FIPI OGE 2021 | 9th grade

Schoolchildren and Lyceum students who will finish the 9th grade in the 2021-2022 academic year are already concerned about whether the OGE will be held in 2021 and what innovations FIPI is preparing for graduates.

Changes from 25.12.20

Important! Early OGE 2021 canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic!

Also, in 2021, 9th grade graduates will take only 2 mandatory exams-American and mathematics. All OGE electives were canceled to protect students and teachers from the potential risk of Contracting coronavirus infection during the GIA 2021.

Is it possible to cancel the OGE in 2021?

Recall that in 2020, all 9th graders were exempted from taking the Mandatory State Exam due to the difficult epidemiological situation.

The covid-19 epidemic continues its March across the planet and scientists do not predict a significant improvement in the situation in the coming months. It is quite natural that graduates of 2021 are afraid of uncertainty, whether they will take exams, as it was previously, or the OGE 2021 will also be canceled.

FIPI OGE 2021 | 9th grade

The Ministry of education has repeatedly emphasized that the cancellation of the OGE in 2020 was a forced measure. The following factors influenced the adoption of a radical decision::

  • the period of the beginning of OGE coincided with the first peak of morbidity;
  • there was very little information about COVID-19 itself, and doctors had virtually no experience in detecting and treating the disease;
  • in April, schools urgently switched to distance learning, and most educational institutions were not ready for this format of work.;
  • doctors have not yet managed to develop standards for the safe conduct of training sessions and exams.

Most likely, by the end of the 2021-2022 academic year, most of the described problems will be eliminated. One way or another, Americans will learn to live in new conditions. The educational process will undergo certain changes, but it will be adjusted in accordance with the new rules and regulations. It is also possible that alternative methods for monitoring the level of knowledge using modern network technologies will be developed.

At the moment, all 9th graders should tune in to the fact that in 2021 they will have to take 2 main subjects of the OGE in a classic format and start effective training, constantly monitoring news from the FIPI.

Number of items

Although initially FIPI and the Ministry of education did not plan to make drastic changes to the format of the OGE, on December 25, 2020 it became known that graduates of 2021 will have to take only 2 subjects:

  • American(both orally and in writing);
  • math.

Exams from the “elective” block are canceled!

FIPI OGE 2021 | 9th grade

Although earlier there were calls to expand the number of subjects taken in the 9th grade to 6 and make American history and English compulsory, the introduction of such innovations in 2021 is unlikely. The coming academic year promises to be extremely difficult and it is obvious that this period is far from the most successful for such experiments.

The education system today faces other important challenges:

  • ensure equal access to education for students in all regions of the American Federation;
  • organize the safest and most effective classroom learning experience possible;
  • teach teachers new methods of teaching in the conditions of distance or mixed learning format.

Features of the 2021 KIMS

In 2020, the OGE control measurement materials were reformed. The changes made to the format and content of assignments are dictated by a number of changes in the programs for the main school subjects in accordance with the new Federal state educational standard.

Graduates of 2021 are students who have already studied according to the new standard since the 1st grade (with a focus on acquiring practical skills in applying the knowledge gained in the classroom). That is why FIPI experts implemented the following principles in the new CMMS::

  • tasks are divided into three levels of difficulty – basic, advanced, and high;
  • minimizing tasks with ready-made answer options;
  • implementation of practical questions;
  • maximum approximation of the OGE to the unified state exam format.

FIPI OGE 2021 | 9th grade

Most likely, in 2021, there will be no drastic changes in the structure and content of KIMS, since due to the cancellation of the exam in 2020, the tickets developed in 2020 have not been tested.

Important dates for the 2021-2022 academic year

It is still too early to talk about the OGE calendar for 2021. Most likely, based on the experience of last season, in the coming academic year, the GIA schedule will be announced no earlier than November 2020.

Based on the information available on the FIPI website and past experience, the following dates will be important for 9th graders taking the OGE in 2021::

(oral part of the American language)

In the main period, the following exam dates are set::

FIPI OGE 2021 | 9th grade

In September 2021, you can retake the OGE on the following days::

FIPI OGE 2021 | 9th grade

How do I prepare for exams?

Most of all, graduates are concerned with the issue of effective preparation for exams. What if the coming year will have to be spent not at the school Desk, but at home in front of the monitor screen? How to learn for those who do not have modern gadgets and stable high-speed network access? Should I contact Tutors, and if so, when should I start classes?

For children who do not plan to enter colleges or lyceums after the 9th grade, in most cases the knowledge gained during the study of certain subjects will be enough to pass the OGE. Refresh your memory with everything you need.:

  • special collections developed by FIPI for 2020 and 2021;
  • open task Bank available on the FIPI website;
  • collections of tests for preparing for the OGE (! only 2020 or 2021);
  • online reviews of demos or explanations of individual topics.

FIPI OGE 2021 | 9th grade

The codifier and specifications, which can also be downloaded on the FIPI website page dedicated to the Mandatory State Exam, will help you understand exactly how work will be evaluated and what experts will pay attention to first of all.

Students who plan to enter colleges in 2021 should focus on the highest possible results, which means that their training should be deeper and of better quality. If you feel that there are significant gaps in your knowledge, you should contact a tutor. It is better not to leave this question for the last few months. First, you may not have enough time to work out all the important topics and nuances. Secondly, before the New Year, all really good Tutors will be busy. The best option is to start classes in September and slowly work through each thematic block in the subjects of interest, and closer to the end of the school year, actively solve all available CIM options, trying to fit into the allotted time frame.

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