Final essay on literature 2021: topics, directions of FIPI

The first test for 11th graders in the 2021-2022 academic year will be the final essay on literature, so today students of schools and lyceums are in a hurry to find out what areas FIPI will designate for the upcoming test and what topics should be worked out first of all during preparation.

Who is going to write an essay (presentation)?

This exam format was first introduced in the 2014-2015 academic year. Today, the final essay is a mandatory stage for all graduates who plan to pass the unified state exam and enter higher educational institutions in America.

Final essay on literature 2021: topics, directions of FIPI

If the December test is mandatory for 11th graders, then graduates of previous years who have already received a “credit” for the essay at Sova Vremya may not retake it. However, if the examinee plans to enter a creative specialty, where they will additionally evaluate the essay, they can take the exam again at their own request.

The final presentation in 2021 will be written by the following categories of graduates::

  • the external students are being prepared with the limited possibilities of health;
  • children who are home-schooled for health reasons;
  • graduates who required long-term treatment with a stay (and training) on the basis of medical and sanatorium-resort institutions, as well as rehabilitation centers;
  • children with disabilities;
  • students of educational institutions;
  • serving sentences in places of deprivation of liberty.

At the request of the graduates, have health problems, you can write an essay in standard format. You should also know that this category of examinees requires an additional 1.5 hours to the main time.

Important dates

Often, the final essay, which acts as an admission to the main session of the unified state exam, is called “December”, because earlier the 2021 test was actually planned to be held in the first week of December 2020, but due to the rapid increase in the number of cases of coronavirus, Rosobrnazdor decided to postpone the date of the test.

Important! Graduates of the 11th grade in 2021 will write their final essay after April 5. The exact date will be announced closer to the beginning of spring.

If, for any reason, an 11th grader could not attend the test on the scheduled day, they were scheduled to be given two more attempts.:

  • at the beginning of February 2021 (although nothing was said about this, but most likely there will be no February retakes in 2021);
  • in early may 2021.

Thus, the examinees will have only 1 attempt to retake, if Rosobrnadzor does not assign additional days.

The official Gia-2021 calendar with the exact dates of all tests should be approved by the end of autumn 2020. As soon as the dates of the exams are known, we will be the first to tell you about it on the pages of our information portal.

Exam format

In 2021, as before, graduates will write an essay on literature on the basis of their native school, and topics selected by FIPI from a closed list will be learned by 11th graders and teachers at the very beginning of the exam.

Final essay on literature 2021: topics, directions of FIPI

In 2021, for writing the final essay, you will be offered a choice of topics in 5 directions. It takes 3 hours and 55 minutes to complete the work.

Evaluation criteria

Important! For an essay, they don’t give primary points, as they do on the unified state exam. The works of 11th graders are evaluated on the fact that they meet 2 mandatory requirements and 5 criteria developed by FIPI.

It is on the basis of these requirements and criteria that FIPI specialists have developed detailed methodological recommendations for the final essay for graduates of the 2021-2022 academic year.

If 2 mandatory requirements are not met (the text size is more than 250 words and the text is written independently), the work will immediately be given a “failure” without further verification. Texts that have passed the “primary selection” are checked according to the following 5 criteria::

  • compliance with the given topic (an essay on a topic that is close to the required one will not be counted by experts);
  • the presence of argumentation with the use of lit. material (minimum of 2 arguments);
  • competent composition and compliance with the logic of reasoning;
  • quality of speech (stylistic mistakes);
  • grammatical errors.

To get a “credit” rating, you must get a “plus sign” for 3 criteria (#1 and 2 are mandatory, plus at least one of # 3-5).)

As you can see, graduates of the 2021-2022 year, regardless of the topic of the final essay that came up on the exam, have a considerable chance of getting a “credit” if they try at least a little and prepare for the upcoming test.

The situation is much more complicated for 11th graders, whose essay will be additionally checked by expert commissions of universities. Universities themselves set additional criteria for selecting applicants and conditions under which the essay will allow the applicant to receive additional points.

Topics and directions

Important! Remember, no one can tell you for sure which onesessay topicsliterature courses will be offered in the 2021-2022 exam.

We can only say one thing for sure – the directions and topics are not repeated from year to year, which means that materials that were relevant for 2019 and 2020 can only be used as examples in preparation for the unified state exam-2021. Memorize the texts of essays in the hope of meeting a similar topic is not worth it. Firstly, this is unlikely, and secondly, you can get a “non-credit” for plagiarismwithout the right to retake!

In 2021, graduates will be offered the following areas::

Final essay on literature 2021: topics, directions of FIPI

We also offer you to see a brief analysis of new directions:

It will also be useful to read universal works that will definitely be useful when writing the final essay of 2021.

It is not subject to oblivion

In this section, you should go deeper into thinking about the most significant pages of history that descendants should remember, phenomena that influenced the development of countries, mention famous figures, writers, critics, politicians of the past, through the prism of whose works you can consider both successful and bitter moments of history.

Me and others

Do not underestimate the complexity of this area. Those who choose the topic of this block will have to look at it from different angles:

  • personal relationships in the “person – to – person” and “person-to-society” formats»;
  • human dependence on public opinion;
  • conflicts and ways to resolve them (including internal conflicts between a person and himself);
  • ways to achieve peace and harmony between people.

Time for change

Everything is changing around us, and the higher the level of development that humanity reaches, the faster changes occur both within the person himself and in the reality surrounding him. In the works of this direction, it is advisable to touch upon the topic of forming the worldview of a modern person living in an era of colossal cultural and social changes. The problem can be viewed through the prism of their own experience, illustrating examples from the literature.

Talking to yourself

The subject matter is also quite difficult, because it is primarily aimed at revealing the questions that a person asks himself, analyzing his life and trying to understand what it means to “be yourself”.

In the essay, you can touch on such aspects as:

  • the inner world of a person;
  • the system of personal values, its formation;
  • strengths and weaknesses of the individual;
  • self-discovery;
  • self-improvement.

Between the past and the future: a portrait of my generation

Generational conflict is a topic that is relevant outside of time. The examinee who has chosen this direction will be expected to disclose such questions:

  • What are the values of the current generation?
  • What influences the formation of culture and life position of young people?
  • What are the current youth’s preferences in literature, painting, and poetry?
  • What is the difference between modern writers and famous writers of the past?
  • What are the similarities and differences between the issues raised in the works of different periods?


If you want to know in which works from the school course you can find good arguments for the final essay of the 2021-2022 academic year, then see on our website the official list of references recommended by FIPI for preparing for the unified state exam.

For those who don’t know where to start preparing and what to read when the December essay is already “on the nose”, we offer useful tips from an online tutor. The video was not made for 2021, but the works listed in it will be relevant for a wide range of areas and topics.

When the directions for 2021 are announced, we will take a closer look at what topics can be offered to 11th graders at the first exam in early December.

Tips from teachers

So, to effectively prepare for the first serious test, the 11th grader needs to::

  • read the documentation for the 2021-2022 academic year available on the FIPI website;
  • read the instructions for participants of the Descartes essay;
  • have behind your shoulders (and preferably in a reader’s diary) a baggage of diverse works;
  • think through the structure and plan of the perfect essay;
  • practice writing texts in accordance with the requirements put forward, keeping within the time allotted by the test regulations.

Important! An essay with a volume of 350 words or more is considered optimal (the upper limit of the text volume for the final essay is not set by the standards).

It is also worth noting that the methodological recommendations from the FIPI for the final essay directly warn graduates of 2021-2022 against using ready-made texts posted on popular platforms (the document even lists the addresses from which the essays or individual blocks were borrowed by graduates of previous years who received a “failure”). Useful information, do not be lazy to read!

According to statistics, last year less than 4% of participants in the December essay submitted the texts of their works for evaluation to University commissions. At the same time, although the maximum bonus score could reach 10, the majority added only 2-3 points to the result of the unified state exam in literature. However, if you still expect this small advantage, find out in advance what criteria the University experts will use when checking your work, because they may differ from the FIPI standards.

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