Form Manchester United on a season 2020-2021 year

Officially form “Manchester United” for the season 2020/2021 will be presented in may 2020. However, the network has several photos of the prototype home and a spare t-shirt team, on the basis of which to make a submission on the future appearance of the uniforms of the “Red devils”.

Home outfit

In early April, leaked information and photos of new forms “Manchester United” 2020/2021 Adidas emerged on the Internet. Shortly thereafter, the editors of the popular series of games Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) at Twitter has published a set of household equipment. It is expected that it will look like a basic t-shirt in reality.

Form Manchester United on a season 2020-2021 year

The Creator of a new form for “Manchester United” in 2020 are the designers of the German manufacturer of sportswear Adidas. The team collaborated with the company back in the 80-90-ies of the last century. After a long break in 2015 with her again was awarded a new contract for 10 years. The home shirt has a classic red. It has a round collar with a black stripe edging. On the shoulders caused three flat. They are also red, but a darker shade, and sleeve cuffs.

Red is the traditional color of the team. For several decades, from season to season the home outfit is this color. It corresponds to the nickname of the players of the club – red devils.

The designers used a modern approach when creating an equipment command. The t-shirt looks very simple, without unnecessary details, highlighting the traditional style of the legendary English football club. Only a few elements:

  • black border gate;
  • the logos of the main sponsors;
  • the official coat of arms.


In the center of the t-shirt is brand image of Chevrolet – the title sponsor “Manchester United”. The logo used in the classic version, and under it the inscription of the company in large font, is in white color. It is clearly visible on a contrasting dark red cloth.

Car brand Chevrolet is a division of General Motors Corporation, with which the team works with 2012. Under the contract, Chevrolet is the title sponsor from 2014. This partnership brings the club about $80 million a year.Logo of Adidas is on the right at the top of the shirt. It is depicted by black color and flashy that stands out from red background. Adidas is not only a provider of uniforms to players and is also one of the main sponsors of the club. In the season 2018/2020 shoulder t-shirt appeared first on the sponsor’s logo. The honor was awarded to Kohler with which the team signed the contract in 2018. It is expected that these innovations will be continued in the new season.

The club logo

The emblem of the team is located on the left chest. It is made in a combination of black and gold and placed on a shield. This image is of the main symbols of the club have echoes of the 1998/1999 season, when “Manchester United” won the Champions League, beating Bayern with 2:1. This period became legendary for the team and the history of football, when in one season “Manchester United” obtained the major trophies in the Premier League, the FA Cup and the Champions League.

Form Manchester United on a season 2020-2021 year

Presumably, the form 2020/2021 will have other subtle attributes that glorious time: the image scores of the match in the Champions League, or dates of victorious battles.

It is expected that the shorts and socks of the home equipment will also match the winning season. At that time the shorts were white with applied contrast stripes and a coat of arms. Leg warmers were performed in black color.

Form Manchester United on a season 2020-2021 year

Guest form

The designers of the club continue to keep the intrigue around the main color of the guest form “the red devils”. Rumor has it that it is not red, and beige. For additional items use pale red and black.

A similar experiment was conducted in season 2018/2020. Then for the equipment used pale pink color, combined with dark pink and black details.

Replacement equipment

T-shirt of the third form of “Manchester United” in black. Made with grey stripes on the shoulders and edging the sleeves. Bright elements on the front are the logos of the title sponsor of the Chevrolet – center and Kohler – shoulder. They are depicted in white and contrast well with the main background.

Equally notable are the Adidas logo at right chest and the club’s crest on the left. There were expressive bright orange hue.

Form Manchester United on a season 2020-2021 year

On the fabric across the canvas shirts patterns plotted in dark gray rose. It is assumed that this print dedicated to the anniversary of the match in 1909, when “Manchester United” has won its first FA Cup. This is evidenced by the inscription on the hem t-shirt: 110 Years – Manchester Rose – 1909_2020. During those events in the form of the players were shown the red rose of Lancashire, which is a Central element of the flag of the County.

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