Form USAА for the season 2020-2021 year

Cooperation PFK “USAА” and brand Umbro, reopened several years ago after a long break, continuing for another season. Attention fans will be presented a new form USAА the 2020-2021 season of the year. Designers retained recognizable working with the club, but from radical changes declined only in home and away versions.

The home kit

At Home Moscow football club will play ammunition in the familiar colors of blue and red. So the colors of players familiar learn fans.

T-shirt, which traditionally combines both colors will be easier – less blue on it: designers have ruled out the blue inserts on the sleeves and shoulders, placing it exclusively on the V neckline. Basic color t-shirt – red – it was decided to present in a more “deep” shade, rather wine. On the top left, as before, there is an emblem of the football club, to the right is the logo of Umbro. The title sponsor of the “red” remains the operator of electric networks of GRIDS. His name remains in the middle and marked in big white letters. The name and number of the player traditionally stay at the back.

Shorts forms USAА 2020-2021 years solid. The deep blue color occasionally diluted logos: right – the emblem of the football club, on the left – the icon of the brand Umbro. On the eve of the games in the shorts are planning to put a player number.

Form USAА for the season 2020-2021 year

Design home ammunition of the army 2020-2021 years can be compared with the design shape of 2013-2014, developed in collaboration with the brand Adidas. Then red shirt was complemented by a V neckline blue and white stripes of the company.

Guest set

The design of the away kit is the same USAА home. The only difference is the color of the shape of the away matches are made in snow-white. This blue collar t-shirt is saved as the home kit. The icon of the brand and the sponsor’s logo is applied in blue, which goes well with the collar. In comparison with the form USAА last season, new for away matches is devoid of vertical stripes of red and blue colors, due to what is somewhat simpler.

To the shorts away form USAА 2021 applied design home version – solid plain white color without inserts. The exception is the Umbro logo and emblem of the football club.

Form USAА for the season 2020-2021 year

Guest set USAА has similarities with the shape of the season 2013-2014. Both are white, but the blue color was present on his shoulders.

The third set

Have a spare set of new forms USAА 2020-2021 year has all chances to become “hot” novelty at the expense of coal-black color and bring the ammunition of the army on the European level. The designers did not even use bright collar t-shirt, which made the stakes in home and away versions: V-neck also painted in black. The only conspicuous item – the emblem, traditionally is made in white color. It is expected that dramatic changes in the color of the third form will be no less popular topic among fans of the team than transfers USAА the new season.

Form USAА for the season 2020-2021 year

Plain black shorts third kit USAА perfectly combined with a t-shirt. The presence of the logo of the football club and Umbro logo saved.

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