Forgiveness Sunday in 2021

Forgiveness Sunday is one of the most important Christian holidays, which the faithful will be eagerly waiting in 2021. It is a day of repentance and purification of the soul. Its meaning is difficult to overestimate, because one is freed from the burden of gravity due to pain caused by and taken offense.

The date for the celebration

Forgiveness Sunday is the last day of carnival (Carapostol weeks). As Monday begins Great lent, this day serves as a kind of preparation for it. Man can not begin fasting until you cleanse your soul from guilt through repentance and forgiveness. This is the first step to humility.

The date of this Christian festival is not fixed. This is explained by reference to lent and Easter, which is calculated annually according to the lunar calendar. Learn what forgiveness Sunday will be in 2021 is easy, if known the date of Easter. You need to perform a simple arithmetic operation to take 49 days. Exactly, 7 weeks lasts a Great post.

Important! In 2021 forgiveness Sunday will be on 1 March, because Easter falls on April 19.

Forgiveness Sunday in 2021

The history of

The history of the holiday is rooted in ancient times. The tradition of asking for forgiveness in ancient Egypt. The people of this country took the virgin Mary with Jesus Christ, when they fled from the persecution of king Herod. Later, these events contributed to the emergence of Christian temples on the territory of the state. Their servants strictly abide by all the predictions of the Bible and God’s son. Clerics definitely fasted before Easter, so spiritually and physically cleansed before the Passover, to prepare for the celebration of Easter Sunday.

To protect themselves from earthly temptation and to test the hardness of spirit and faith, they alone for 40 days went to the desert. The figure is symbolic, since Moses spent in the desert for 40 days. Beyond the settlements of the clergy waited for the harsh reality. Each of them knew that may not return home alive. Predators, hot sun and thirst, lack of food and other testing could deal a fatal blow. For this reason, they definitely all said good-bye and asked for forgiveness. It is known that a person needs to go into the world of the dead with a clear mind and conscience, without burdensome sins and gravity.

Over time, the tradition was strengthened in Christianity, and spread to other Nations. And although now the holiday for several centuries, in the Forgiveness Sunday before lent please all Christians.

Forgiveness Sunday in 2021


It is equally important to forgive people who have asked for forgiveness. You need to let go of the pain and resentment, to forgive a person if he repents of his actions. Sometimes it is difficult to do, due to mental agony. In this case, you need to say: “God forgive you!”.

Important! This holiday is prohibited physical labor. A great sin are conflicts and quarrels. You can’t be angry and hurt people.

Church customs

All the faithful will attend the evening service in the Church. On this day the priests read passages from the Gospels. During the Liturgy necessarily remember the reasons why Adam and eve were expelled from Eden. The fact that the punishment they suffered not for sin, but for the fact that not repent of their deeds. At the end of the service the priest turns to the congregation asking for forgiveness. After the believers turn to the priest and each other with words of forgiveness.

Forgiveness Sunday in 2021

The memory of the dead

On this day, remember and about deceased relatives. Go to the cemetery. Near the graves, pray and ask for forgiveness from the dead. To carry out this ritual is necessary if the life of man was brought pain or hurt. Some people leave on the graves, candy, pancakes and other treats, but the Church urges not to. For the deceased it is better to pray, and treats to distribute to children or the poor.

Family dinner

In some regions of forgiveness Sunday at the festive table the whole family is going. Adult children come to visit parents. In this day allowed to eat familiar food, although it is not recommended to overeat. Before dinner, all pray.

Folk tradition

Since forgiveness Sunday is the last day of carnival, on this day, arrange festivities. Concert programs are accompanied by eating pancakes, contests, games and other entertainment. Evening farewell to winter and burning in effigy. In the big cities hold fairs.

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