FIPI OGE 2021 USAn language | 9th grade

Finishing the 9th grade, in 2021 all graduates will take the OGE in American, which means that it’s time to find out what the exam format will be, as well as whether FIPI plans to make further changes in the structure of CIM And the wording of tasks.

In 2021, the OGE in American will consist of two parts:

  • the February interview– as an admission to GIA-9 (it will be held in an online format);
  • written exam– as part of the OGE-2021 calendar.

Dates of the event

Important! The early OGE in 2021 has been canceled, and the American language interview will be held in a remote format.

Since in 2021, 9th grade graduates will only take 2 mandatory exams (American and mathematics), the test dates for the main period will also be revised. the exams will be held between may 24 and 28, 2021.

It will be possible to retake the OGE traditionally in September 2021.

Oral part (interview)

The final interview, which is often referred to as the oral part of the OGE in American, will traditionally take place on the second Wednesday of February (10.02.21).

FIPI OGE 2021 USAn language | 9th grade

The format and structure of

The format of the first test for 9th graders will remain unchanged:

  • location of the event –remotely in online mode(they haven’t specified exactly how yet);
  • duration – 15 minutes, taking into account the preparation time;
  • the number of questions in the CIM is 4;
  • at the stage of preparation, you can make notes in the CIM in specially designated fields;
  • all oral responses of examinees should be recorded.

For the majority of American 9th graders, the interview is not particularly difficult, but graduates who do not speak American as their primary language may have some difficulties.

There are only 4 tasks in Kim:

Important! The second part of the work gives you the opportunity to choose 1 of the 3 topics offered in the Kim.

Also in the control and measurement materials there are cards:

  • for task # 3-plan of monologue utterance;
  • for task # 4 – questions for the examinee.

FIPI OGE 2021 USAn language | 9th grade

Rating process

The maximum initial score of the final interview is 20 points.

The examinee’s answers will be evaluated according to the table developed by FIPI:

TaskThe maximum score
Compliance with language standards8

Important! The interview will be evaluated according to the “credit” / “non-credit” system! To successfully pass the first exam, 9th graders only need to score 10 primary points.

If for any reason the student is unable to attend the interview on February 10, 2021, or fails to pass the threshold of 10 primary points, they will be given an additional attempt to gain admission to the Mandatory State Exam.

Written exam

In 2021, the American language will be a mandatory subject of the OGE, so all ninth graders need to familiarize themselves with the changes announced by the FIPI in connection with the large-scale reform of the knowledge assessment system in 2020.

FIPI OGE 2021 USAn language | 9th grade

Due to the fact that current graduates have already studied in programs corresponding to the new Federal state educational standards since the 1st grade, the following changes were made to The CIM OGE in American::

  • the focus has shifted from demonstrating dry theoretical knowledge to applying it in practice;
  • reduced the total number of tasks to 9 (previously there were 15).);
  • the allotted time is 3 hours and 55 minutes (235 minutes).);
  • reduced primary score to 33 (previously 39).);
  • expanded the genre specifics of the texts offered in task # 1 (presentation).);
  • examinees will have to perform various types of analysis of language material (spelling, punctuation, grammar, reading comprehension, recognition of speech expressiveness).

In the new version of the CMA for the OGE in American, developed by the FIPI for 2021, there will be III parts (in most other subjects there are only two).

PartNumber of questionsExplanation
І1 (№1)Concise presentation
ІІ7 (№2-8)Analysis of the text
ІІІ1 (№9)Essay

Part I-presentation

Examinees are asked to listen to the text and retell it in writing, while compressing it from 180-200 to 80-100 words.

FIPI OGE 2021 USAn language | 9th grade

When completing task # 1, you should remember:

  • the text will be played twice with a short break for comprehension;
  • the length of the presentation should be 80-100 words, but not less than 70, otherwise the work will not even be checked;
  • in the presentation, the narration should be conducted from the same person as in the original text;
  • the answer must be entered in the answer form #2;
  • it is important to write legible handwriting.

In 2021, FIPI significantly expanded the range of genres that can be found in the first task, which means that diaries, essays, notes, notes, and even reviews can be offered in audio format.

For more information on how to prepare for task # 1 and what to pay attention to, read the article “presentation of the OGE in 2021” and watch the video lesson:

Part II-tests

A short answer to the seven tasks of the second part can be:

  • the word;
  • the phrase (a few words);
  • a sequence of digits.

The demo version of the OGE offers the following type of tasks::

question numberType of analysis
№2, 4syntactic
№3punctuation code
№5spelling code
№6the content of the text
№7means of expression

Answers to questions in part 2 should be entered in form # 1.

For a detailed analysis of the OGE test block in American, see the video:

Part III-essay

As a rule, graduates finishing the 9th grade are most afraid to take the American language at the OGE 2021 precisely because of the essay. In order to facilitate the task, FIPI plans to maintain the variability of task No. 9-examinees will be able to choose one of the 3 suggested topics for reasoning.

Exactly what topics will be included in the 2021 Kim, no one knows, but there is an approximate list that you can focus on in the preparation process.

So, the portal RESCUERS highlights such important areas:

  1. Loyalty
  2. Eternal values
  3. Mutual assistance
  4. Growing up (an adult is…)
  5. Fault
  6. Power
  7. Inner world
  8. The war
  9. Education
  10. Choice, moral choice
  11. Pride/hubris
  12. Childhood
  13. Welcome
  14. Kindness
  15. Friendship
  16. Greed/avarice
  17. Cruelty
  18. Individualism, personality
  19. Art
  20. Book (precious, good)
  21. Beauty
  22. Culture
  23. Love
  24. Mother
  25. Manipulation
  26. The dream
  27. Mercy
  28. Hope
  29. Morality
  30. Education, intelligence
  31. Responsiveness
  32. Memory
  33. Patriotism
  34. Truth
  35. Treachery
  36. Nature (love of nature)
  37. Forgiveness
  38. The way of life
  39. Indifference
  40. Self-education
  41. Self-assessment
  42. Family
  43. Strength (willpower, spirit, character, etc.)
  44. Conscience
  45. Happiness
  46. Talent
  47. Tradition
  48. Confidence/self-doubt
  49. Purpose, purposefulness
  50. Reading
  51. A miracle

FIPI OGE 2021 USAn language | 9th grade

In the collection of I. P. Tsybulko, the following key topics for preparation are highlighted::

  1. Generosity
  2. Mutual assistance
  3. Growing up
  4. Imagination
  5. Kindness
  6. Precious books
  7. Friendship
  8. Friendship
  9. Sincerity
  10. Cruelty
  11. Life experience
  12. Love
  13. Curiosity
  14. Curiosity
  15. The dream
  16. Moral choice
  17. Moral choice
  18. Loyalty
  19. Remorse
  20. Remorse
  21. Determination
  22. Power
  23. Strength of character
  24. Strong character
  25. Courage
  26. Conscience
  27. Consciousness
  28. Vanity
  29. Purposefulness
  30. Humanity

For more information on how to correctly write an essay-reasoning at the OGE-2021 in American, see the training video:

Rating process

If the oral part (interview) for those completing grade 9 in 2021 is only admission to exams, then the written OGE in American will be evaluated according to the criteria developed by the FIPI, with further translation of the result into the school 5-point system.

Important! The result of the Mandatory State Exam directly affects the final score of the certificate and can increase or decrease it.

The table of maximum possible points for individual tasks in 2021 will be as follows::

For more information about the criteria used to evaluate each of the tasks of the CIMA OGE 2021 in the subject “American language”, see the codifier and specifications posted on the FIPI website. There, graduates finishing the 9th grade will also be able to find an open Bank of tasks for effective preparation for the upcoming exams.

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