Family car: the program in 2021: will

The state program “Family car” started in USA 2015, its goal is the growth of cars produced or harvested within the country. The Government’s decision in June 2020 extended the allocation of budget funds for these purposes until 2021.

In 2018 was provided for 3.5 billion rubles., which only lasted for a calendar quarter. This year the program began July 1, the state gave 10 billion roubles, including 6 billion for lending and 4 billion for concessional leases.

The marginal cost of the machines participating in the discount program, for 2020 adjusted to 1 million rubles. What will be the “Family car-2021”, is not yet known.

The basic parameters of co-financing

The program is available to citizens who choose to buy a car in the official salons of the famous foreign brands and domestic companies in commercial Bank loan. From the budget entered into the program receives a discount, which joins the initial payment for the car. Residents of the far Eastern Federal district the size of the discount is set to 25%, the rest of the country – 10%. Receipt of budget grants not preclude the shares and bonuses, set by dealers and showrooms:

  • submission of the previous car at Trade-in;
  • discounts and gifts access (e.g., hull, floor mats, covers, winter tires);
  • own discount dealers.

The grant is 1 man 1 once in a lifetime. Divorced parents can participate in the program, subject to the payment of alimony, but the benefit will be the one with whom the children live.

Family car: the program in 2021: will

Requirements for the borrower

Requirements that need to be performed, consist of two parts. The first is standard for getting any loan. The second is determined by the state.

  • the USA citizenship and a passport;
  • age of the applicant from 18 to 65 years (at the discretion of commercial banks);
  • “white” salary and work experience for the last 4 months or more;
  • permanent residence the place of residence;
  • confirmation of payment accounting (reference 2-NDFL);
  • a good credit history.
  • valid driver’s license;
  • at least 2 children from 6 months to 18 years of age born or adopted (indicated by marks in the passport of parents or birth certificate);
  • loan term – up to 5 years.
  • no other loans for the last two calendar years (paid are also taken into account);
  • date of issue of the chosen car in the title not before 01.01.2020, the full weight –up to 3.5 tonnes (category B) and a member of autoprogram – her first owner.

Family car: the program in 2021: will

While these settings affect the program “Family car” for 2021.

The amount of the grant is not included in the base for calculating personal income tax.

The list of cars and their models

The list of cars produced, undergoing final Assembly in our country, established by Ministry of industry and trade. At the moment it includes:

The brand of the machinemodel
HyundaiSolaris, Elantra, Creta
FordFocus, EcoSport, Fiesta
KIARio, Cerato
RenaultDuster, Kaptur, Logan, Sandero, Sandero Stepway
SkodaOctavia, Octavia Combi, Yeti, Rapid
NissanAlmera, Terrano, Sentra
VolkswagenPolo, Jetta
Datsunon-DO, mi-DO
Geely Emgrand7, GT X7
UAZPatriot, Hunter, Pick-Up
AvtoVAZLada Kalina, Granta, Vesta, Largus Chevrolet Niva

To find out whether the desired model in the list of latinoamer, stands before the submission of documents: the old model is periodically removed from production, instead there are new items.

The list of banks

  • Cetelem Bank;
  • VTB-24;
  • UniCredit Bank;
  • Radiotechbank;
  • Tatsotsbank;
  • Sarovbiznesbank;
  • Energobank;
  • PH-Bank;
  • Bank Finances;
  • Rusfinance Bank;
  • Plus the Bank;
  • Gazbank;
  • Bank URALSIB;
  • Sovcombank;
  • Rosselkhozbank;
  • Bank RUS;
  • Volkswagen Bank RUS.

Family car: the program in 2021: will

A complete list of credit organizations-participants is on the website of the Ministry of industry and trade.

Until full repayment of the loan on a car, a contract of Deposit with the banking institution.

Find out where to purchase a “Family car” in a specific region of the Russian Federation, on official sites of banks-partners or their territorial branches.

In addition to CDW and TP, the Bank may offer additional insurance, such as life. To get the desired subsidy costs to this condition originally to agree. Then, within 14 days from the date of signing the contract, you can refuse the imposed services.

Given that in 2020, the program works with a delay of six months, commencement of the “Family car” in 2021 is difficult to predict. It all depends on the economic situation in the country and the availability of funds in the budget.

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