Five days in schools in 2020-2021 year

From year to year, students and parents in different regions of the USA ask the same question – will put five days in the country schools, and, apparently, in the 2020-2021 year, this problem would be urgent, and the debate between supporters and opponents of school on Saturdays, not subside.

We offer you to understand why today, in many schools the USA has not introduced such a welcome for many five days, and learn what the forecast to address this issue in the 2020-2021 year.

Five days in schools in 2020-2021 year

Rule of law

According to the RF law “On education”, the work schedule for a particular educational institution is established by the decision of the administration and the teaching staff taking into account specificity of educational process.

This means that only the leadership of the school, Lyceum or gymnasium shall have the right to decide whether to be conducted in the school lessons on Saturdays and which classes will be set a 5-day or 6-day school week. The decision is made not by the Director alone, and all the teaching staff, taking into account:

  • possible teaching load in children with different schedules;
  • the total number of subjects taught in elementary, middle, and high school;
  • occupancy of classrooms;
  • state subject teachers and their loads;
  • the presence of dividing classes into groups for certain lessons.

Five days in schools in 2020-2021 year

Five days in schools – pros and cons

Five-day working week is considered a priority and recommended all educational institutions, if there is a real opportunity to build a schedule.

Supporters of the five days bring such arguments to support his position:

  1. The child must be more than one day to rest that would be distracted from school and his Hobbies.
  2. Two weekends in a row is a possibility to communicate to children and parents.
  3. Five days does not violate the family schedule, because for most working parents Saturday – day off.
  4. Having two free days in a row, families will be able to organize joint vacation, trips to the dacha or to their relatives.
  5. Based on the factory calendar, it is a 5-day week allows you to fully take advantage of that provide public holidays and the current transfer system is “red calendar days”, kneeling on the weekend.

These statements are close to every Russian family, because no one wants to get “a little light” and collect the child in school, when you’re off work and unable longer to relax in bed. And the children is extremely difficult to go to school knowing that the whole family is at home on that day and resting. But, the arguments presented in a good format for a perfect family, in which parents care about children, interested in their development and leisure, endeavor to ensure that each day of a son or daughter was filled with bright emotions, new impressions and cognitive activity.

Five days in schools in 2020-2021 year

Saying that a child should spend more time at home, we forget that there are many families with children on the weekends do not depart from the computer or TV and simply stay for a long time without adult supervision. Remember when the last time you were with your child at the Museum? Think about it, how do you usually spend the weekend in your family? Honestly answer yourself the question – would change something, except to sleep in on Saturday?

Who needs a six days?

For many secondary schools of the Russian Federation 5-day working week is the norm. But to cancel Saturday for all schools USA by decree is impossible, because there are many gymnasiums, lyceums and specialized schools, in which guys in addition to the core subjects, a number of additional subjects, which significantly increases the training load. In such schools even assuming a 6-day school week the children daily should schedule for 7 classes. Which would free up Saturday often not enough just to deliver 8 lessons, and still need to cut the clock on the teaching of some subject that already goes against the basic document regulating the educational process.

And of course, can’t speak about the five days in the few schools where due to the lack of classrooms still have the second shift.

If you imagine that five days became mandatory in the USA schools in 2020-2021 year, students of specialized schools and gymnasiums would have had to face such serious problems as:

  1. Increased pressure, because to cook every day would be 8 classes (some subjects in these schools are taught 3-4 times a week, and the phrase “teach on the weekends” doesn’t apply here).
  2. The almost complete lack of free time during the school week.
  3. The inability to attend classes and courses at other educational institutions, because 8 lesson usually ends around 16:00 (depending on the start of the first lesson), and child rules you must at least have a snack before heading on music, dance or sports training.
  4. Clubs at school will be held on the 9th lesson (which for many students will mean not 8, and all 9 lessons in a row).
  5. The increasing psychological stress, it is obvious that in such circumstances, the child simply physically be unable to manage to complete all the tasks and to carve out a little time to rest.

Five days in schools in 2020-2021 year

Discussing the issue training schedule, parents rarely thought about the people who teach their children in schools, but do not forget about this aspect. The teacher is also a man, and spend a bright, interesting and rich of the 7th or 8th lesson, he is as hard as the boys to see the new material in physics or mathematics at the end of the day. As a result, affected the quality of teaching, which naturally is unacceptable for occupying the high position of gymnasiums, lyceums and schools, and in-depth study of core subjects.

In fact, teachers who have to read the items on Saturday, also face a number of challenges and foremost is:

  • absence of the necessary attitude, especially in the first lesson;
  • frequent absenteeism without good reason, that creates a serious problem, if the lesson takes place 1 time per week;
  • in fact, the need to work on Saturday, that automatically means either broken schedule weekend or only 1 day off a week, which is a violation, but it has a place in today’s realities.

Five days in schools in 2020-2021 year

Is a compromise possible?

In an effort to facilitate for the children Saturday, this day, I try to make ungraded items, disciplines of the creative cycle, and physical education. In many schools, the last day of the working week declared a “day without form”, which is especially popular with the children, because it allows you to Express your individuality. Saturday often spend school activities and excursions that unites staff and students fills life with bright colors.

Five days in schools in 2020-2021 year

Whether to be five days in 2021?

It would be desirable to pupils, parents and teachers, get your legal holiday in the 2020-2021 year, as before, there will be two types of schools:

  1. Secondary, in which subjects are taught at the level of “standard”, and you can safely install the 5-day school week.
  2. Specialized, which high school (and sometimes kids) definitely will study on Saturdays.

What should parents do?

In fact, parents need to take seriously the choice of school, assessing not only the interior of the classrooms and closer to home, and other important aspects:

  • as a specialized high school;
  • training schedule for 1-4, 5-9, and senior classes;
  • additional opportunities offered by the school mugs and sections.

Five days in schools in 2020-2021 year

If you already have it happened so that the child will have to study on Saturdays, the best thing parents can do is support it and be configured correctly. In any case it is impossible every time to show dissatisfaction with a work schedule and school in General. It is better to give to your son or daughter to understand how are you proud of what he learns in a good school and gets a decent education, be sure to focus on every, even the most insignificant from the point of view of an adult human achievements.

And if you feel that you child is ready to overcome such difficulties, then just pick a school with a 5-day study schedule, because each of us has a choice. This will save you from unnecessary stress… at least for the period until it’s time to think about the proximity of the Exams and the quality of education received by the child.

Latest news

From 1 April 2020 school of Bashkiria began to gradually move to 5-day’s rest, as stated by the acting head of the region F. the radium Khabirov. However, the schools to switch to five-day system of school education, teacher salaries will not change and all employees will be warned at least 2 weeks prior to the innovations.

What difficulties may arise:

  • Students in the 2, 3 and 4 classes should not be in the curriculum more than 5 lessons a day;
  • Children, students in 5 and 6 classes should not get more than 6 lessons per day;
  • Pupils from 7 to 11 classes should not be loaded more than 7 lessons per day;
  • Mathematics should not be the first or last lesson in the chart. The item must not be after PE and on Saturdays;
  • Restrictions touched and physics and chemistry and Russian language. Subject teachers are unable to conduct 3 classes in a row without intermediate Windows.

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