Ford Explorer 2021

Ford Explorer 2021 model year is a continuation of a family of full-size SUVs of the American company. Produced by fifth generation appeared in 2010. With this modification, the frame for a crossover replacement for the use of an integral body.

The long period of release Explorer provides important advantages:

  1. high power;
  2. roomy and comfortable cabin;
  3. permeability;
  4. rich equipment;
  5. security;
  6. reliability.

Ford Explorer 2021

Thanks to the available advantages, the car capable to withstand the competition with the following models large SUVs:

  • Honda Pilot;
  • Nissan Murano;
  • Infiniti QX70;
  • Volvo XC60.

Ford Explorer 2021 Ford Explorer 2021
Ford Explorer 2021 Ford Explorer 2021

The transition in 2021 and to release new versions Explorer is for Ford planned since last update crossover took place in 2015.


Presented at a number of car publications, photos, and videos with passing tests Ford Explorer 2021 model year may be noted that the external image of the product has kept the main advantages of the design of its predecessor: the power and solidity.

Ford Explorer 2021

Among the notable differences are:

  • a smoother overall profile;
  • the reduced slope and the size of the hood;
  • enlarged radiator grille;
  • enlarged rounded wheel arches;
  • the increased slope of the roof line at the transition to the aft side;
  • almost vertical position of the rear door;
  • a new form of head optics and rear lights.

Ford Explorer 2021 Ford Explorer 2021

The increased permeability of the car is indicated by the following parameters:

  1. high ground clearance;
  2. the short overhangs of the body;
  3. 22 inch wheels.

Ford Explorer 2021

In General, the idea of the manufacturer, the design of the SUV should embody confidence, reliability and success.


Based on the company the preliminary information it should be noted that the interior of the new Ford Explorer 2021 model year will be even more refined and premium, beautiful architecture and a flawless finish using high quality materials.

Ford Explorer 2021

To achieve such parameters, the constructors and designers have used:

  • multifunction steering wheel with a large number of control switches;
  • technologically advanced digital instrument panel;
  • large touch monitor vertical orientation;
  • a wide Central armrest;
  • multicontour seats with the possibility of electric heating, ventilation, massage;
  • electrosolderie third row of seats with a control panel of the Luggage compartment;
  • multimedia system with possibility of integration of modern gadgets;
  • led backlight with variable brightness and multiple color options.

Ford Explorer 2021 Ford Explorer 2021

In the design of the cabin depending on the configuration options you can use the following materials:

  • natural and artificial leather;
  • brushed aluminium;
  • the polished wood of valuable species;
  • carbon;
  • velour;
  • soft plastic;
  • fitted carpet.

Depending on embodiments, the interior of the new Ford Explorer 2021 model year can have a seven-or eight-person capacity.

Ford Explorer 2021 Ford Explorer 2021

Convenient mechanisms for mounting chairs, as well as the possibility of their horizontal movement on the interior will form a large number of different transformation options for all trips.

Technical parameters

The new SUV will receive a full drive with intellectual system management, which allows to perform the automatic distribution of torque, depending on the nature of the road surface and driving conditions.

Ford Explorer 2021

As powertrains for the Ford Explorer 2021 in the new body provides for the use of petrol engines with the following specifications:

Engine typeThe volumePower
Atmospheric3.5 l249 HP
Turbocharged2.3 l280 HP
Turbocharged2.7 l335 HP

To equip the transmission with all engines it is planned to install 10-ticipating automatic transmission.

The hybrid version will get a 318-horsepower 3.3-liter gasoline V-shaped "six", which will work in conjunction with an electric motor. The model will be available exclusively with rear-wheel drive, but it will please the owner with high efficiency and the ability to overcome 800 km without refueling.

When completing Explorer 2021 model year for the various versions of the SUV it’s possible to install the following equipment:

  • Keyless entry;
  • remote start of the engine;
  • MDPS with variable force;
  • the pedal unit with adjustable;
  • inflatable seat belts;
  • the system of curtains and airbags.
  • 20-inch wheels;
  • adaptive cruise control;
  • the front seats adjust in 10 directions;
  • socket 220 volt;
  • controllers of Parking, rain and light;
  • led optics;
  • audio system with twelve speakers;
  • auto head lighting;
  • track lanes and road markings;
  • camera circular review with a washer;
  • full electro;
  • Wi-Fi router;
  • electrogirl trunk;
  • ABS;
  • ESP;
  • projection display.

Ford Explorer 2021

The above list of equipment closer to the production date, will undoubtedly be supplemented and adjusted, and the final options set Explorer 2021 company Ford will present before you start collecting bids for an SUV.

The beginning of sales and cost

Large SUVs are traditionally the greatest demand in North America, so the initial sales of the Ford Explorer (2021) will begin in the U.S. in the summer of 2020. According to automotive marketers, the initial value of the SUV in the basic configuration is approximately 32 765 dollars, which amounts to 2,198 million. the price of the luxury vehicle type will not exceed 60.00 thousand dollars.

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