First working day in January 2021: what date to go to work

Traditionally, the first month of the new year 2021 will start with a long vacation, so working days will return only from the 2nd decade of January. Given the length of the holiday period, Americans can plan their holidays and possible trips in advance, taking into account the work schedule.

Procedure for postponing public holidays

Working days, weekends and holidays are reflected in the production calendar for 2021. This is an official document that is formed on the basis of the order of the Ministry of social development “on approval of the rules for distributing the norms of the working period and rest based on the duration of working hours for 1 week”. The calendar shows all working and free periods, and you can see when to go to work in January 2021.

The document is drawn up in such a way that the work process and recreation are maximally optimized, without prejudice to employers, employees, civil servants, entrepreneurs and other categories of the employed population. For optimization, the system of transferring holidays to other days is used. 2021 was no exception – the first working day in January was also postponed.

The calendar developers combined some weekends to avoid interruptions in the continuous work process. This option is convenient for both the state and the working part of the population. Companies and commercial organizations will not incur additional expenses required for organizing 1-2 business days. While salaried employees and officials will receive additional rest, which can be used at their own discretion.

First working day in January 2021: what date to go to work

When to go to work in January 2021

In the first month of the new year, as a rule, most weekends and holidays are provided. Next year it will be even more intense in terms of recreation than the same months of previous years. Anyone who is interested in when to go to work after the new year 2021 can not worry, because the holiday period will be as long as possible. The 1st to 10th day is an official weekend that is fixed in the production calendar.

The holiday period consists of several parts:

  • 1 – public holiday;
  • 2-6-new year’s holidays;
  • 7-public holiday Christmas;
  • 8-new year’s holidays;
  • 9-10-weekend Saturday and Sunday.

Based on the listed data, you can determine exactly what date to work in January 2021. The first working day is the 11th day.

First working day in January 2021: what date to go to work

The official schedule is followed by citizens who work normally, with a 5-day working week and two days off on Saturdays and Sundays. Employees of non-regulated institutions, catering establishments, retail establishments, and a number of commercial structures should check with their Manager or HR Department on the number of days they will start working in 2021.

Professions that are not covered by long weekends include::

  • police officers;
  • firefighters;
  • medical staff;
  • rescuers of the Ministry of emergency situations;
  • employees of shops, cafes, restaurants, and other entertainment venues that are open daily, including on the 31st, 1st, and 2nd days.

In addition, many industrial enterprises operate continuously, and their personnel work in shifts in production. They will find out what date they will go to work in January 2021 shortly before the start of the holidays.

First working day in January 2021: what date to go to work

New year’s period in other countries

Each country sets its own duration of new year’s holidays. For example, in Belarus, there is no question at all when to go “to production” in January 2021. Our neighbors, as in previous years, have official holidays only on the 1st and 7th. In America, new year’s holidays are divided into 2 periods. Next year, the holiday is planned from the 1st to the 3rd and from the 7th to the 10th.

Western European countries focus on Catholic Christmas, which falls on December 25. For example, in England, the holiday lasts until January 4. A similar procedure is followed in Italy, Germany and France.

Israelis will not be interested at all in what date they go to work in January 2021. It is not customary to celebrate the European New Year in the country. Similar celebrations are held in September.

In Confederate North America, each state may have its own weekend. Here, too, it is not customary to celebrate the New Year for a long time. The main focus is on Christmas according to the Western European principle. The only national day off is the 1st day. For Americans, during this period, it is customary to spend time off accumulated during the calendar year.

Brazilians celebrate the arrival of the new year in the summer. But given the large flow of tourists in winter, they organize wild parties and celebrate an international event together with visiting Europeans and Americans.

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