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If you are planning a renovation, or just want to keep up to date with the main trends and trends in interior design – we will tell you what fashionable interiors will be relevant in 2021-2022, and also offer a lot of high-quality photos from which you can learn original ideas for decorating the space.

Choosing an interior design style

The first step on the way to creating a harmonious and comfortable space is to choose the main style in which the room will be decorated, because the choice depends on the style in the future at such important stages as:

  • space planning and zoning;
  • selection of construction and finishing materials
  • selection of appropriate decorative elements;
  • purchase of furniture and lighting equipment;
  • order curtains, carpets and textiles for the finishing touch.

Important! In 2021-2022, so-called mono interiors are no longer relevant, in which all elements are clearly and scrupulously selected, since fashionable design solutions most often contain a mix of several styles.

The value of a designer is the ability to combine elements inherent in different areas and get a functional, comfortable, and what is important, fully meeting the customer’s requirements space.

TOP 5 fashion styles

Create an exclusive style, an experienced designer will use in the interior of 2021 the main trends inherent in the most popular areas. Most often, this list includes:

  • the functionality of the space;
  • a maximum of light and air;
  • environmental friendliness of materials.

So, let’s take a look at what trends that are relevant for the most fashionable areas can be safely used in the interior of 2021-2022.

Eco style

The desire for a healthy lifestyle and surrounding yourself with natural, high-quality materials is very relevant today.

For eco-stylistics, the basic rules are:

  • use of natural materials (stone, wood);
  • natural, natural shades;
  • lots of greenery (flowerpots, vertical gardening);
  • solid wood or rattan furniture;
  • a combination of a stylized lamp with a multi-level lighting system (no to the classic massive chandeliers that draw attention to themselves).

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