First working day in January 2021: when to go to work

In recent years USAнам, who work in state institutions, in January, was fortunate enough to have a rest for 8 or even 10 days, but there are rumors that more of this will not be happy. How long will the break in 2021, and what day is first day of work?

Plan for 2021

Next year vacation will start from Wednesday, 1 January. To work in 2021 will need to leave on Thursday, January 9th. Total in the first month of the calendar will be 17 working days and 14 days off.

Please note: since 2 days (4 and 5) fall on Saturday and Sunday, they will take by analogy with the previous years for the may holidays (4 and 5 may).

This solution USAне will get 5 days off in a row is a great mini-vacation that you can spend out of town or at the resort.

First working day in January 2021: when to go to work

Many have a question — why not move two additional output in the next working days on 9 and 10 January? The government has this is your answer.

The fact that a long "spree" seriously worried politicians. Government officials believe that it is completely impractical and even detrimental to the USA.

  • First, this situation has a bad effect on the economic condition of the country. In those 10 days, while the people stayed at home instead of work, the budget has lost billions of rubles!
  • Secondly, a long vacation is fraught with overeating and excessive alcohol use. And when you need to go to work after the New year, many are unable to recover, dropping their efficiency and quality of work performed.

This is the conclusion reached by many experts from the field of health, as well as economists. And talk about the abolition of the Christmas holidays being the first year, even the bills respectively were made. Of course, it is strange that politicians are worried about our health, rather they care about the money side, but whatever it was, with them it is hard to disagree.

Alternative scenarios

In total policies offer several alternative scenarios which could solve the issue with a long downtime in the New year and at the same time not to offend anyone:

  1. To reduce the new year holidays up to 3 days (31, 1 and 1 day for Christmas), and the vacant days added to other holidays, for example, in may, or to give these people 5 days as personal days which can be taken at any time (or to join to leave).
  2. To provide the right leadership of each individual institution/business to decide how much will last vacation from work and when they go to work.

Yet those who advocated the reduction of holidays, a minority. Most of the members of the state Duma all-taki against such changes, as afraid of the reaction of the people and trade unions. Perhaps they are hesitant to cancel holidays just because now USAне and so puzzled by what is happening in the country: communal and taxes getting more expensive, the pension age increase.

First working day in January 2021: when to go to work

What happened in previous years

Christmas vacation, a weekend to celebrate the New year, was introduced in the USA in 2005. Then the first 5 days of the new year was officially recognized holidays. They are joined by 6, 7 and 8, the number that you allocate to celebrate Christmas. Total comes to 8-day "vacation" for which people can properly relax, see my family, "reboot" at the end, or even to fly to warmer climates to get warm.

Sometimes goes for a walk longer than eight days. So, the 30th and the 31st in some years are also output if they fall on a Saturday or Sunday. In addition, the holidays can be longer due to transfers. For example, in 2020, the 31st fell on a Monday, and the authorities have decided that there is no need to call people for 1 day, better to move it to Saturday 29-E. Thus, people "walked" the whole 10 days.

In 2018, the vacation lasted 8 days and ended on Tuesday 9 January, but the 6th and 7th falls on a Sunday, so a day off was moved to 2nd may and one on 9 th March. The longest vacation to date was in 2005. Then rested from work for 11 days!

Although not all consider the abolition of the holidays as something bad. There are those who don’t care, what day to go to work. Some would like to work and earn more. But now the statistics is that only 20% of citizens agree to rest less.

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