Form of Barcelona for the season 2020-2021 year

In the 2020-2021 season form of Barcelona will undergo several significant changes. We are not talking about the classic colours of a football club, and about the basic design elements. A departure from the usual image can cause a strong resonance among conservative fans of the club because the previous design is considered a business card of Barca. In addition, the new graphical elements reminiscent of the shape of the Croatian national team.

Photo thumbnails of new ammunition appeared on the social network Twitter Benjamin Kramp (@BenCrump84). However, official confirmation from the football club had been received yet.

The home kit

Home form Barcelona 2020-2021 stays in the same blue and maroon color. However, it will be displayed not the classic stripes and squares in the style of a chessboard. Design continue to do masters Nike technical sponsor of the team, one of the largest corporations in the production of sportswear. This season Nike has gone on experiment, abandoning the usual stripes. This solution is quite risky, because strips are used in design for decades. How to accept a new concept of the fans, time will tell.

Form of Barcelona for the season 2020-2021 year

Photo image of a new form of “Barcelona” 2020-2021 appeared on Twitter Benjamin Kramp head of Department of marketing and procurement company Fortis Sport that produces apparel for sports, leisure, learning and work under the individual order of the client. This suggests that the new form of “Barcelona” can come in a wide sale before the start of the season.

Ammunition of the player are three constant elements:

Form of Barcelona for the season 2020-2021 year

Tee has a straight boxy fit with Raglan sleeve. The Central portion from the bottom edge to the mouth filled with a checkered design of blue and maroon colors. Sleeves – plain, dark blue. The collar has a darker color. The top and bottom of the neck added a triangular insert, depicting a fragment of the flag of Catalonia.

On the front of the t-shirt are logo sponsors Nike and Rakuten. A Japanese Corporation is collaborating with the team, starting in 2016. The agreement is signed for 8 years so a few more seasons we will see the name of that company in the form of “Barcelona”. The inscription is in white color that makes it contrast to the main dark shades. The emblem of a football club placed on the left.

The shorts are made in dark blue tones. And leg warmers have a checkerboard blue and maroon print.

Guest set

In the guest form of “Barcelona” in the 2020-2021 year, the main color will be yellow. Across the shirt diagonally from the upper left corner to the bottom right edge is a two color blue and maroon stripe.

Print of the logo of the main sponsor of Rakuten is in the center. In the guest form, it is also contrasted with the main tone. Additionally, the Central portion positioned in the Nike logo and emblem of the football club.

Form of Barcelona for the season 2020-2021 year

Spare ammunition, as well as the form of the goalkeeper has not yet been made public. These types of equipment will usually differ from both home and away. Replacement is used in special cases where the need to agree on match officials and the leadership of the competing teams. The appearance of the goalkeeper is usually different from other players. For example, last season his outfit was done in black tones with bright stripes on the sleeves.

Changes in the coat of arms

The press center of “leopards” it was announced that in season 2020-2021 metamorphosis will also be subjected to and the emblem of the club. At the headquarters of the command, the new design is considered more harmonious and bright. Changes in the picture of the emblem is normal, and the crest of Barcelona has changed repeatedly. However, the last adjustments were made in 2002, that is, modern image is used much more than 15 years.

The new logo is more adapted to modern trends and the use of digital technologies. According to the authors, it will be easier to use in today’s media, and it will be better understood visually.

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