don’t start things that require thoughtfulness and attention.
  • Watch your health, do not engage in vigorous activity.

Full moon and new moon in December 2021

Scientific tests have shown that the strong half of humanity are most susceptible to the influence of the moon in the new moon.

And upon the occurrence of the full moon in December 2021 it is particularly recommended to control your emotions because the increased activity of the nervous system can let you down.

See video on the influence of the moon on man:

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