Father’s day in USA in 2021

Since father’s Day in USA is an unpopular occasion, many people do not know when it will be celebrated in 2021. Some activists think it’s wrong, as all dads deserve no less attention than mothers. They also participate in the upbringing of their children and their financial support.

Father's day in USA in 2021

When celebrating

Simple answer, what day is father’s Day in USA in 2021, it is impossible. The fact that there is no common date of celebration, so different regions may be differences. For example, in the Altai Republic it is celebrated on the last Sunday of April, and in the Arkhangelsk region – the third Sunday of November. In other words, the date is determined at the regional level.

In the United States and some other countries dad congratulations on the third Sunday of June. International father’s day in 2021 will celebrate on June 21. Although in some States a fixed date:

  • March 19 – Italy, Spain, Portugal;
  • August 8 – Taiwan;
  • December 26 – Bulgaria;
  • June 23 – Poland;
  • December 5 – Thailand.

B , e and many other Russian cities to honor dad third Sunday of June. Activists of “Union of fathers” has repeatedly appealed to officials with a request to make the holiday official. In 2018, the Deputy Tamara Pletneva even made a bill to the state Duma for consideration. She offered to make the national father’s Day on the last Saturday of December. The MPs did not support the proposal, so the holiday has not gained official status.

Father's day in USA in 2021

How it all began

The first fathers Day was celebrated in the United States more than a century ago. The initiator of this event was Ms. Dodd, who was born and raised in a small American town. She wished to honor the memory and work of the father. After the birth of the sixth child wife died, so the man had to raise children. The family lived on the farm experienced difficulties, but the father put the soul in their children, surrounding them with care and love, earning their respect and reverence.

In 1966 American President had officially approved the day – the third Sunday of June. Gradually the tradition to honor the work of their fathers and joined other States in different parts of the world. In USA, this tradition is relatively recent – since the beginning of 2000-ies. What city was the first to arrange a holiday for dad, not precisely known, because different sources in different state. In the list of “pioneers” should include Cherepovets, Novosibirsk, Lipetsk, and Volgograd oblast. Every year an increasing number of settlements in the USA who celebrate fathers Day, so it is possible that in 2021 it will be held at the national level.

Now through the media, social networks and other channels is the population of celebration. Activists and concerned people are spreading information about it, organize concerts, festivals, charities. According to them, showing respect and reverence for the stronger sex, who have children, to preserve family values.

Father's day in USA in 2021

Traditions and customs

In other Russian cities in the framework of the celebration are satisfied:

  • quests and contests;
  • workshops;
  • lectures and seminars;
  • concerts, etc.

For fathers and their children, arrange entertainment, arrange the workshops. For PAP individuals and heads of large families is usually prepared valuable prizes and cash awards.

Father's day in USA in 2021

Many families congratulate their men happy father’s Day. Usually they lay a festive table, be sure to prepare your favorite meals. From the native words of sincere wishes of good health, happiness and prosperity. To make dad pleased, should prepare a gift. This can be a purse, alcohol, useful car accessories, tools, etc. it is not necessary to buy an expensive gift. If you want to show your love and care, you can bind the cover on the mug to make a beautiful photo frame with joint or family photos, to draw the original card.

Join the celebration of father’s Day in 2021 – close to make a person a pleasant surprise.

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