FIPI Exams 2021

Federal Institute of pedagogical measurements (FIPI) – state budget scientific institution established by the Ministry of education of the Russian Federation 02.08.02 with the aim of developing and implementing research in the field of education quality assessment in the USA.

Among the priorities of FIPI for 2021 comprises:

  • modernization of KIMS for the Exams subject to the requirements of the new standard;
  • KIM revision for Exams-2021;
  • the issue of teaching AIDS for SFE-9 SFE-11;
  • organizing and conducting seminars, webinars and conferences;
  • the issue of the magazine “Pedagogical measurement”;
  • improving technologies for assessment of educational achievements;
  • systematization and analysis of statistical data.

FIPI Exams 2021

Reform Of Exams -2021

Although the scope of activities of FIPI is quite wide, the main objective of 2021 is reform of the Examinations connected with the fact that in the 2020-2021 school year, grade 9 students will finish, the first who have had to study new programs of the GEF with 1st class.

Among the main innovations, 2021:

  • changes in the number of jobs in Kymi on many subjects;
  • minimizing tests for the selection of one correct answer from several suggested variants;
  • orientation questions not on dry theoretical terms, and forcing the graduates with the skills and practical application of knowledge;
  • revision of criteria of assessment of papers and the maximum test points;
  • making the appropriate changes recommended in the translation table points Exams in a 5-point rating.

Important! The format of the GIA-9 will not be changed. All the innovations will relate solely to the structure and contents of the KIMS.

FIPI Exams 2021

At the same time, many of the tasks from last year’s tickets will be presented in the new Kymi (either unchanged or in a slightly modified formulation). But, if in 2018 and 2020 in many of the questions test takers were offered answers, in tickets 2021 they will not.

Promising models KIM

Some experts FIPI see Kimy Exams 2021 to read with prospective models available on the Institute’s website.

Important! Options proposed for consultation and discussion, are not final. According to the results of public discussions in the texts of the tasks can be amended. But, apparently, they are not significant.

FIPI Exams 2021

Schedule Exams 2021

Open period of the exams for ninth-graders an oral interview to be held in mid-February, 2021.

As before, the examinee will be given the opportunity to take Exams or GVA-9 during the preliminary, main or fall session, each of which will be reserved standby and primary days for each submitted to the control of discipline.

Test dates the preliminary and the September periods will be known closer to November 2020, and when will the exam of the basic period has already announced in his speech Kravtsov.

FIPI Exams 2021

Changes in Exams-2021

For several years FIPI conducted a large-scale reform of the Kim for the Exams, which was fully completed in 2020.

According to experts, tickets 2020 fully meet modern requirements, and in 2021 the control and measuring materials will not be reviewed. Changes will be made only in the texts of tasks which has caused a large number of complaints from graduates and teachers in the season of Exams 2018-2020 school year.

Examinations 2021 graduates of 11th grades will demonstrate knowledge of 3 subjects:

  • 2 compulsory (Russian language and mathematics);
  • 1 to choose from.

FIPI Exams 2021

Statistics Exams 2020

According to official data, in 2020 the Unified State Exam expressed a desire to take more than 779 000 people, including 678 000 graduates 2018-2020 school year.

Distribution open for self-selection of subjects was as follows:

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