Forfeits for the New year 2021 with jokes | new year’s cards

When planning entertainment for guests for the New year 2021, you should choose some fun new year’s games, for example, invite everyone to play forfeits with jokes, which will definitely enliven the atmosphere and make guests leave the table for a while.

The essence of the game is that the participant, determined by a random draw, must complete a task. Naturally, no one can know in advance what the next task will be, or who will have to perform it.

It is worth noting that the game of forfeits is very popular with both children and adults. The main thing is to choose the right tasks, taking into account the age, interests and readiness of your guests for experiments and jokes.

Forfeits for the New year 2021 with jokes | new year's cards

The options in the game forfeits

There are several variations of the game of forfeits, which gives you the opportunity to choose the most optimal one for your team for the New Year 2021.

Option #1 (classic)

Each of the guests passes a certain item to the host. All items are put in a new year’s bag. The host randomly takes out an item and asks everyone who is its owner. Guests must guess the performer of the forfeit, and the one whose item is caught must complete the task.

Option #2 (don’t pack up)

Instead of items, you can simply use tightly rolled notes with the names of participants, or pre-prepared leaflets on which each of the guests is described in an interesting form.

Option #3 (with cards)

In this case, the tasks are created by the guests themselves and written on pieces of paper. You can take turns drawing forfeits from the hat (or bag). Also, the person who completed the previous task can determine the next participant.

Option #4 (a fun choice)

You can determine the performer by playing “potato”. Any object is passed to each other while the music is playing. On whom the music will be interrupted, and he gets the penalty.

Option #5 (double selection)

In this case, both the names of participants and tasks are written on the cards, and Ded Moroz and Snegurochka define the pair “participant” + “forfeit”.

But the most important thing in this game, of course, are the forfeits (tasks) themselves. They should be fun, interesting, and uplifting to everyone. It is important to take into account the characters of the audience and not write on forfeits that can offend, upset or embarrass someone.

Forfeits for children

If there are children in your company, you can prepare fun forfeits for them, for completing which you can get a small gift for the New Year 2021 (sweets, figures of the symbol of the year, calendars, bookmarks with the image of rats, etc.)

Forfeits for the New year 2021 with jokes | new year's cards

Little fidgets can be offered such simple tasks:

  • sing a song;
  • tell a rhyme;
  • solve a riddle;
  • remember 5-10 cartoons about Santa Claus (or just with a new year’s theme);
  • draw with your eyes closed (Christmas tree, cartoon character, symbol of the year, mother, one of the guests, Santa Claus);
  • draw a Christmas tree while holding a pencil in your teeth;
  • find a gift pre-spun in the room, using the prompts “cold” and ” hot»;
  • show the animal or item specified in the card without words;
  • take a piece of fruit from the dish) no hands and guess what it was;
  • repeat the tongue Twister with caramels behind your cheeks;
  • blindfolded decorate with rain neighbor;
  • make a clown’s face out of fruit (put an orange, kiwi, grapes, olives, raisins, etc. on a dish).);
  • jump from wall to wall with a hot air balloon between your knees;
  • walk around the room in high heels;
  • sing a familiar song, replacing some words with animal sounds (in the Fanta, you must specify which words to replace with what);
  • compose a horror story ” In a dark,dark room…»;
  • describe the character of your favorite cartoon so that the rest of the guests can guess it;
  • play the tune of the song, using the lid of the pot as a drum;
  • find a guest with your eyes closed based on the host’s description;
  • meow or bark a new year’s song.

Remember, the smaller the number of participants in the game, the easier the forfeits should be.

Forfeits for a noisy company

If you are planning to celebrate the holiday with friends – we suggest that you prepare fun forfeits with jokes for the New Year 2021. The game will definitely appeal to guests, raise everyone’s spirits and give a lot of bright emotions.

Forfeits for the New year 2021 with jokes | new year's cards

For” adult ” forfeits, many ideas from the children’s block are suitable, because it’s so much fun to feel like a child. If you want to add a touch of piquancy and warm up the degree of atmosphere, you can dilute the tasks with these options::

  • count the people present with a counting Board and kiss the cheek of the chosen one;
  • compliment each of your friends;
  • choose a totem among animals for each friend;
  • fill your mouth with water and listen to your friends ‘ jokes for 3 minutes;
  • create a story from words randomly written on the sheet by each of the participants;
  • assemble a team of assistants and play out a fairy tale according to a given scenario;
  • walk around the room with your shoes on the wrong foot;
  • tell a new year’s rhyme (sing a song) in a voice from a horror movie;
  • make a new year’s hairstyle for someone present (you can also play to whom);
  • say “the President’s speech” while standing on a stool;
  • burst the balloon without touching it with your hands;
  • come up with a rat costume and go to the store in it;
  • put on a Santa Claus costume and congratulate 5-10 people by giving them candy or balloons;
  • make a mummy out of a volunteer using a roll of toilet paper (the victim can also be identified among the participants);
  • come up with a snow maiden costume made of toilet paper and foil.

When making a wish to your friends, the main thing to consider is what people are willing to do and what they are not. Remember, the game should bring only joy.

Forfeits for corporate events

If everything is as simple as possible in the case of friends, then choosing forfeits for the corporate New Year 2021 may be much more difficult, because you do not know the preferences of all employees. Of course, you can limit yourself to the classic “children’s” set of the most harmless tasks, but we are not looking for easy ways, and in any good scenario of the celebration there should be a” pepper ” that will make people cheer up.

Forfeits for the New year 2021 with jokes | new year's cards

So, for colleagues on the eve of 2021, we suggest making these creative tasks::

  • create a team name using only the first letters of everyone’s names;
  • come up with a description of the 3rd guests and read it out so that everyone can guess who it is (those who have made a wish can be presented with comforting treats);
  • make a compliment to the audience, emphasizing their best character trait (the kindest, most honest, most cheerful, etc.);
  • guess a colleague with your eyes closed;
  • identify colleagues based on creative descriptions (you can compete with the team and ask for help from the audience);
  • come up with a slogan for the team;
  • design and draw the logo of today’s holiday;
  • conduct a tour of the office using words and objects written by each of the participants;
  • tell us how the working day is going, replacing the “mandatory”words with something more fun (define” mandatory ” depending on the field of activity).);
  • create a story “1 day in the life of the office” using the words and phrases suggested in the fan.


Of course, the easiest way is to buy ready-made sets for the game, but it is much more interesting to make your own original forfeits for the New year 2021, especially since it is quite simple.

Method #1.You can draw a piece of paper, enter tasks in cells, and then cut them to get a set of cards.

Method #2.Using the MS Word word processor or other similar program, you can do everything much faster. Just add a table to the sheet, enter tasks and decorate the forfeits with themed pictures. It will be very original. Next, we print it out on a color printer (preferably using thick paper) and cut it into separate cards.

Method #3.Print out all tasks on a sheet, having previously numbered them, and pull out only the sheets with the number.

We offer you to learn even more original ideas for the game for the New Year 2021 from the review of ready-made sets of forfeits:

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