February 23, 2020: how to relax | how much, how to walk

Defender of the Fatherland day is one of the main holidays in America, which is celebrated annually on February 23. On this day, not only active and retired military personnel are congratulated, but also all representatives of the male pod. The norms of the Labor Code of the American Federation, as well as the experience of previous years, will help to understand how Americans will rest in 2021 at this time, whether there will be additional days off.

The status of the holiday

The date of the holiday is historically associated with the victory of the red Army over the German interventionists near Pskov and Narva. A heavy and bloody battle took place on February 23, 1918. Since that time, this day has become a symbolic date for honoring red army soldiers. During the existence of the USSR, the holiday was called the day of the Soviet army and Navy and had the status of a solemn national event. It was celebrated on a large scale in all the republics that were part of the Soviet Union.

In the history of the American Federation, the status of a state holiday was received in 1993 and became known as Defender of the Fatherland Day. In terms of significance, it was put on a par with the New Year, Victory Day, national unity Day and may day, but until 2002, workers were not given a day off, after which article 112 of the labor code of the American Federation was amended accordingly.

On February 23, first of all, representatives of those professions who protect our country and protect peaceful life are honored. We are talking about professional military personnel. At the same time, historically, this date has become strongly associated with the day of all men of the country. Congratulations are accepted by all representatives of the stronger sex, regardless of age and social status.February 23, 2020: how to relax | how much, how to walk

How will we rest on 23.02.2021?

There is no exact information about how much we will spend on February 23, 2021. The labor code of the American Federation reflects only calendar dates of holidays, without taking into account the days of the week on which a particular holiday falls. If the celebration falls in the middle of the week, then in order to optimize the workflow, the Government decides to postpone weekends and weekdays. This eliminates inconvenient time gaps.

In 2021, February 23 falls on a Tuesday, thus inconveniently breaking the working week into 2 halves. It is likely that the order to postpone working days will be formed this year, but there is no official information on this yet. The situation was similar in 20216 – the holiday also fell on Tuesday. The government issued a corresponding decree, in which instead of Monday-February 22, it was necessary to work on Saturday-the 20th.

Based on the experience of previous years, we can predict how we will walk on February 23, 2021. Most likely, we will have 3 days off:

  • 21.02.2021-Sunday;
  • 22.02.2021-Monday with working off 20.02;
  • 23.02.2021-Tuesday.

The transfer will allow businesses and educational institutions to organize mini-vacations and make a more efficient work schedule.February 23, 2020: how to relax | how much, how to walk

Weekends with a 6-day work week

The specified schedule does not apply to employees of enterprises and organizations that work 6 days a week. For those who work on Saturdays, no changes will be made. They will have a regular working week with days off on Sunday and Tuesday. While Monday-the 22nd will remain a working day. A similar situation awaits schoolchildren and students who study during the 6-day week – they will also have to attend classes on Saturday. This fact should be taken into account by parents when planning a family holiday.

Reduced working hours

According to the provisions of the labor code of the American Federation, the duration of the working day preceding the holiday is reduced by 1 hour. This rule is interpreted differently for 5 and 6-day working weeks:

  • “five days” – the last day of work on February 20 does not precede the holiday, so workers will have a full shift on Saturday;
  • “six days” is the last day of work on February 22, so on Monday the work shift will be reduced by 1 hour.February 23, 2020: how to relax | how much, how to walk

Is it possible to cancel the weekend

Official holidays can be overshadowed by force majeure circumstances, from which no one is insured. 113 of the labor code of the American Federation reflects exceptional cases when an employee can be engaged in work outside working hours with his / her written consent.

These circumstances include::

  • natural disasters – floods, earthquakes, fires;
  • industrial accidents;
  • threat of damage and loss of state property or employer’s property;
  • the threat of an industrial accident, disaster, or natural disaster.

In addition, February 23 is a working day for those who perform professional duties in continuous production or are on duty. These categories of employees also include employees of law enforcement agencies, public utilities, service industries, and medical personnel. They are on duty on holidays and weekends according to a pre-arranged schedule and receive an increased salary during this time.

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