Ford Kuga 2021

In Amsterdam showed the new Ford Kuga model 2021! The presentation took place 02.04.19, and we are hurrying up to tell you the most interesting news about what changes will occur in the interior and exterior of the popular crossover, as well as what technical characteristics will appreciate the new.

The history of the model

1st generation crossover Ford Kuga rolled off the production line in 2008. A car designed specifically for the European market, offered in variations with full or front-wheel drive, a range of power units consisted of diesel and gasoline engines.

In the American market model is known under the name Ford Escape.

2nd generation started to produce in 2012. This model is now represented in the Russian market trim levels Ambiente, Trend, Trend Plus, Titanium, Platinum and Ultra Comfort. The starting price of the 2nd generation of the Kuga crossover in the basic configuration – 1 386 000.

Ford Kuga 2021 Ford Kuga 2021

Next, 3rd generation is the new model Ford Kuga, which is due out in early 2021. We offer you to learn more about the features of the product, evaluating the first live photo and video crossover without camouflage.


In the modification 2021 Ford Kuga received a completely new body and own unique design that make it different from its predecessors. Based new will as the new Focus of the 4th generation on a modular platform C2, which made the car even more spacious and safer.

Ford Kuga 2021

The exterior of the model form:

  • large 6-coal grille, get a new relief and is a sleek black color;
  • the new head optics;
  • other punch lines of the hood;
  • radically changed the front bumper with air intakes and integrated fog optics modules;
  • the refusal of the manufacturers from the black plastic body kit;
  • large wheel arches;
  • exclusive design discs;
  • sloping roof, giving the body a resemblance to the hatchback;
  • barely visible, pressed to the roof of the car, the roof rails;
  • a new modular geometry of the rear lights;
  • a large tailgate;
  • step bumper, which integrates the two tip exhaust system.

Ford Kuga 2021

Experts agree in opinion that after such a massive upgrade, Ford Kuga 2021 in some of its features very similar Focus, and because of the refusal of a number of elements inherent in SUVs and geometry of the body, giving the new product the shape of a large hatchback that was visually closer to the automobile models than to the crossovers.

Also watch the first promotional video from Ford:


The interior of the crossover will become even more spacious, and will also appreciate the ergonomics and manufacturability. Otherwise, the differences are not so drastic as in the exterior. Designers, as always, selected for the interior space of high quality and practical materials.

Ford Kuga 2021

Modern interiors make comfortable and functional items such as:

  • digital dashboard of 12.3 inches with support for gesture control;
  • projection display;
  • multifunction steering wheel;
  • 8-guysby monitor multimedia system;
  • comfortable chairs with lots of adjustments;
  • innovative selector driving modes (automatic transmission);
  • a large number of compartments for storing small items;
  • panoramic sunroof;
  • high-quality acoustics of the BO (10-speaker);
  • lots of connectors for interfacing with modern gadgets and their charging;
  • Wi-Fi module with the ability to connect 10 devices;

Ford Kuga 2021 Ford Kuga 2021

Of course, the functionality and availability of options that promise for the new Kuga 2021, will depend on the configuration, along with the expansion of the list of equipment will increase and the price of the crossover.

For those who opt for cars with classic combustion engines, the manufacturer has prepared an additional option – the ability to move second-row seat that will allow through a easy transformation to increase the volume of the Luggage compartment.

Important! Hybrid models are currently available, because of the arrangement of batteries.


With the transition to the platform C2 Ford Kuga will be more – car 2021 edition will have the following dimensions:

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