Form Chelsea for the season 2020-2021 year

On the eve of the season 2020/2021 soccer clubs announce a sets of sports equipment. English “Chelsea” and its technical sponsor Nike have officially presented the new home kit. How it will look in the guest option is still a secret, but judging by the updated design of the main set, fans will find something interesting.

The home kit

Presentation of a new set of “Chelsea” took part in attacking midfielder Eden hazard. It was he posing for the photo in the form of the season 2020/2021. Replaced the laconic, strict and no-nonsense period kit Nike has introduced the new kit with an unusual pattern. T-shirt painted with various parts of the London stadium “Stamford Bridge”. It flaunt fragments of images of home arena, located in random order. On the fitting updated kit Eden hazard has shared his impressions about the design idea: “This is our home. Whenever we stand in front of our fans, there is a feeling that everything is going as it should. Over the years we have many memories at “the bridge”, so it is appropriate to pay tribute to the legendary stadium, highlighting it on the shirt”.

Form Chelsea for the season 2020-2021 year

The color of the suit, as usual, were blue, but one shade deeper than produced ex-team sponsor Adidas. Nike representatives explained that the company tried to produce the form in color, as close as possible to the original colours of the club. When sewing the American producers took as the basis of tone t-shirt from the 70-ies. Due to the stylish V-neckline on the shirt and the wide shoulders of the players seem even more muscular. The rear part of the collar is decorated with stylized white letters monogram CFC on a strip of red. Recall that in 1952 the abbreviation CFC in the background with a blue shield was the second emblem of the British club. This temporary option offered coach Ted Drake to replace the emblems with the image of the pensioners of Chelsea.

On the inside of the t-shirt depicts the logo of the club – a lion with the inscription THE PRIDE OF LONDON. Complement the set of plain blue briefs. Leggings traditionally white with red and blue trim, Chelsea in the region of the calf. Football fans tracking the trends of sports equipment has already stated that form the British team for the season 2020/2021 the most unusual in club history. Nike, which often gets the blame for the lack of imagination and uniformity of forms, tried and surprised design idea.

Form Chelsea for the season 2020-2021 year

For information. Built in 1877, the stadium “Stamford bridge” since 1905, is the home stadium for football club “Chelsea”.

A mutually beneficial partnership

Another well-known logo printed on the form of the London players. Until the summer of 2022 at the sleeves of footballers, the British club has a South Korean automotive company Hyundai. The price of 10 million pounds per year. For Hyundai’s first investment in the British football market. Over the past two decades, the company preferred to cooperate with the national teams. This transaction is no less favorable to the players than a Treaty with the Japanese.

From the official supplier of sports equipment blue team gets 65 million euros per year. Nike President Trevor Edwards believes this partnership is mutually beneficial and very promising for his company. Chelsea are a club of world level, which has a rich tradition and passionate fans around the world. The partnership with Chelsea strengthens our leading position in the world”, — said the President of Nike brand.

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