Fiction 2020-2021 year: the list of the best movies

Escape from everyday reality, to immerse themselves in a world ruled by the imagination, to travel back in time and discover a range of unlimited possibilities of human fiction movies know no boundaries. The 2020-2021 season will delight the audience with the release of several films of the genre “fantasy”. Today critics and experts are trying to rank the best pictures. Whether justified their predictions?

Kong vs Godzilla/ Godzilla vs. Kong

Fiction 2020-2021 year: the list of the best movies

Country: USA, Japan

World premiere: 11.03.2021

Premiere in Russia: 12.03.2021

Director: Adam Wingard

Actors: Alexander Skarsgard, Julian Dennison, Millie Bobby Brown

Film 2021 announced a remake of the tape, released in 1963. Fans of science fiction with interest will look like on the screen, the battle unfolds supersunt giant – giant lizard Godzilla and mutant-gorilla king Kong. World, which can be seen on the screen, quite similar to the one in which we live. Here dominate incredible creatures. And people do try to keep the situation and destroy giant monsters.


Fiction 2020-2021 year: the list of the best movies

World premiere: 12.03.2021

Script: Chris Claremont

Actors: Lizzy Caplan, Channing Tatum

Another film about the heroes of American comics. The main character Leme of WAE rebo, a mutant from the universe of “X-Men” that turns any object into a powerful explosive device. He has no morals, LeBeau lives only for himself. But the day comes when the protagonist has to change and save the man. The energy converted of WAE rebo, becomes a weapon that can protect the world and prevent its imminent death. More about the movie nothing is known. Perhaps the Director will have to change tactics and ran after the failure of Fantastic four, also dedicated to Gambit.

G. I. Joe: Throw Cobra-3/ G. I. Joe: Ever Vigilant

Fiction 2020-2021 year: the list of the best movies

World premiere: 26.03.2021

Director: D. J. Caruso

This film is a continuation of the story about American superheroes. Based on cartoons and comics devoted to toys Hasbro. The protagonist of the third part becomes Roadblock, who vowed to take revenge on Cobra commander for the death of Conrad. In the movie you will see the character Matt Tracker, who participated in the animated series “Mask.” Fans of “Cobra roll” expect from the film more realistic than it was in the first two series, although the creators promise that the third part will surpass the first and the second quality of the animation. The film will be released in 3D


Fiction 2020-2021 year: the list of the best movies

World premiere: 03.04.2021

Script: Marv Wolfman

Actors: Ray Fisher

The action takes place in a future where chaos reigns. The earth is on the verge of death, and only the Cyborgs can save her. The part of the people, who haven’t lost the ability to think critically, hoping for Victor stone, son of prominent scientists. The boy was mutilated in childhood, and parents saved him, planted the implant and at the same time giving him a special power. Watching the film in good quality, it is possible to appreciate the stunning special effects the world of fiction, which have saturated the ribbon writers.

Untitled Marvel project/Untitled Marvel Project

Fiction 2020-2021 year: the list of the best movies

World premiere: 01.05.2021

Script: Stan Lee

The main character, Peter quill, finds a thing, which erupted intergalactic war. The vengeful Drax, the half-man Groot, Rocket raccoon and Gamora disastrous save the world from destruction. This movie is declared as the series is fantastic, and in 2021 will be released the first part of the cult stories, the film adaptation of the comic “Guardians of the galaxy”.

Work on the film began in 2016 and the closer the premiere gets, the less patience fans of the comic. According to experts, the index, and this movie is 97%.


Fiction 2020-2021 year: the list of the best movies

World premiere: 09.05.2021

Director: Egor Baranov

Actors: Alexei Chadov, Pyotr Fyodorov, Ksenia Kutepova

2030, all people on Earth trying to survive after the Apocalypse. There is no connection between the territories, the planet of chaos, no one has reliable information about what happened. And only the USA manages to remain calm. Defending the borders of the exposed outposts, people unite in groups to protect its borders and to know who to blame for the tragedy, and recognize the enemy. The intelligence service is mandated to come close to the danger zone. There she discovers the terrible facts: mankind attacked the enemy from the outside, has a powerful space weapon. This film is not just another film about the struggle between good and evil, but painting with subtle psychological implications.

Of the six billion dollars/ The Six Billion Dollar Man

Fiction 2020-2021 year: the list of the best movies

World premiere: 05.06.2021

Director: Peter Berg

Actors: Mark Wahlberg

Steve Austin, test pilot, during testing of the rocket gets injured. Without spetsmilitsii Steve can not survive, it literally piecing together. Intelligence agencies are willing to pay for implants, but in exchange, the protagonist must be the agent of the SSO. Bionic prostheses make the former pilot a person with excess capacity. This film is an adaptation of the sci-Fi series of the 70-ies of the last century, shot on the basis of M. Cadena bestseller “Cyborg”.

Green lantern corps/ Green Lantern Corps

Fiction 2020-2021 year: the list of the best movies

Country: USA, UK

World premiere: 24.07.2021

Scenario: David S. Goyer

The film, loosely based on DC comics. Heroes, standing guard over the Universe, United in the organization of the Green lantern Corps, able to withstand an intergalactic evil. This organization is considered the guarantor of peace, its soldiers do not know fear.

Soon they meet up with two earthlings – Hal Jordan and John Stewart. First, between them there are differences, but when the Universe threatened, Building teaming with people and computes their ranks a traitor.

Fiction 2020-2021 year: the list of the best movies

Country: USA, UK

World premiere: 02.10.2021

Director: Miguel Sapochnik

Actors: Tom Hanks

The last real man on the planet Finch creates a robot that will take care of the dog scientist after his death. Care for the future pet, Finch decides to give his establishment of not only mind, but soul. The inventor must find time to revive his creation, the days of Finch in this world are numbered. Will it have a high-tech machine to win the love of an animal? Finch will play Tom Hanks. The film belongs to two genres: fiction and drama.


Fiction 2020-2021 year: the list of the best movies

World premiere: 02.10.2021

Script: Kelly Marcel

Actors: Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams

The continuation of the story about the alien being spider-Man. It can exist only disease, so looking for a body.

The carrier becomes the journalist Eddie Brock, whose life in the neighborhood with the alien host is changing dramatically.

Wonderful world

Fiction 2020-2021 year: the list of the best movies

World premiere: 04.11.2021

Director: Dmitry Suvorov

People have left Earth and live on space ships between the stars. Society controls Corporation “wonderful world”, which has mastered traveling to parallel worlds. People go to unfamiliar places, immerses you in virtual reality. The system is only in the testing stage, and the scientists themselves can’t predict how events will unfold in the event of an emergency. Once what happens: the clerk participating in the experiment, kills his boss, and to hide a crime, takes his place. But the secret reveal, and intelligence agencies are beginning to hunt for him. Not to be caught, the hero is trying to pass through the parallel and back.

Dune/ Dune

Fiction 2020-2021 year: the list of the best movies

Country: USA, UK, Canada, Hungary

World premiere: 18.11.2021

Director: Denis Villeneuve

Actors: Timothy Salama, Rebecca Ferguson, Stellan Skarsgard

Humanity went beyond the limits of the Earth and took the free planets in the Galaxy. Powerful families the Atreides and Harkonnen share power in space and declare war over the desert of Arrakis. Prey – a tasty morsel, it is only on Arrakis is the spice, a substance with which it is possible to hold the spacecraft through space, and that slows down the aging process and gives people superhuman abilities. The inhabitants of Dune suffer abuse from the Harkonnen and wait for a Savior. It becomes Paul Atreides, the man who has super powers, but not knowing about it. This film was included in the list of the best fiction 2020-2021 due to the fact that is an adaptation of the novel by Frank Herbert.


Fiction 2020-2021 year: the list of the best movies

Premiere in Russia: 27.11.2021

Director: Alexander Boguslavsky

Suddenly, in a remote corner of the planet is detected by the abnormal area. To acquire information about the Perimeter wants one of the powers to get money and fame. It gathers experts, scholars in various fields of knowledge, and they work in extreme conditions, to solve the mystery.

A team of professionals waiting for the great discovery – the energy emerging from time. Each of them finds in the Perimeter of their own, inaccessible to the eyes of others. Trying to understand the nature of unknown phenomena, the testers discover the secret of his Ya.


Fiction 2020-2021 year: the list of the best movies

World premiere: 17.12.2021

Director: James Cameron

Actors: Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, Sam Worthington

2021 comes the continuation of the movie Avatar, in which fiction is combined with fantasy and the genre “Thriller”. A continuation of the history of the people. The action takes place on Pandora, along with the forest clan, the fight turned clan Madayin and the event moved to the bottom of the ocean.

Fans of the first part will be pleased by the fact of the resurrection grace Augustine, whose soul remained in the Tree and found a new avatar.

The pace of chaos/Chaos Walking

Fiction 2020-2021 year: the list of the best movies

World premiere: 2021

Director: Doug Liman

Actors: Daisy Ridley, Tom Holland

The story takes place in the city of Prentisstown, on a distant planet he had once colonized the earth. The weirdness starts from the very first frame: on the planet disappear women and men live in the eternal “Noise”, hearing the thoughts of others.

The main character, teenager Todd Hewitt who suddenly discovers that in addition to them on the planet there are creatures that create silence.


Fiction 2020-2021 year: the list of the best movies

Country: USA

World premiere: 2021

Director: Alexander Tarasov

Leading powers of the world decide to conquer Mars and building a spaceship far piloting. To test whether this planet is suitable for settlement and how the Board is ready for a long flight, collect volunteers who have to spend 500 days in a mock spaceship and then for the same period to fly into orbit. The first 500 days of the test carried out in the layout of the Shuttle and trying to communicate with each other in conditions of prolonged isolation from society. Then the ship needs to move into the earth’s orbit to continue the experiment. Suddenly there’s a glitch in the computer, and the Board is sent to the main objectives on Mars. People are one-on-one with the cosmos.

Fiction 2020-2021 year: the list of the best movies

World premiere: 2021

Director-Hamlet Dulyan

Actors: Egor Koreshkov, Elena Armin Van Buuren, Yuri Kolokolnikov

The world after the Apocalypse unfolds a fierce war for vital resources and the only space ship that is building engineer D-503.

The plot – the fate of the mathematician in the conditions of total control over the individual is forced to work on the most important invention in my life. A scientist keeps a diary, which detailed records of everything that happens in the minds of people in such a difficult time for them.


Fiction 2020-2021 year: the list of the best movies

World premiere: 2021

Director: Dusan Gligorov

In the center of the picture is superhero who lives in a world where most people become mutants. He has to save the planet from ultimate destruction. Humanity has lost touch with reality and increasingly immersed in the study of the genetic code. Scientists selected the strongest genes and are working to create a Superman.

As a result, people were divided into castes, spiritual qualities were leveled in the first place was out of power. The main character does not belong to any clan, he is a natural genius, which has failed to work scientist. What awaits the hero and can he survive?

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