Financial assistance from social protection in 2021: how to get

On the payment of financial assistance from social protection in 2021 can expect low-income citizens who have low income or a certain social status. Despite the reduction of budget expenditure, the government does not intend to refuse material support USAн that need additional funding and financial assistance of the state.

Who can get paid

Not all citizens who qualify for social support, receive such payments. This can be explained by the fact that many USAне do not have relevant information who are entitled to financial assistance in 2021 and what you need to do to obtain it. Along with Federal payments to socially vulnerable layers of the population can count on the regional benefits that accrue only after the submission of an application and certain documents. To find out whether a citizen to qualify for any form of financial assistance from the state, it is better to contact the hotline of the health Ministry of the Russian Federation, which on request can provide information about the procedure of calculating such payments, and the requirements for its recipients.

Financial assistance from social protection in 2021: how to get

In 2021 to rely on social benefits can one of the following categories:

  • the poor whose income is below the statutory subsistence minimum;
  • large families (with three or more children);
  • young and single parents who raise young children;
  • low-income students who have monthly income below the subsistence minimum;
  • low-income seniors;
  • USAне who find themselves in difficult life situations, which will be confirmed by the relevant documents.

Due to the fact that the cost of living is a fickle value, which may be revised by the government depending on the economic situation in the country, the number of people receiving support under this article of the law may change.

A particular advantage in Russia are poor people. They are entitled not only monthly financial assistance, and one-time regional grant in the following situations:

  • to cover the cost of treatment;
  • the birth of a child;
  • in the event of the death of a close relative.

The size of a single subsidy is highly dependent on the region’s subsistence level. Given this fact, the largest payments have traditionally been the inhabitants and the North.

Financial assistance from social protection in 2021: how to get

Additionally, the poor rely on the provision of state subsidies to cover part of such costs:

  • to pay for kindergarten;
  • payment for utility services;
  • the improvement of housing conditions;
  • purchase of residential property.

Poor students may receive social scholarship in the case of training at the day hospital of the University. Its size is on average 1.5 times higher than conventional scholarships.

Types of financial support

When assigning and calculating the amount of financial assistance in 2021, the government relies on the relevant law No. 178-FZ “On state social assistance” adopted in 1999. In accordance with its provisions, USAне can get different types of financial social assistance:

  • cash when accrued benefits;
  • targeted support, in which the money is transferred to the citizen to cover certain items of expenditure (treatment, repairs, etc.);
  • ware things and clothes are given in special centres.

Depending on status and income, assistance can be provided regularly (every month) or temporary (no more than once per year). Regular payments are primarily pension payments, child benefits and social grants.

Financial assistance from social protection in 2021: how to get

The assistance provided may have a different source of funding. If the procedure for calculating Federal payments is governed by the basic law, the regional will be provided through local programs that have been approved by each constituent entity of the Russian Federation.

How to get financial assistance from social protection in 2021

Monetary support from the state is not assigned by default, even if a citizen receives income below the subsistence level or has a certain social status. To get a subsidy, benefit or subsidy, should contact the Department of social security (better to do it at the place of registration), submit the application form and the documents. In addition to passports, identity cards will need:

  • income statement showing income for the last 6 months;
  • banking details, which will be carried out money transfers;
  • passports of other family members or birth certificates, if we are talking about social assistance to vulnerable families (additionally, you will also need to provide a certificate indicating cohabitation).

Financial assistance from social protection in 2021: how to get

Depending on the situation and type of assistance, the social services may demand other information and documents to decide on the advisability of the appointment of payments. The deadline for the submission of an application cannot exceed 30 days, after which the applicant has to answer about the purpose of social assistance. If it is denied, the authority of social protection is obliged to provide a reasoned response, indicating the reasons of such decision. In particular, if this was due to incorrectly drawn up documents, a citizen can correct the error and re-apply. In more serious cases, he can defend his right to material support from the state in court.

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