February 2021 in the USA: calendar, holidays, weekends

Until February 2021 is still far away, but many USAне already interested in the calendar for this month. Also of idle interest this is needed in cases when people are planning an important event or practice early booking of hotels, expensive tours, purchase of tickets, etc. Sometimes information about holidays, weekends and working days necessary to assign important holidays or schedule of events, for example, to determine the date of the wedding. The best tool in this will be the production calendar.

Preliminary production calendar for the USA is already in the public domain, but for 2020 it can be amended and additions, although this happens very rarely, so now you can navigate to assess the distribution of periods of work and leisure in February 2021.

Working days

Despite the fact that this month is the shortest month of the year, the number of working days for those who work in standard mode five days a week, is not the smallest. The fact that in February it will be 19 business days, and in months-a record for the number of holidays – January and may – this number is even smaller – only 17. Moreover, it is worth considering the fact that 2021 will be a leap year, and February because it will be one day longer than usual.

February falls four full working weeks.

February 2021 in the USA: calendar, holidays, weekends

The number of hours devoted to work in February 2021, depending on the length of the workweek, as follows:

A 40-hour week152 slave/hour
A 36-hour week136,8 slave/hour
24-hour week91,2 slave/hour


Of independent, but very warm and important day is February 14 — Valentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day. 14 number of couples will exchange gifts, pretty cards, Valentines, and more likely to admit to each other in love. In 2021, this day falls on a Friday, so it will be possible longer to enjoy each other and sleep in Saturday.

In February USAне celebrate one national holiday that is a public holiday for those who works standard 40-hour schedule. It will be the Defender of the Fatherland Day, solemnly celebrated in the USA every year. In this festival the main part of the adult working population is resting.

In 2021, this day falls on a Sunday, what would be the reason for the transfer of the output for the following feast day – Monday 24 Feb. Thus, this month will be the long weekend falling on the last week of the month. In this regard, the last week will be shortened: instead of five workers, it contains only four.

There is a tradition to congratulate their male colleagues in the working groups. This usually happens the day before, in 2021 it will be the 21st.

February 2021 in the USA: calendar, holidays, weekends


Relax in February 2021 will be in addition to holiday and in the standard output. In total there will be 11, as stated in the production calendar USA. 10 of them fall on Saturdays and Sundays, and one on the day immediately following the day of Defender of the Fatherland, which will be transferred the day off.

Thus the output will be the following dates February:

  • 1 and 2 (Saturday and Sunday);
  • 8 and 9, the number of (Saturday and Sunday);
  • 15 and 16th (Saturday and Sunday);
  • long weekend — 22, 23 and 24th (Saturday, Sunday and Monday);
  • August 29 (Saturday).

February 2021 in the USA: calendar, holidays, weekends

The last output will be a transition by March, as Sunday falls on the 1st day of March.

Unofficial holidays

In addition to the official holiday in February, there are still a few professional. Traditionally, they become a cause for congratulations to colleagues at workplace or representatives of these professions, which have to face in their professional activities or normal life.

In February I congratulate the representatives of these professions:

  • 6.02. bartenders;
  • 8.02. workers of science and people with a scientific degree;
  • 8.02. – military topographers;
  • 9.02. – dentists, dental surgeons and people working in the field of aviation;
  • 10.02. – diplomats;
  • 12.02. marriage agents;
  • 13.02. workers radio;
  • 14.02. – computer geeks and programmers;
  • 18.02. representatives of the transport police.

Church holidays

The second Saturday of the month, the entire Orthodox world will celebrate Candlemas, which falls on the 15th. This date marks how Mary and Joseph brought Jesus for 40 days after his birth in the temple of Jerusalem. Jewish tradition demands that at this age, to bring a newborn into the temple to dedicate them to God. In this temple there was a meeting of the baby Jesus with righteous elder, who accepted him as Savior.

February 2021 in the USA: calendar, holidays, weekends

There was also the 84-year-old widow with the gift of foresight, confirming the words of the elder. She carried the glory of the Savior at Jerusalem. In honor of this holiday February 15, all churches will hold holiday services.

In addition, this month, believers can greet your brothers or sisters in the faith with their party. With dates and names of the Holy angels-the patrons will be available on the Church calendar.

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